Naruto of the Goro Goro no Mi

(A/N= Hey everyone, this is Anthonyl6892, and this is my first story (That I will be uploading) as such I am just a beginner so please don't be too brutal with the reviews, I don't care if you tell me something that you think is bad. What I don't want to see are comments like, "Your story sucks, and you should stop writing." Please remember if you don't like a story, you don't have to read it.)

Summary= This is a story of what I think would happen if Naruto got the power of the Goro Goro no Mi from One Piece.



"Say"—Jutsu/ Demon taking

'Say'—Demon Thinking

Chapter 1 The Cavern of the Goro Goro no Mi

It was a normal day for one six year old boy named, Uzumaki Naruto. He was once again running from a mob after one of his "Pranks". He had been running for almost 30 minutes when he did something stupid or in his case, normal. He decided to escape the mob by running into the forest, however Naruto being Naruto-ish forgot to make sure he marked the way back and ended up getting lost.

"Dang it…where am I?" Naruto yelled as he walked around the dark forest. It was getting late and a storm was coming in. "Is anyone ther…"

Before Naruto could finish there was an earth quake and Naruto found himself falling, as the earth collapsed and reviled a hidden cavern.

Hours Later

Naruto woke up in almost complete darkness. The only reason he could see was because there seemed to be some type of moss that gave of very dim light in small patches around the walls and ceiling. Looking up at the hole in the roof in the hopes of some way climbing out, his hopes were dashed when he saw that unless someone helped him he would not be able to get out.

"Well, I guess I better explore in the hopes of finding a way out then." Naruto stated as he began to walk down the dark tunnel.

Many more hours later (Naruto can't tell time on his own…yet)

"Damn it…how far does this tunnel go?" Naruto shouted as he held his grumbling stomach. It was then he noticed that the tunnel began to get brighter a few more meters down the tunnel. 'Yes I'm near an exit.' Naruto thought as he ran to the light. However when he got there, he saw something amazing, he saw…

-------------------------- ----------------------------- --------------------- ----- ----

Meanwhile at the mouth of the cave

A tracker unit had followed Naruto's scent trail for over an hour when they saw a big hole in the ground. When they saw that the Leader of the unit cursed, "Shit…Alright everyone here is what we are going to, Shibi will use his bugs to look around the area to see if they can find an other scent trail, while he does that Tsume, her dogs and myself will go down the tunnel to look for Naruto.

"Hai, Kakashi-taicho." The other two members said as they started there search for the Naruto.

----------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- --------

Meanwhile back with Naruto

Naruto was panting; he had just climbed up a huge set of stairs that seemed to lead to a temple of some sort. "Damn… How many steps where there?" Naruto said from the top of the stairs. Turning around to look into the temple Naruto saw that there seemed to be some type of Alter at the other end of a huge, ballroom sized hallway. However it was the thing on the Alter that made Naruto happy. There was some type of weird fruit with swirls and other markings on it. Gulping down the saliva that built in his mouth at the thought of some food, Naruto ran towards the Alter. He started to climb up the Alter which was pretty easy because it was only four feet tall. Finally getting on the Alter, Naruto reached out for the fruit and…

-------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ---------------

Back with Kakashi and Tsume

The two trackers had been running through the tunnel at a high speed and within an hour had come to a giant stairway.

"Son of a bitch." Tsume said when she saw all of the steps.

"Indeed." Kakashi said as a tick mark appeared on his head.

Just then they heard a scream from the very top of the stairs.

--------------------------- -------------------------------------- -----------------------

Back with Naruto (Again)

Naruto was somehow able to choke down the distasteful fruit, when he first took a bite out of it he screamed out in disgust; however he did end up eating it all in the end. The reason why he ate the entire thing was because he knew that it was going to be the only food he would ever get down here. Sitting down next to the Alter with a sigh, he thought about how his life was, he had very few friends and almost the entire village hates him for some reason or another. It was at this moment that Naruto started to feel sleepy. "I guess I'll just take a small nap and go back to the hole when I wake up and try to climb up…though I have no chance of making it, I could at least say I tried.

And with that Naruto feel into a deep sleep on top of the Alter.

-------------------------- ----------------------------- ---------------------- ------ --

10 minutes later In the Alter room

Kakashi and Tsume had finally made it to the top of the stairway.

When Kakashi saw the hallway, and then saw that Naruto was on the Alter he said, "O god… I've seen something like this before."

Tsume looked at him and asked "Really?"

Kakashi replied "Yes I read it in a book once, Naruto has been offered in the hopes of summoning…" As he was taking he started to reach for a book.

Tsume looked at him in confusion when she asked "Summon what?"

"He was offered to summon large breasted alien women!" With that Kakashi showed Tsume a page in the book. (I hope you can see where this is going.)

Kakashi then found himself tumbling down the stairs covered in explosive notes.



--------------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------------

1 week later

When Naruto woke up he notice that he was on something very soft and he was in some type of white room. The moment he saw all of the white he knew where he was…the hospital.

"What happened?" Naruto said out load in the hopes that someone was there.

No more then five seconds passed before he heard "Naruto, are you ok?" Naruto instantly knew that it was the Sandaime.

"Old man! You're here!" Naruto said with tears in his eyes, he had thought he was going to die in that cave.

Pushing Naruto back into the bed the Sandaime asked "Can you tell me what happened, Naruto-kun?"

With that Naruto began to tell the Hokage about how he was cased, and how he got lose in the forest and how the earth quake made the earth collapsed and how in went and explored the cavern. How he climbed up the stairway of hell, and finally how he entered the temple and ate a weird fruit.

As Naruto told his story, the Hokage noticed that Kakashi had walked into the room with the help of his crutches. Looking at him the Hokage asked "Yes Kakashi, what can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to see if Naruto-kun is all right." Kakashi replied as he began to sit down in a chair.

As the two adults talked Naruto started to feel a bit hot, not in the I'm so sexy way but the I don't feel good way, he was soon sweating as if he was in Suna while he wore a huge eskimo coat.

The Hokage and Kakashi noticed this and went to the boy to see what was wrong. Just then there was a red flash and…

------------------------- ------------------------------ ----------------- --------------

In the sewers that is Naruto's mind

Naruto woke up with a head ache, when he looked around he saw that he was in some kind of sewer and that that the Hokage and the weird masked guy was with him as well.

Getting up Kakashi asked the question that was on everyone's mind, "Um…where the hell are we?"

To be countinued

---------------- --------------------------- ------------------------------