Chapter 4: Manipulation

"Mommy, I miss Daddy." Rose cried.

"Yea Mommy we only saw Daddy once. And then he disappeared on us." Pyro said.

"Do not worry he will come back." Cynder assured. 'I hope. What is wrong with him? First he is defending me against Ember, and now he is having sex with her? ' Cynder thought. She decided to bust in the room and slap Spyro until he snapped out of it. But, instead she knocked on the door and whispered just enough to where he could hear her, "Spyro, please tell what changed you?" All she could hear was Ember moaning out of pleasure. She walked back to her room, crying on her way there. She thought when she was crying on her bed, 'Why did Spyro leave me and two kids? All I remember is that when a left one day, when I came back, I saw an empty bottle, walked to our room, and there he was as happy as he can be... wait the bottle! I bet Ember put some stuff in that bottle to force Spyro to love her.' She went back to the spot where she found it and picked it up, she then went to Voltier.

"Voltier, I want you to examine this bottle and tell me what this liquid is made out of."

"Sure will Cynder, wait why?"

"I believe it is evidence, I mean Spyro just does not leave a girl without giving signs."

"Okay I will be back." Voltier was researching the bottle when he found something amazing, it was some type of dragon hormone.

"Cynder, I have found something unusual, somehow however this was made has part of Spyro's and Ember's hormones in it, redirecting Spyro's brain cells, to think Ember's is the only dragon for him. But, there is a substance in here that made Spyro forget you, and the only reason he remembers him and Ember is because those are the only hormones in there."

"Okay, but do you know anyway to reverse it?"

"Yes but, I will need some of your hormones as well as the hardest one, Spyro."

"What! Only Spyro gets to touch my vagina!"

"But, remember he does not love you, for now."

"Okay fine, just be careful."

"Do not worry." When he got some hormones from Cynder came the hardest part, convincing Spyro to give some of his. They walked to Spyro's room and knocked loudly, and yelled, "Open up Spyro!" Voltier yelled.

"Should I honey?"


Spyro walked up to the door unlocked it and said, "What do you want?"

"We need a sample of your hormones." Voltier said embarrassingly.

"What! No-one except my little pink bear here touches my organ!" He slammed the door and locked it again.

"Why do they want some of my hormones?" He asked Ember.

"They are trying to separate us, by creating a potion, that will make you love that black beast."

"Alright then how about this? I will do it, but Cynder herself has to kill those two annoying kids, and I will let them do it to me, after a month of slave service."

"Ooh that sounds, devious, refreshing, and so right." Ember said with the devious smile on her. He unlocked the door again and opened it.

He said to Voltier, "Alright but on two conditions."

"W-what are the conditions?" Voltier asked frightened on what they would be.

"Condition number one, one month of free service to me and my loved one."

"Okay." Voltier still frightened.

"Voltier don't." Cynder begged.

"You want him back we have to do it."

"Condition number two, Cynder herself will have to either be the one to give my loved one, and everything and anything she wants, or you will have to kill your kids."

"Kill my kids! You mean our kids!"

"If you do not choose you have to do both." Cynder could not choose the pain was unbearable to her. "Alright then you have to do both."

"Fine. As long as I get you back." Cynder cried. Then Cynder had to do the hardest thing to her, tie her kids, and personally kill them. "I am sorry." She said before she took a sword and slice them in half. "No!" I cannot believe I did that!" Cynder wept hard.

"Oh I see now Spyro," Ember whispered, "She will have a nervous breakdown, making it harder to keep the deal."

"Yep." Spyro said deviously. "This would be a perfect time to tell her to do something."

"I'm thinking. Hey Cynder, get me some sheep, I am hungry." Cynder continued crying. "Hey did you hear me? I said get me some sheep!"

"Cynder go, if you love Spyro, you have to." Voltier reminded her.

"Okay." She flew out with that horrid image in her mind, she grabbed the biggest sheep, took it back, and cooked it in front of her, so Ember would not think she poisoned it. With the sheep covering her entire body, Ember pulled off a dirty trick, she cut off a small part of nail, and stuck it in the sheep.

"Hey Cynder you want a bite I am full."

"Okay." Ember turned the sheep around so Cynder could bite into it, but she fell right in the trap, she took a too big bite, and got the nail, in her mouth. Then Ember was laughing her head off.

"Vol- ow! Voltier get this thing ow! Out of me!" Voltier then quickly, but carefully took the nail out, only to find blood in her mouth.

"Ember how could you do that?" Voltier asked, showing her the nail.

"Do what?" She said trying to contain the laugh.

"Never mind." Voltier sighed.

"Spyro, how could you let her do that?" Cynder cried.

"It looked like it was going to be funny." He said laughing. One month had passed, and the two lovers, did nothing, but torture them.

"Alright Spyro, we did our part, now let me have some hormones!" Voltier yelled, while knocking on the door. There was no answer. "Spyro don't you start this again!" Voltier yelled. When he tried to open it; it was surprisingly unlocked, but there was a note on their bed, it read: Sorry man, but I ain't giving you any, but thanks for the laughs, so my love and I are going on 'vacation' see you later.

"Damn." Voltier said.

"What is it?" Cynder asked, who was just coming in.

"Spyro and Ember, left."

"What! But we had a deal!"

"Seems like he is not a deal keeper when it comes between him and Ember."

"We have to find him!"

"But, we do not even know which way he went. I think the only reason he left, because since he is under her 'spell' he will believe anything she says."