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A saucer shaped spacecraft entered the Namekian atmosphere. It resembled the kind of spaceship Frieza would travel in. In the throne of this spaceship sat an alien that had an uncanny resemblance to the fallen tyrant. He was about Cooler's height and resembled Cooler, but he had horns like his brother, King Cold.

"First my nephews and now even my brother. Those saiyans have humiliated my family for the last time! At last, I have found a way to defeat them."

An alien that resembled Cui approached him. "Lord Froster, with all due respect…you're not as powerful as your brother or your nephews." The alien cringed in preparation for a blow.

Froster simply laughed, surprising the alien. "Yes its true. I was never a match for anyone else in my family. My power level is only a mere 200,000, even in my final form. However, I did not need to be." He tapped his head with his finger. "This is what I am valued for. My IQ is above that of my brother's. I have devised a way to render the saiyan's strength advantage useless. It doesn't matter how far they ascend. Once my plan is put in effect, they will not be able to defeat me."

"We're landing sire," said another alien that sat at the main control chair of the ship.

Froster grinned. Excellent!

When they landed, Froster and two other aliens disembarked. One of them was the same one that had spoken to him a little earlier. Another one resembled Appule, only his skin was green.

The Namekians were terrified. The image of Frieza's ship and the wretched armor his henchmen wore was burned into their memories.

"So this is Namek," said Froster. "I guess it's time we retrieved those dragonballs."

The Namekian warriors tensed up, ready for a fight.

Froster turned to his two men. "You two take care of them. I've got dragonballs to find."

The two aliens grinned maliciously and phased in front of the Namekian warriors.

Froster took out a radar of some sort. He grinned when he saw seven dots appearing next each other. What luck, those Namekians have done all the gathering for me.

Froster took off as his men started fighting the Namekian warriors. He flew about a mile before he saw a small hut. He grinned when his radar indicated that all of the dragonballs were inside.

He landed in front of the hut and blasted the door open. Walking inside, he smiled when he saw seven large balls. They were all glowing a beautiful orange color.

"Stop right there thief!"

Froster turned around and saw the Namekian elder standing before him. The elder had a defiant look, as if daring Froster to attack.

"Foolish old Namek. Stay out of my way." Froster used his telekinetic powers to lift the seven balls into the air, before making him way to the door.

Stopping in front of the elder, Froster glared at him. "I said move Namek."

"Or what? You'll kill me? I don't care. Only someone who speaks the Namekian tongue can call forth the dragon and have his wishes granted. You're a fool if you think any of us will help you."

Froster smiled. "Then it's a good thing I became fluent in Namekian before I came here." A look of horror crossed the old namek's face as he was shoved aside by Froster's telekinetic powers. "Unlike my brother or nephews, I do my homework."

Froster called out the dragon, Purunga. He had carefully thought out the three wishes and knew exactly what to say.

"For my first wish, I wish to be impervious to anyone with saiyan or Namekian blood, or whose power exceeds that of my brother's."

Purunga's eyes glowed, indicating that the first wish had been granted.

"Good, now for my next wish, I wish to be able to cause severe damage to anyone that fits into the category mentioned in the previous wish. Regardless of how powerful they may be."

Purunga's eyes glowed yet again. To the horror of the elder namek that watched, two of the wishes had been successfully granted.

Froster turned to the elder with a malicious grin. "Now for my third wish. I want to all the nameks to forget about my arrival on this planet and anything that transpired as a result."

Purunga's eyes glowed again. "I have granted all three of your wishes. Until the next summoning." The dragon disappeared and the seven balls scattered across the planet.

Froster smiled as he flew back to his ship. When he got there, he saw that his men had disposed of the Namekian warriors. He shook his head at the site. "Pity, all the strong nameks are fused into one. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket…and that namek isn't even on this planet."

Froster's ship left planet Namek a few minutes later. The first phase of Froster's revenge plot was complete.