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Part One: Fawn Silver

By: DawnFire

Summary: "They were—are—pretty good friends, right?" "The best. And that's both a good thing and a very, very bad one." Fawn Silver is a mystery. She goes by many names. Nothing is sure about her, except that she cares about Harry Potter and is sworn to protect him.

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A small scrap of paper appeared under the floorboard. 'Professor,' it read. 'Please, if you're on our side...'


Harry's Time (Nov. 1981)

The house was ruined. It was the first thing you noticed—after the fact that you could see the house in the first place. The secret was broken. The Secret Keeper was in Azkaban for murder—if you believed that, that is. And she didn't.

She knew the five from only a few years before. Lily, reluctant to admit she liked James. James, hopelessly in love with Lily. Sirius, slightly arrogant and a mischievous troublemaker. Remus, cursed with lycanthropy, blessed with good friends, studious and afraid of being shunned. And then there was Peter, tag-a-long Peter Pettigrew, who had somehow managed to become friends with the rest.

If Sirius had killed Peter...if that had really happened, then she had become a Death Eater. That was how it stood in her mind: something that was possible, but unlikely. Very unlikely.

She sighed heavily. This tragedy had happened less than two days ago, and it was still breaking her heart. It was also still headline news.

When she had first seen the article in the Daily Prophet, she hadn't believed it. Lily and James Potter dead. Their son, Harry, the Boy Who Lived. Voldemort gone.

Sirius Black becoming a notorious mass murderer. Sirius, killing in cold blood twelve Muggles and a wizard. A wizard who had been one of his best friends since they had all started school.

The Prophet often lied—but this time it had been telling the truth as everyone knew it.

Lily and James were dead. Harry had survived the Killing Curse. Voldemort had vanished, presumed dead.

And, to all appearances, Sirius was a murderer and Peter was dead.

That was the part that she couldn't quite believe—yet if they were willing to believe what they believed about her, then why not? It was no more ridiculous, really. And there was only a little less proof.

She would have liked to ask Sirius in person, but they didn't trust her. And she refused to go near Azkaban—not that she would have been let in as a visitor—or at least, not as the type of visitor she needed to be. She had no intention of becoming a resident of Azkaban Prison. Not if she could help it.

"Well," she said softly to herself, just to break the silence. "Wonder where they put their wills?"

She knew that they would have kept a copy of their wills around the house, somewhere in it. The question was...

"Where?" she murmured to herself. "Where would they—aha!"

Apparently, under a loose floorboard in the living room.

She unfolded the pieces of paper and began to read.

"As I suspected," she murmured after a few minutes. "Well, Sirius can't adopt Harry, being in Azkaban, and he's already with Lily's sister...who Lily and James both specifically wrote that they didn't want put in charge of their son. Well, I suppose..."

And then she saw something that made her decision for her. A small scrap of paper appeared under the floorboard.

'Professor,' it read. 'Please, if you're on our side...please keep Harry safe. If anything happens to us, and to Sirius, keep him safe.'

It was signed, 'Lily and James Potter'.

She thought for a long moment, fingering the fragment. "A good spell," she muttered thoughtfully. "A charm to keep the wrong eyes from seeing it...Lily cast it, of course."

But in her innermost thoughts, she was already thinking of the cost of houses and what protective charms would be necessary...and how she would get Harry James Potter away from the Dursleys without causing a panic.

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