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Dreams and nightmares



That was the first thing he recognised. He was floating in total darkness, like a boat, lost in the middle of the ocean. What was he doing here? Where was he? Who was he? So many questions and yet, he didn't care at all. He felt nothing.

After a while, he started to notice them. Small lights. Like a group of fireflies. Then, the lights grew bigger. They were now as big as balloons. And they were so many. He was surrounded by them. As he drifted in the endless night, a ball of light came near him. It wasn't for curiosity or hope, but he decided to touch it. As soon as his hand was on the ball, the scenery changed.

He was now in a temple full of mystic symbols. They were everywhere. Then, he saw an old man across the room. The man was wearing an old yellow Chinese dress and some strange wooden shoes. The man was looking at the signs as if his life depended on them. All of a sudden, the grandpa pushed a hidden button and the wall moved to make place to a tunnel. The old man didn't think a second and ran inside. Out of curiosity, he followed him. At the end, there was a huge crystal skeleton. The old man was extremely happy. He wasn't. He wanted to leave. As soon as the thought crossed him, he was back in the dark world. He decided to touch another ball.

Once again, the scene changed. Now, he was in an abandoned city. There were ruins everywhere. He noticed something on the ground. It was a labyrinth of purple flames that seemed to consume the darkness to stay alive. They were forming a strange symbol. Like a man. No, a giant. The roaring of an engine caught his attention. Two motorcycles were coming towards him. A strange silver dragon was flying above the red one. The rider of the blue one suddenly put some sort of card and said something about an earthbound god. The image began to move faster. He saw a heart made of rock absorb countless people. He saw a giant-like monster coming out of the ground. He saw the rider of the red bike trying everything to stop the giant, unsuccessfully. He quickly grew bored. He chose to leave the place.

Back into the eternal night, he decided to let himself drift away since there was nothing he wanted to do. He closed his eyes to shut down the lights. Suddenly, he felt something different. As if something was calling him. He opened his eyes to see what it was, but he only saw the balloons. However, one of the balloons seemed to be different from the others, even though it looked like the others. He was drawn towards it. He suddenly realised that he could move in the darkness like a fish in the water. With the same strange feeling he had before, he flew to the ball and put his hand on it.

Just like before, the surrendering changed. This time, he was in some kind of office. In it, there were two persons: a woman with red hair and clothes and a girl with green hair and dress. For some reason, he felt something when he saw the girl. Happiness, perhaps. A scream from the girl brought him back to reality. She was watching a kind of duel. By getting closer, he saw a man with brown hair fighting a green haired boy that was almost a copy of the girl. In front of him, there was a dragon-like machine. Somehow, he recognised the boy, but couldn't name him. Then, the strange man summoned some kind of black and yellow fiend. It was big, but nowhere near the giant from before. The creature suddenly vanished and reappeared near the green haired boy. The child was engulfed a second later by a black mist that came from the daemon's mouth. The last he heard was the girl's scream, and then he was back where he started. For the first time, he was confused. He didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay in that place. But it seemed the ball had vanished. He started to think. Who was she? She was familiar. And for some reasons, he wanted to protect her. He made the resolution to wait for the ball to come back.

(scene change)

Ruka opened her eyes to a dark room. Her room. Replaying her memory, she realised that she dreamed of this day again. The day he was hurt. Knowing she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, she got up and walked to a very familiar room. After entering the chamber, she went directly to a chair beside the bed and sat down. After a while, she couldn't hold it anymore. She started to cry. She was crying hot tears that were describing exactly how she felt. She was feeling lonely. She wanted him back. For so long he was besides her, protecting her. And now because of her, he was like this. Despite what everyone was saying, she was sure it was her fault. While crying, she put her head on his arm, as if she thought that could bring him back.

-Why? Her voice was cracking because of the tears.

-Why don't you come back? We need you. I need you. Please, Wake up Rua. Wake up.

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