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Yamcha's eyes widened in shock and horror as he saw Goku and Vegeta on the screen. They were just lying there on the ground, beaten and bloody. He could tell they were still alive, but knew that Froster had the upper hand. They couldn't save themselves.

Realization then dawned on Yamcha; none of the others knew they were up here; Froster could kill Goku and Vegeta without anyone knowing. He was the only one who could even try to save them.

Fear took control as Yamcha felt the magnitude of the situation. I…there's nothing I can do…if he can beat them, he can beat anyone. What can I possibly do against someone who took down the fusion?

Yamcha then noticed a list written on a type of paper, lying on a desk below one of the screens. The title caught his eye, 'The Plan to Destroy All Saiyans'.

Picking it up out of curiosity, Yamcha began reading it.

Faze One: Get Wishes Granted From Purunga

Wish 1) to be impervious to anyone with saiyan or Namekian blood, or whose power exceeds that of my brother's.

Wish 2) to be able to cause severe damage to anyone that fits into the category mentioned in the previous wish.

Wish 3) make Nameks forget that I was even on their planet.

Faze Two: Beam Goku up and kill him

Faze Three: Destroy the planet with a Death ball

Putting two and two together, Yamcha realized what was going on. So that's why they lost! This Froster guy's been immune to their attacks all along…maybe I do have a chance then. If I'm weaker than King Cold, then I can at least put up a fight…I have to try, Goku's always been there for me, how can I not do the same?

Looking around, Yamcha saw something that resembled an elevator. Running to it, he tried to decipher how to use it.

"It certainly seems user friendly," said Yamcha as he saw simple buttons that operated it.

The buttons were covered in strange symbol he couldn't understand. Yamcha was confused. Wait a minute! I've seen symbols like these before!

Rushing back into the screen room he noted the symbols that labeled their respective screens. All he had to do was find the symbol for where Goku and Vegeta were and match it up with a corresponding button in that elevator-type device.

Vegeta slowly opened his eyes. He was in pain, beaten, and bloody. Looking over, he saw Goku's body lying near his.

"K-Kakarot." Goku was unconscious, and unable to here Vegeta's voice.

"Allow me to wake him up for you," said Froster with a malicious grin. Lifting him up by the neck, Froster threw Goku into the wall of the arena.

Screaming in pain, Goku regained consciousness upon impact with the wall. However, he wasn't allowed to land. Energy rings held him tightly to the wall.

The glow faded away from Froster's outstretched hand. "That should hold you." He then turned to the saiyan prince. "It's your turn now princess."

Normally, Vegeta would've bit back with a comment of his own, but now he was still coming to grips with their situation. He felt a tight squeezed around his throat before being chucked into the wall next to Goku. Then Froster's energy rings trapped him on the wall.

"The fusion lost?" Goku said those words as if the very notion seemed absurd. "But how?"

"That's what I'd like to know," said Vegeta in an agitated tone. "We were fighting perfectly, no distraction and a full force assault from the beginning. How could we lose to him?"

Froster laughed. "Clueless monkeys make for wonderful entertainment."

"Shut up!" roared Vegeta.

Froster chuckled before approaching the saiyan prince. Slapping him across the face, he made blood spurt of out Vegeta's gaping mouth.

"Vegeta! No!" Goku watched in horror as Froster causally slapped the prince around, causing severe bruises to appear on is face.

"What's wrong Vegeta? Where's your saiyan pride now?"

"Leave him alone!" yelled Goku.

Turning to Goku, Froster shrugged and he walked towards him. "Have it your way. I'll deal with you then."

Goku doubled over as he felt Froster's fist lodge in his gut. He then began to gag as Froster hit him with more successive blows to the gut.

"So this is the legendary Goku? The one who crushed my family?"

"Why are you doing this? What could you possibly gain from hurting innocent people?"

Goku's pleas fell on deaf ears. "There you go again with that speech of righteousness. I've heard enough of your monkey talk! Time to pay up for what you've done to my family!"

Raising his hand and pointing his index finger, Froster began charging his death beam. Goku wouldn't be able to survive this. It would kill him instantly.

"Please don't do this Froster! Revenge isn't the answer!"

Froster only laughed and pushed his finger right up against Goku's forehead. However, a green glow in his peripheral vision quickly snatched his attention.

Turning away from Goku, Froster gave a confused look as a figure materialized out of the beam. "Now who could that be? I didn't ask anyone to interrupt me."

The beam faded away to reveal Yamcha.

Looking at his hands, Yamcha smiled. "Alright! It worked!"

"Yamcha, you're okay!" Even though he was nearly killed, Goku was happy to see that Yamcha was okay.

Froster's eyes widened, in shock. "But how? Banan was supposed to have taken care of you. How could you have defeated him?"

"You underestimated me Froster," said Yamcha as he took his fighting stance. "I defeated every person who tried to stop me."

"So you want to fight me." Froster pulled his finger away from Goku before cracking his neck. "I suppose it'll be more satisfying to kill Goku after he witnesses his friend's death. Don't think beating any of them means you'll stand a chance against me."

"Don't do it Yamcha!" yelled Goku. "He's too strong!"

Yamcha smiled at Goku. "You're my friend. I have to try. I'm the only one who's in a position to save you guys."

"Fool!" said Vegeta. "He beat me and Kakarot! You won't stand a chance!"

"Don't worry," replied Yamcha. "I know his secret."

Froster raised an eyebrow ridge. "My secret?"

"That's right, I know how you were able to beat Goku and Vegeta."

Froster looked surprised, but then chuckled. "I see, and what makes you think that knowing it will help you win. You're just a human. You can't beat me."

"We'll see," said Yamcha.

Froster pointed his index finger at Yamcha. "Now die human!" Death beams began shooting out of his finger.

Yamcha remained evasive as he did back flips and cartwheels to avoid being hit.

Froster chuckled before stopping his barrage. Phasing in front of Yamcha, he wacked him in the stomach with his tail.

Yamcha was sent flying into the wall of the arena by the blow. However, he quickly sprang to his feet and charged forward. Cupping his hands, he fired a quick Kamehameha wave at Froster.

Froster crossed his arms to block the attack; then moved them in a circular motion to dispel the beam. The moment the beam disappeared he was hit with a punch.

Yamcha started hitting Froster with a barrage of punch before kicking him into the air, he then seemed to take on the appearance of a wolf as he followed through.

"Wolf Fang Fist!" Yamcha's attack sent Froster flying a few feet.

Froster quickly recovered and landed on the arena floor, Yamcha following suit.

Wiping his cheek, Froster noted the purple blood. "So there is some bite to your bark after all human. Perhaps this'll be more stimulating than I thought."

"Come on," said Yamcha defiantly. "I'm just getting warmed up myself."

"Unbelievable," said Vegeta with wide eyes. "He's actually holding his own…but how?"

"I think it has something to do with what he said earlier," said Goku. "He said that Froster had a secret, which he used to defeat us. Maybe Froster wasn't stronger than us…maybe he had some hidden advantage against us, which he doesn't have against Yamcha."

"Perhaps Kakarot, but I'm still not sure about Yamcha's chances. Froster's weaker than his relatives, but I don't know where that puts him in comparison to Yamcha."

Froster lunged forward and tried to trip Yamcha with his tail. Anticipating this move, Yamcha leapt into the air and tried to counter with a kick to the head. Raising his forearm, Froster blocked the attack, however, Yamcha twisted his torso and brought his other leg forward, landing a solid kick, which sent Froster staggering.

Landing on his feet, Yamcha rushed forward and attacked Froster with a barrage of punches to the gut.

Froster doubled over, and his eyes seemed to bulge as he was being hit. He was finally freed from the onslaught by a blow, which sent him flying across the arena.

Catching himself in midair, Froster saw Yamcha coming at him and raised his finger. He fired an accurate death beam, which grazed Yamcha's shoulder, leaving a burn mark.

Clutching his shoulder, Yamcha knelt on the ground. Damn that hurt! I've got to stay on my toes and dodge those.

Getting back up, Yamcha shutout the pain as he got ready for Froster's next move.

Froster chuckled. "This is more fun than I thought. Just for that, I'll show you a technique I invented. I'm sure Goku recognizes it as an attack my nephew used."

Goku's eyes widened. "No! You don't mean!"

"That's right," said Froster with a malicious grin. Raising his right arm, he formed a purple disk of energy. "Let's see you deal with my Death Saucer!"

Yamcha leapt out of the way as the disk flew at him. However, something didn't seem right. He seemed to recognize a motion Froster made with his hand. Turning around, he ducked, barely avoiding the Death Saucer as it came back at him.

"Careful Yamcha!" said Goku. "That's an attack the Freeza used! He can guide it!"

"A guided attack?" Yamcha became serious. "Alright then, I guess two can play at that game." Focusing his energy, he formed a large ball of energy in his palm.

Froster looked on with an amused expression. "What's that? An artificial moon?"

Yamcha smiled. "This is my ultimate attack, Spirit Ball! I can guide it, just as you can guide that Death Saucer."

Froster chuckled. "This'll be interesting. Let's see who can hit whom first."

Froster threw his disk at Yamcha. Jumping up to avoid the attack, Yamcha threw his ball at Froster. Evading the attack, Froster started guiding his disk toward Yamcha. In response, Yamcha did the same with his spirit ball.

"I've never seen a fight like this before," commented Vegeta. "It's like chess, each one trying to line the other up with a finishing blow…though I'm not sure if Yamcha's spirit ball can damage Froster as much as the death saucer can hurt Yamcha."

"I know what you, mean," said Goku. "The death saucer can cut through much stronger opponents, but I wouldn't underestimate Yamcha's spirit ball…especially considering how close their power levels seem."

Yamcha ducked to avoid being hit by the disk, and then leapt to the side as the disk circled back. Performing a series of back and forward flips, he was able to stay one step ahead of the disk, all while controlling his own spirit ball.

For Froster, the spirit ball didn't seem as dangerous as his death saucer would be to Yamcha, but its size meant that it carried a greater amount of power. He was able to stay a step ahead of it without problems, but his control of the death saucer suffered as a result. However, Yamcha was in the same boat as him.

Froster leapt over the spirit ball while in midair. He then sidestepped the ball as it came around to hit him. Landing, he waited for the ball to come within range before sidestepping it as fast as he could.

Yamcha knew what was going on, and decided to use this to his advantage. Pretending to loose control of the ball, he left it in the ground and started flying toward Froster.

Froster smirked when he saw Yamcha coming at him, death saucer behind. He's trying to cut me with my own disk. How foolish.

Yamcha decided to try a frontal assault; he had a plan, but knew it was risky. Charging forward, he seemed to take a wolf-like appearance as he prepared to attack.

Froster's eyes widened. What's that lunatic up to?

Yamcha swiveled his arms as he got closer, but some of those movements where meant to position the spirit ball. "Wolf Fang Fist!"

Froster growled and got ready to parry the attack, but was surprised when Yamcha leapt over him and flew in a random direction. Reacting quickly, he altered the course of the death saucer, but in doing so, fell into Yamcha's trap.

"Now!" Yamcha thrust his fingers up, knowing full well that Froster was too focused on guiding his own attack to react.

"What?" Froster felt a geyser of energy rise from beneath him as the spirit ball erupted from the floor and enveloped his body. The combination of the large amount of energy and the fact that it caught him by surprise put Froster in a vulnerable position.

Just as he planned, Yamcha had the death saucer on his tail. He flew back towards a stunned and weakened Froster.

Recovering from the blast, Froster looked up just in time to see Yamcha's afterimage. Before he could react, the death saucer came slicing through and severed the top of his skull.

Froster's dead body fell to the ground as the death saucer stopped following Yamcha, vanishing into thin air.

Landing on his knees on the floor of the arena, a victorious Yamcha wiped the sweat from his forehead.

With Froster gone, the energy rings wore off, freeing the trapped saiyans.

"You did it Yamcha!" said Goku as he ecstatically rushed over to his friend.

Vegeta simply crossed his arms and followed at a calmer pace.

Smiling at his friend, Yamcha stood up. "Looks like I've still got it."

"I'll say," said Goku as he put a hand on Yamcha's shoulder. "You were great…though could you tell us what Froster's secret was?"

"Sure," replied Yamcha, "but I think we should get back down to earth and get healed first."

"Sounds good to me," said Vegeta as he and Goku started feeling the painful effects of their injuries.

Yamcha and Vegeta each put a hand on Goku's shoulder. A few moments later they were on the lookout, with Dende rushing over to help them.

"What happened to you guys?" asked a worried Dende.

Piccolo walked up to them with a concerned look. "We sensed your power levels vanish for a while. We've also detected a large object orbiting the earth.

"Yamcha can tell all of us the full story after we've been healed," said Goku with a grin.

"Alright then, hold still guys." Dende began the healing process.

After they were all healed, Yamcha began telling story…

"And that's why he was impervious to Goku and Vegeta's attacks," finished Yamcha.

Piccolo cupped his chin. "I see. He was definitely smarter than his relatives. For once, you taking a back seat to the super saiyans proved to be an advantage. Froster had no idea what you were capable of and underestimated you…though with his knowledge, I couldn't blame him."

"I suppose you're not so useless after all," admitted Vegeta with his characteristic smirk.

"Thanks Vegeta," replied Yamcha. "That means a lot…especially coming from you."

"Don't let it go to your head," replied Vegeta in a somewhat sterner tone.

"What should we do about the space ship?" asked Mr. Popo.

"We'll deal with it later," said Goku. "I think Vegeta, Yamcha and I should be getting back to Capsule Corp."

"I'll contact the Namekians to make sure they're okay," said Piccolo.

After saying their goodbyes, Goku, Vegeta and Yamcha returned to Capsule Corp.

Yamcha returned with renewed confidence. Even though he wouldn't stand a chance against stronger opponents, if someone like Froster came by again, he knew he could help the saiyans out if they needed him. After many long years, he had finally had his day.