Jordan dropped his backpack by the door as he entered the house. Immediately he was greeted by the smell of cookies, he broke into a grin. It always took him back to his childhood, and growing up in the Morgan household. Despite how crazy and hectic his mother's work was, without fail when he and Finn got home from school she would be in the kitchen taking something out of the oven for their afternoon treat.

"Do I smell cookies?" he called out from the doorway watching as his five year old daughter Mia, his three year old nephew Gabriel, two year son Mikey and sixty five year old mother who were all covered in flour and dough as they designed their own cookies.
"DADDY!" his five year old squealed jumping off her stool flinging her arms around his waist, quickly followed by his son and nephew. Jordan hugged his daughter hello and picked up the two smallest in his arms giving them both a quick squeeze as they kissed his cheek.
"Hey Mom! How did you survive today?" he asked walking over to his mother to give her a huge hug hello.
"They may tire me out, but I love it." When it was time for all respective mothers to return to work, Penelope had presented the idea of looking after her grandchildren instead of being sent to day care. With her semi retired and only working from home, she had plenty of time on her hands. Jordan and Sam certainly felt much better leaving Mia with her grandmother than at a day care and when Gabriel was born, Aunt Em had joined in on the fun, coming to the Morgan's most mornings to help with their Grandson. Mikey, their latest addition was Gammakin's little shadow. He absolutely worshipped the ground she walked on. Penelope often teased Derek that the kid gave him a run for his money. All the grandchildren treated the great aunts and uncles as extra sets of grandparents to be spoiled by.

"What's all that noise I can hear? Are those grandchildren here again?" Derek bellowed from the doorway. All three kids ran towards their grandfather who ended up tackled on the floor. Penelope and Jordan exchanged a knowing grin. Poppie Morgan was their favourite jungle gym.

"Careful with Poppie kids, they don't make spare parts for his model anymore." Penelope teased.
"Thanks a lot Baby Girl." He said dryly as he stood up, two out of the three kids were still hanging off him. He drew his wife into his arms hugging her close.
"Now Mom, I'm sure there's an antique store out there." Jordan said joining in.
"Your Gammie thinks she's cute."
"That's because she is." Jack said coming through the side door.
"Ahh, my favourite son in law." Penelope greeted with her arms open wide.
"Need I point out he's our only son in law." Derek said dryly as he rolled his eyes. Jack laughed giving his mother in law a hug hello.
"The ladies are not here yet I see." He observed not seeing his wife or sister in law in sight."
"Your wife got stuck with a patient, and Sam's meeting went a little longer than expected but she's on her way home. If you boys want to start on the Barbecue, the salads are done. Mia, honey would you like to help Gammie set the table?" Mia nodded. Penelope gave Mia the napkins to put on the picnic table outside.
"Are Dad and Em coming tonight?" There was a weekly dinner at either grandparents house, but more often than not, it became a joint thing between the Hotchner's and Morgan's.
"Yeah, they should be here shortly. Why?" Penelope asked suspiciously looking at her son in law. Jack's poker face was no where near as good as his father, that aside with the exception of his wife, Aunt Pen always read him like a book.
"No reason." He said bringing his finger to his lips. Penelope grinned knowingly. She had suspected for weeks now that her daughter may be pregnant again, and by the guilty look on Jack Hotchner's face, it was more than highly likely.

"Hey Everyone," Emily called out from the door. They had long since stopped using door bells and knocking on doors. Their families owned keys to each other's home.
"Kitchen," Pen replied.
"Pen, that smell gets me every time." Aaron said kissing her cheek as they came in. Emily rolled her eyes as she hugged her best friend hello.
"You, Jayje and me, tomorrow day spa."
"Oooh, I'm down for that. Are we not on Gramma duty tomorrow?" she asked pointing to the little rug rats who were currently wrapped around her middle.
"Nope, Poppie Morgan and Papa Aaron are on duty." Aaron threw Morgan a look, who grinned.
"I offered both our services."
"That sounds like fun." Emily said highly amused. In truth, both Aaron and Derek loved spending time with their grand children, but each grandchild had their grandpas eating out of their hands. There was never a no in their vocabulary.

A few minutes later Sam and Finn came through the door being greeted by little arms before they could even make it in the kitchen. Finn held Gabriel in her arms, Mikey was nestled against his mothers neck while Mia had Aunt in one hand, mother in the other.

"Hey Mom's." Finn said dropping a kiss on both Emily and Penelope's cheeks, Sam at her heels.

"Hey Girls! How was your day?"

As per usual dinner was loud and chaotic, just as they liked it. Jack stood up and cleared his throat,

"My wife and I have an announcement, honey did you want to do the honours?"
"No, you're up you may as well." She said grinning,
"We're expecting another addition to the Hotchner clan." Emily gasped excitedly throwing an arm around her daughter in law.
"Congratulations Lady Bug." Derek said a little choked up. While Aaron patted Jack's shoulder affectionately.
"Mom?" Finn said looking at her mother.
"Oh Baby, I'm so happy for you." Penelope said walking over to her daughter and gathering her into a hug.
"Mommy, it's going to be a girl." She whispered conspiratorially into her mother's ear. Penelope hugged her daughter that little bit tighter in acknowledgment,

"Oh sweetheart that's great."

Being banished from cleaning up Emily and Penelope sat on the porch swing with their hot chocolates.

"Another grandchild." Emily said in wonder,
"I know, I'm so excited for them. Can you believe it? Our kids married to each other expecting their second child."
"It's a little surreal isn't it."
"Talk about fun times."
"Crazy times."

Poppie Morgan and Papa Aaron were wrestling with their grandchildren on the grass while they squealed with delight. Penelope and Em laughed as the three grand children jumped on Derek pinning him to the ground, while Aaron cheered them on.

I was thinking of ending it here, otherwise I would have to delve into the whole they're going to die eventually and I'm all for living in denial thinking they're immortal. I'm a little regretful. I've come to love these guys. Oh well, everything has an end eventually. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and encouragement. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing in. Be blessed! xx