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Welcome to Bloopers and Behind the Scenes of our fav show; Teen Titans! Pretty much I'm going through every episode and making up stuff for the purpose of comedy and anti-boredom. Episodes are in order so stay tuned for jokes about your personal favourite Episode :)

I would also like you all to note everything said and done is strictly parody and is not meant to offend anyone.

Without further a due, Let's begin!


Cotton Candy:

In the romantic evening the fireworks go off high in the sky. Patrons "oo" and "ah" in wonder of the gorgeous display. The most astonished of them was a young alien princess seated upon the carnival Ferris wheel next to her team leader. "Beautiful. Tell me again what they are called," Starfire asked still amazed.

Robin smiled as he answered, "Fireworks." Just then, more lit up the sky. Starfire's features become that of concern. "On my home planet, such explosions would mean the Gordanians were attacking. You are certain Earth is not under attack?" she asked.

"Positive," he answers. He held out a pink wad of cotton candy. "Cotton Candy," he offered. She looked at it wearily before responding, "The last time I ate a ball of cotton, it was white. and..." she trailed off. Then she looked on angrily at the film crew. "Which ever of you found out I had once eaten cotton?" she demanded. Her eyes flashed green. "I shall punish whoever wishes to humiliate me in this episode!" Suddenly, all fingers pointed to one man. He gulped when Starfire's enraged gaze turned to him.

The Chicken:

Take one...

Beastboy and Cyborg happily cheered as the ring circled around the bottle. "Boo-yah!" Cyborg bellows.

"Sweet!" Beastboy said with just as much excitement. Nearby, leaning against a post was Raven. She obviously held a distaste for the current festivities as her two team mates played carnival games. She was surprised to find a giant chicken being handed to her with Beastboy saying, "Told you we'd win you a prize." Raven groaned as she looked at the enormous stuffed animal. "Do I have to say it?" she asked the director.

The director sighed, "Yes. Come on, it's not hard to say."

"I still say it should be changed," grumbled Raven.

"Alright, from the top," ordered the director.

take two...

Beastboy and Cyborg happily cheered as the ring circled around the bottle. "Boo-yah!" Cyborg bellows.

"Sweet!" Beastboy said with just as much excitement. Nearby, leaning against a post was Raven. She obviously held a distaste for the current festivities as her two team mates played carnival games. She was surprised to find a giant chicken being handed to her with Beastboy saying, "Told you we'd win you a prize." Raven accepted the gift with distaste. She prepared to say her line, but could not do it. "Please, can I have it changed?" she begged.

"No!" the director yelled. "Now once again. Raven, so help me if you refuse your line one more time!"

take three...

Beastboy and Cyborg happily cheered as the ring circled around the bottle. "Boo-yah!" Cyborg bellows.

"Sweet!" Beastboy said with just as much excitement. Nearby, leaning against a post was Raven. She obviously held a distaste for the current festivities as her two team mates played carnival games. She was surprised to find a giant chicken being handed to her with Beastboy saying, "Told you we'd win you a prize." Raven accepted the gift. She secretly spared a glance towards the film crew before saying her line:

"A giant cock. I must be the luckiest girl in the world." It started as small snickers then erupted into great bouts of laughter. The entire cast and crew. Raven's face turned bright red. "Okay, I did the stupid line," she said. "Can we PLEASE move on?"

"Umm... Sorry Raven," the director calmed his laughter. "Because everyone started laughing we'll have to do it over again." The young teen look horrified at the idea. She dropped the chicken and ran off. A few minutes later, a trailer door could be heard slamming shut. "Um... in her defence," Beastboy spoke up. "Isn't this suppose to be a kid's show?"

"Yes," answered the director. "The line is actually 'A giant chicken', but I'm just getting back at her for hiding my peanut butter cookies."

"I thought you were on a diet?" Cyborg stated more than asked.

"Silence! Do not encourage the wrath of the director! Do you hear me!" The director gained the look of a mad scientist. Everyone moved away until there was at least five meters of space between him and them.


The chase loops around the Ferris wheel and back to the pier, where Starfire stops just behind the rest of the team. Beast Boy is first to attack, leaping high and turning into an alligator to bite at the tentacles' bases-just barely missing. Raven levitates a nearby hot dog cart and heaves it at the oncoming vehicle, which crashes right through it. As the thing races past Cyborg, he grabs the tentacles and hauls on them with all his strength. Ever so slowly, he is dragged forward a few feet before bringing the craft to a stop.

"I don't know what you did to make this thing mad, Star, but it couldn't hurt to apologize!" Cyborg groaned as he struggled with the enemy.

"I am...sorry?" Starfire said unsure. Then her eyes flashed green and she began to beat the living hell out of the thing. "Sorry for letting you get the first move!" She continued to pound on it. "This is for attacking me!" another great blow. "And this is for being a pain to my friends." She continued to beat the thing while yelling random reasons she was pummelling it into pulp. "Should we stop her?" asked Cyborg as he backed away with the other Titans.

"No," Raven answered.

"But she's ruining the set and props!" the director was yanking on his hair. Raven sighed to herself. Out of no where a chalk board arrived with little doodles. The first one was a chibi Starfire, happy and bright. Raven took the pointer and brought their attention to the chibi. "You have one super powered alien princess," Raven started. She pointed to the next picture. It was words this time that read "+ PMS".

"Add premenstrual syndrome," Raven continued. Then she pointed to a chibi version of an angry Starfire.

"You get a very angry super powered alien princess." Then Raven pointed to a chibi of Starfire attacking the set and props.

"In which case anything that crosses her will suffer." Raven flipped over the chalk board to reveal the backside of it. On it was a chibi Starfire taking her anger out on chibi cast and crew. "Which includes people. So you see gentle men, if any of you want to face her now, make sure the medic is on stand by."

"Already am!" shouted the medic from off the side of the set. The gentlemen took Raven's explanation in stride, then each nervously gulped. "Maybe we should just let her be," Robin suggested. The others nodded vigorously in agreement. An hour later... "And... that...is f-for... grabbing...my...ass," Starfire panted completely exhausted. She looked down at the dust particles that had once been the machine. She turned to her friends, "I am sorry, I have forgotten what we were doing." Then she realized she was completely alone. Everyone had left.

Anything can happen:

The machine crashed through the planks. Robin just managed to leap onto it as it flew past. He looked about the metal surface. "Don't see an off switch," he said. "Guess I'll have to make one." He pulled out a red circle sticker from his belt and placed it on the machine's smooth surface. Then, with a magic marker from his pocket he wrote "off" underneath. Having finished his construction, Robin pressed the red sticker. At once, the machine jolted to a stop. With Robin along for the ride, it made a crash coarse for the water. With an enormous splash, some of the crew had little time to escape getting wet.

A short moment later, Robin could be seen swimming back to the dock. "Someone help him out," a crew member shouted. He had not needed to say anything as Cyborg was already helping the boy wonder back onto the dock. Once the soaked teen was out of the water he made his way towards his trailer. "Do I want to know how that worked?" the director asked.

"It's a kid's show," Robin answered. "Anything can happen." The director could feel his eye twitching as Robin walked away.

"Kid's show, right," he grumbled. "And I'll suddenly turn into a Unicorn named Charlie." In a poof of smoke the director was replaced by a unicorn. He looked himself over. "Fuck," he said.

"Charlie!" two unknown voices yelled. The director turned unicorn looked in time to see two unicorns racing towards him. One was pink and the other purple. "Charlie!" they cheered once reaching him.

"We've been looking for you, Charlie," said the purple in an eerie voice.

"Everywhere, Charlie," the pink one said just as eerie.

"Why did you leave us, Charlie?"

"We missed you, Charlie."

"Um.. I think you two have the wrong guy," said the director.

"No we don't, Charlie," started the pink one.

"We know it's you, Charlie," the purple one giggled.

"Now we can go on an adventure, Charlie."

"Yay! an adventure!"

"Where are you going, Charlie?" By now the director was making a full sprint away from the two strange unicorns. All the while running, he screamed.


Off Camera...

In a dark room with only a single light, the director and his script hand were working on a plot most devious. Well, not really...

"So what are we going to do about the 'Poem of Gratitude'?" asked the script writer. "We can't really have her say a poem. The story has to move on to introducing Blackfire."

"I know that," the director hissed. "We'll just have Blackfire interrupt before Starfire can start in on the poem."

"Then what would be the point to mentioning the poem?"

"Culture and humour reasons of course."

"But... it's not funny."

"We will make it funny!" the director said confidently. He had not noticed his script writer had moved away from him about a meter. "Now, how would we make this funny?"

"A ridiculously large number of verses?" the script writer suggested.

"No, that'll never work," the director answered as he paced. After a few moment, a light bulb flashed on over the director's head. He looked at the light bulb for a moment before snatching it from the air. Still a light, the director carried the bulb to an empty light socket. After screwing it in, he flicked a switch and the room awoke with bursts of light. "Honestly, I don't know why someone would build a room with single circuit lighting," the director grumbled.

"Maybe, because it's a laundry room," the script writer answered as he looked around the small space. The space that much more cluttered with added laundry materials.

"That doesn't matter now!" the director called to attention. "Now, I have an idea... We'll use... a ridiculously large number of verses." The script writer face palmed.

"Jee, what a clever idea sir," he said sarcastically. "Why didn't I ever think of that?"

"Because you're an idiot," the director answered as he patted his script writer on the head. "Don't worry, one day you'll be as smart as me."

"Hope not," the script writer said under his breath.

"What was that?"

"Nothing." There was a moment of tense silence. Then, the director continued as nothing happened. "And I know exactly what number we can use too!"

On Set...

Starfire walked into the room as cheerful as ever. "Come friends," she said joyously. The background turned to flowers with her happiness. "I shall thank you for my rescue by reciting the Poem of Gratitude-all six hundred and sixty-six verses."

"Ok, hold on," Beastboy cut in. "Am I the only one that noticed that makes 666?"

"And your point?" the director asked. Just then, the sky turned dark. A giant figure appeared in front of the tower window. Forgetting her line, Blackfire screamed and grabbed onto Starfire. The equally terrified sister, clung to her older counter part. The other Titans and most of the crew had raced off leaving nothing but a puff of smoke in their wake. Soon even the smoke vanished. A single, clawed finger tapped on the window. The director was the only one to hold himself together. "Trigon, what are you doing here?" he asked the demon. "You're not suppose to be here until season 4!"

"My pager went off, someone call 666?" Trigon answered.

"It's part of a gag," the director responded.

"Well, get rid of it," Trigon growled. "I don't want my pager going off again or you'll be my new throw rug." The director flinched at this.

"U-understood," he said.

"Good," the enormous demon made to leave. Before he did, however, they heard him mumble one thing. "Honestly, in the middle of my Soap Opera no less. Marcus was just about to propose to Julie!"


There was a moment of silence. Then, Blackfire spoke, "most fun things in life are. Now be a sweetie and bring me one of those sodas I've heard so much about." After she finished she returned to her story. Starfire made her way over to the refrigerator. While searching for a soda she muttered, "I see you have not changed either." Finding a soda, she grabbed it and closed the fridge.

"And, CUT!" the director instructed. "Nice work everyone. Let's take 15."

"Oh, good, that means I get to tell stories about Starfire from when she was little," Blackfire cheered. Starfire stopped where she stood. Her eyes wide and her jaw slightly a gap. She only knew what stories her sister planned to use to embarrass her! "Oh, Star, could I have that soda?" Blackfire added. Then she seemed to space out. "Hmm... oh I know the perfect story!" While her sister was distracted, Starfire decided she may as well prepare for the worst. She glanced at the soda can in her hand. Then, she smirked. With no witness, Starfire rapidly shook the can. "Okay, so this was just after Ryand'r- our little brother- was born," Blackfire began. Just then Starfire handed her the soda. "Oh, thanks," Blackfire smiled as she accepted it. "In English his name is Wildfire, by the way," Blackfire continued to tell her story to the three boys. She did not notice Starfire had disappeared. Blackfire pulled the soda can's tab.

At once, soda drink covered her entire torso. Blackfire screeched in surprise. Her now wet hair clung to her head in a sticky mess. She snarled and crushed the still half-full can in one hand. Then, she visibly calmed. An almost dark aura surrounded her. "Touché sister," she mumbled not caring if anyone heard. She turned her attention to the boys. "You know what, I just remembered an even better story," Blackfire did not attempt innocence in the slightest. "Do you wanna hear about the time mom gave Starfire 'the talk'?"

What are you looking at?

Three squid like machines shot up into their tub holders. Though there was three, there was four holders. A light flashed for each containment case as they locked in. Only the empty one flashed red. In the shadows, two figures stand analyzing their gathered data. "Our target was not located," the first claimed. "The drones have failed."

"Have they?" the second inquired. Though his tone had little interest to the subject. The first turned to see what his partner was so intrigued by. Upon his screen was something indeed interesting.

"Oh My God! He's watching porn on set!" The first squealed like a frightened hog. His outburst brought the second out of his trance.

"What? No I'm not!" he proclaimed as he flicked the screen. Unseen, he also did up his costume zipper. The director called cut and stamped over to the control panel. He stopped a moment, snapped his fingers, and was instantly presented with a step latter. After scaling it he stared down the actor, "Well?"

"I swear, I'm not!" The director glared more. "I mean it." The director continued to glare. Defeated, the second actor pressed the screen again. It flicked back to his earlier show. "I can't believe this! How dare you bring this on set... and not tell me! Like Jeez, I'm a man too," the director scolded.

"Er.." was his only response. It did not matter as the director's attention had moved to the couple on screen. "Oooo, Passion 3, I love this one," he said gleefully. His attention lingered a moment longer. Then he peered at the people around him from the corn of his eyes. His head snapped round to glare at the second actor as serious as possible. "I'll be confiscating this," he declared.

"What? Fuck no. It took forever to get it!"

"It's an inappropriate distraction that must be done away with."

"Yeah right, you just want the chance to jack off to my precious!"

"That may be, but I'm your boss so you have to do what I say. So Nah nah, gimme!"


"Gimme!" this time the director tackled... or at least attempted to tackle... the metal clad actor. The set was filled with a loud bong as he slammed face first into the metal suit. The director fell to the ground. As others gather to check on him, he jumped up unfazed and a large red imprint on his face. "Take this!" he yelled as he held out a remote. He clicked the only red button on it and in seconds the actor's costume fell away to reveal a midget on stilts. The entire set fell silent at the sight of the male midget's hello kitty panties. The small man looked at his exposed self, then glared at the director. With a great battle cry he tackled the director.

As the brawl broke out, Starfire and Robin walked in happily chattering with each other. They stopped upon seeing over half the crew dragged into a fight. "Should we come back later?" Robin asked. Somehow the a bloodied and beaten director had pulled away from the fight. "Yeah, another hour should about do it," he answered as he returned his torn sleeve in place.

"I'll tell the others then," Robin made to leave when he noticed Starfire was distracted. He looked over her shoulder and visibly paled. "Hmm... what a strange position," Starfire comment. That was enough to send Robin running half dragging Starfire with him while shielding her eyes from the smut film.

Migorian Plat-nar

"Not at all," Robin shrugged. "Blackfire was just showing me some alien martial arts. How come you never taught me these cool moves?" Starfire lowered her head. Her features clearly showing sadness. Of course Blackfire had to jump on to Starfire's already dismal mood. "Probably because she doesn't know them. I always was the better fight," she gloated. Starfire was forcing herself not to giggle.

"Cut!" the director shouted. Seeing she was free to laugh, Starfire burst out in a giant laughing fit. Blackfire gritted her teeth as she glared at her laughing sister. "Starfire, why are you laughing," Robin asked.

"Yes, sister, you're suppose to be depressed in this seen," Blackfire hissed venomously.

"I just feel…*giggle*…. It is funny you say you are the better fighter…when…" Starfire could not continue due to a continued laughing fit. People began to prod Starfire encouraging her to continue. Blackfire's glare intensified. Had Starfire looked, she might have noticed the subtle warning for her not to continue. Not that she would have listened anyway. "My sister could not have been a good fight for she… she was highly unfit." Though the statement was a more polite, Starfire could not help removing a picture from her pocket to show everyone. On it were the pair of sisters. Starfire looked the same as she did now, only she was much younger in the photo. Blackfire, however, was a whole other matter. It was as if someone had over filled a balloon Blackfire look alike.

"You mean to say Blackfire… was a fat child?" the director asked.

Starfire nodded her head, "To the point she could not even fly!" At that, Blackfire tried to tackle Starfire. Starfire expertly moved out of the way. "Come now sister, you have no reason to be upset. You are quiet lovely now that you do not consume as much as a Migorian Plat-nar."

Blackfire's jaw dropped. Once again her posture became dangerous. All around, alarms rang of danger to come. Cast and crew began to take shelter as though faced with a bomb threat; which they probably were. "I. Do. NOT. Eat as much as a Migorian Plat-nar!" KA-BOOM!


Two sisters lay in hospital beds side by side. For both, most of their bodies were wrapped in casts and gaze. Blackfire was silently glaring off into space refusing to speak to Starfire. Starfire sat quiet unsure what to say. The moment of tense silence linger a moment longer before Starfire could take it no more. "Sister," she started.

Blackfire cut her off, "Don't even start."

"But if you will only listen…"

"I don't want to hear it Starfire."


"No!" The room was silent once more.

"I had only made the comparison because it seemed most fitting to your younger self," Starfire muttered. In the blink of an eye, Blackfire was trying to grab for Starfire, but could not with her restricted movement. "I swear I'm gonna kill you!"

Outside of the room some crew members and the other titans cast- whom had all come to see how the sisters were doing- watched the display. "Maybe they should have been put in different rooms," Cyborg commented. Everyone nodded in agreement.

Stand in

The director looked over the cast and crew. "I have good news, everyone," he announced with a smile. Everyone tensed. He just could not understand why they did that every time he said those words. "Seeing as we are short to of out actresses, I was going to call off all shoots until Star and Blackfire are better." Everyone broke out into joy filled cheers. Maybe he should have been a rodeo clown. With a sharp whistle, he regained their attentions. "As I was saying, I was going to cancel until further notice when I just so happened to meet a couple of people willing to play as stand ins until the sisters have recovered. Come on in."

All eyes grew wide as two people walked into the room. One looked like a man. The other was a man… a cross dressing man at that. "Everyone, I'd like you to meet Jackie and Sam."

The she-man was the first to speak, "Oh I am so glad to be meeting you all. We're gonna have the best of time together," then he giggled.

"Well said," the director smiled. "Do you have anything to say Jackie?"

Jackie looked over the crowd. With a simple nod, she said, "S'up?"

The director continued to grin from ear to ear. He turned back to his cast and crew, "Yes Beastboy?" he asked upon noting the teen boys arm was raised.

"Um… They don't look like.." women "Star or Blackfire," he said.

"that is perfectly fine," the director answered. "The next scene we are filming is at the party. Some trick lighting, a little voice alteration, and no one will no the difference." A loud fart regained there attention to the pair. "Oh my," Sam squeeked looking at Jackie.

"Ahhhhh, man," Jackie sighed with relief, "been holding that one in for a while now."

"Well better out than in, right?" the director laughed. He even added a fart for emphasis. The drag queen laughed slightly. "Well then I guess…" he said. PPPPFFFFFFFFFTTTTTT. It had been the loudest one yet. People began to gag. "Open a window," Robin begged; his eyes were watering. A crew member was already on it.

As if nothing had happened, the director looked to the titans. "Jackie, Sam… I'd like you to meet your co-worker. Robin, Cyborg, Beastboy, and… Hey, where's Raven go?"

At the Hospital…

"So why the sudden urgency for us to get better?" Blackfire asked Raven. The empath was currently using her healing powers to re-mend the sister's bones. "Believe me… You don't want to know," Raven answered. Her tone was enough for the pair to not bother any further questions.

Stand ins: part 2

Once again in the meeting room…

"Well, now thanks to Raven's amazing healing powers, our Tamaran sisters have finally returned," the director presented the two girls at the front of the room. Applause broke out among those gathered. Starfire smiled sheepishly to the praise while Blackfire just took it all in. "Unfortunately, that has left Raven out of commission for the day. I did, however, find a stand in…"

"No!" many people in the room cut him off. The director looked over everyone suspiciously. They looked around at each other hoping for someone to come up with a reason to their behaviour. Robin stepped up. "Well, I mean… the girls just got back, they should have time to relax first. And, uh… Beastboy has a cold."

"Huh?" Beastboy looked at him. Robin stared back hoping Beastboy understood. "Oh! Right, yeah," Beastboy added a few fake coughs for good measure.

"And most of the crew caught it," a crew member added. He and several others began to fake cough and sneeze.

"And Cyborg couldn't recharge last night because of the storm," Robin continued.

"What storm?" the director asked.

"Awe man, you mean you didn't hear it last night?" Cyborg jumped in. "It was just awful. The power outage made it I couldn't get even a volt into me." There were several quiet murmurs of agreement. The director stood unconvinced for a moment. Then, he shrugged, "I guess I slept through it. I am a sound sleeper." A collective sigh filled the room. "I guess we can just take a break today. But I need extra enthusiasm from everyone tomorrow." Everyone nodded happily. Some still pretending to be sick. Finally, the director left the room.

3...2...1... Everyone broke into cheers. "Thank goodness," Beastboy said to the boys. "Could you imagine he was planning to have stand in for Raven?"

"Probably some pris princess," Cyborg laughed.

"Or some really old woman," Robin nodded.

"Raven so does not deserve anything like that after helping out Star and Blackfire," Beastboy nodded.

Outside the meeting room…

"Sorry, Jessica, I guess we won't be needing your help today after all," the director apologized to the super model in front of him. "It seems everyone needs a day off."

"Oh, that's too bad," sighed Jessica sadly. "Well, just be sure to call me if you need me."

"Will do."

"Say hi to Aunt Jill, for me too, won't you Uncle D?"

"Of course, sweety."


Raven watches from below as a third probe is battling with Starfire. Tangled in it's tentacles, the battling pair rise up before crashing through the sky light straight into a pile of crates. After a few moments, Starfire emerges… covered in glitter? Unaware, Starfire flies up away. "And scene!" The director shouts. Everyone relaxes. All except Starfire, that is who finally seemed to notice the mass amount of glitter covering her from head to toe.

"Okay, who put glitter in the breakaway crates?" growled the director.

Not far off, Blackfire bursts out laughing. "Starfire, you look ridiculous!" she said through her laughter. Then more smug she added, "See, little sis… I told you I would get you back for earlier." Starfire's eyes glowed green as star bolts formed in her hands. In no time, she was flying head long at her sister. Blackfire "eep"ed before she shot off.

"Follow them!" the director ordered excitedly. "We may just get out fight scene in today!"


Robin raced as fast as he could. Without a moments hesitation he jumped off the roof reaching for Starfire. His fingers just millimetres away, but it was much too far. The ship flew back with Starfire captured in their grasp. As the boy wonder fell away, one of the alien crewmen shouted out, "Oh! Fail! What? I said a FAIL! In your face!" Then he broke out in a dance that looked like the cross between the chicken dance and the Macarena. Most of the film crew sweat dropped. The director leaned over and whispered to his editing crew, "make this is cut." They nodded without question.

Sister Fight

Of camera…

"Alright, girls, thanks to the glitter incident, we already have enough battle shot between you two," the director explained.

"WHAT?" Bother sister's eyes were glowing dangerously as they glared down at the director.

"I need to teach my little sister a lesson," Blackfire hissed.

"You will be the one who will be taught, sister," Starfire growled. Turning on the director she added, "We will have a final fight." The director shrank back staring fearfully at one sister to the other. Though there was a subtle spark of interest in his eyes. Shrugging slightly, he said, "fine, why not."

Ten hours later…

"Dude! They've been fighting for hours!" Beastboy complained. "Can't we just call cut and go get something to eat?"

"Green bean is right, we're all getting hungry," Cyborg's stomach growled as he spoke. The director sighed; he should have know this was coming. "Send in the crew men for the next part of the scene," he called.

The fighting sisters were shocked when a green tentacle grabbed Blackfire. "Blackfire of Tamaran, you are under arrest," the officer said.

"I'm busy here!" Blackfire complained as she struggled against the binds.

"I shall be the one to defeat my sister, thank you," Starfire shot down the officer setting Blackfire free. At once the pair were at each other's throats once more.

On ground level, the director came to a conclusion, "You know what, maybe we should just let them fight it out. They've got to tire out eventually."

One week later…

"Come on! You two can't possibly still be fighting? That's it, you bother are in big trouble. You hear me? BIG TROUBLE!" The director continued to yell, but his threats fell on deaf ears.

Not far off, four titans were busy playing cards. Robin looked up noticing the purple shade the director's face was turning from yelling. "Maybe we should help," he suggested.

"No," the other three answered calmly.

"Cy, got any threes?" Beastboy asked.

"Go fish," Cyborg answered. Beastboy picked up a card. "Raven, any Aces?" She handed the cards to the metal titan. Robin shrugged his shoulders and returned to the game.


As the sun began to sink below the horizon, two sisters stood face to face on the tower roof. A few people stood nearby in case they needed to hault another fight. "I guess this is… goodbye then," Starfire said. Her voice was just the slightest saddened.

"I guess so," Blackfire answered. Her tone matched her sisters. "But… I'll be back in season three."

"That is true," Starfire smiled with the same hopeful tone. There was a silent stand still. Then, in one motion the sisters were hugging each other bawling their eyes out. "I do not wish for you to go yet!" Starfire cried.

"Me too!" Blackfire wailed.

"I was have the most fun in such a long time."

"I know. I had so many more things I wish to do to you!"

Starfire paused, "Excuse me?" She slightly pulled back to look her sister in the eyes.

"I said I had so many more things I wish to do with you," Blackfire answered smoothly.

"Oh," Starfire smiled. The sisters hugged once more; this time less clingy to one another. "I shall see you again soon," Starfire said.

"Like wise," Blackfire nodded as they parted. With that, Blackfire finally took to the air. Both sisters waving bye to the other.

Unseen by Starfire was a sign on her back that read, "I stupid". Blackfire had even drawn a cartoon-y head making a stupid face. Starfire had not been the only one to gain a sign, however. The moment Blackfire turned around to shoot off, her sign could be seen clear for a few moments. It read, "Caution: Known to vomit after eating". The word 'Caution' was in bright red to draw attention to it.

Giggling slightly, Starfire turned back to her friends. "I do hope she comes to visit between now and season three," she smiled. Though no one said so, most of them were really hoping not.

And so it was, the titans had succeed in another crazy adventure securing another episode into the archives. For the time being, they could relax. At least until next episode that is…

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