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Characters/Pairing: Lita/Punk throughout. Building blocks, friendship, romance.

Genres: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Drama, Romance, Humor

Notes: This is a series of 50 stories, each related and in chronological order written for the litafics100 community on LiveJournal. It would be useful if you read 'Bad Timing' (which is available via my fic. journal) but it is not necessary to the overall series. At least I don't think it is anyway. Overall, I have a tendency to ignore people's personal lives, so this is a mix of scripted and not. If anything becomes too unclear, I'll clarify when necessary. Just pretending that certain relationships were not as long as they really were. Like Amy/Adam, Phil/Maria.


Lita was avoiding him.

That much was apparent from the moment she'd walked into the restaurant at the hotel, caught sight of him and walked out.

And at first, he'd thought that maybe it was too soon for them to get over the awkward bump in their friendship. So, Punk hadn't tried to follow her, realizing that she wanted her space and he knew to give it to her... both from being around her and from advice from those who knew her better.

It wasn't until two weeks later, this time backstage at a house show, she was walking towards the vending machines and so was he. Her head was down, so she hadn't seen him yet … but once she glanced up, locking gazes with him...

Not only was she avoiding him, but she was going out of her way to avoid him.

But he still didn't follow her, didn't try to call after her … instead he left her alone. Even if he wanted to go to her, confront her on why she was avoiding him... why they couldn't at least still be friends.

Punk wasn't stupid, of course, and he knew the reason why she was avoiding him in the first place. Despite her telling him that she didn't want to be in a relationship; especially with her future in the WWE up in the air … he had gone ahead and asked her out anyway.

And he'd been so sure that she would say yes. He had seen it in her eyes when he asked her.

But Lita had said no and then she had turned and walked away … well no, she hadn't walked, she actually ran away from him. He'd tried calling her that night, but her cellphone was off, and then Jeff Hardy had advised that Punk just give the redhead her space.

Now, here they were, two weeks later … and she was still making every effort to block him out of her life.

And he couldn't figure out why.