Hey everyone.

I know that some of you put this story on alert in the hope of seeing me post a new chapter. However, I decided to put this story on hiatus permanently. I'm also sad because of it, as I really liked that story, but I no longer have the drive to continue this story. So sorry.

However, this is not the end of me yet. I may not write a lot, but I do think. I am working on a new story, one that would also feature Rua as the main character. But this time, it won't follow the show, meaning that I will have a greater freedom of action. The idea is that Rua will travel the world to become stronger, meet new duellist and unlock a new power. He will also be confronted against an evil organization. Yusei and the others also play a part.

The story is still under development, and I am still missing some character and a complete story. Therefore, I'm giving you an opportunity. If you have any idea for an OC, just write me a quick description of him or her. It can include physical and psychological description, goals and if the OC is a duellist, deck type. You can add a deck that you created yourself if you want. The more original it is, the best it is. The OC can be a good guy or a bad guy. Take your time to create your OC. Also, tell me if you liked my character Kokusho. If you do, I might put it in my new story. With some modification, of course.

Once again, I apologize for giving up. However, I want to thanks everyone that reviewed this story. I learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses and I believe they will be useful for my new project.