Chapter 1

Welcome to Fatherhood

(Kyle POV)

I shot one last basket then glanced at my watch; I had ten minutes to get home for dinner.

"Hey Declan, I have to go." I clasped Declan's hand, and then did what he called a man hug.

"Alright see ya man." Declan said as we hugged.

Declan continued to shoot while I ran off into the park. I made it home in 4 minutes and 27 seconds. I hopped up on the porch and was about to head inside, but something stopped me. I looked down at my feet and saw a little baby, wrapped in a light blue knit blanket. How could someone leave an infant out in the cold all alone? I thought. I knelt down beside the baby, fast asleep in its baby carrier. That's when I realize that I recognized this baby; I had delivered this baby just a month and a half ago. I picked up the carrier and brought the little guy inside.

I took him into the living room and set the carrier on the couch, and then I scooped him up. He fussed a little, and then relaxed, curling up on my chest. I noticed an envelop with my name written on it, sitting in the carrier. Sitting down on the couch, I snatched the envelop and ripped it open, I needed some reason for why anyone would leave a baby out in the cold.

Dear Kyle,

I'm sorry Kyle, but I can't be the kind of mother this child deserves. I wish I could but I can't. He needs a loving family, and someone like you to take care of him. Please you are the only person I trust that would take good care of him and raise him right. Kyle, all I ask is that you take him in, care for him, and provide the kind of loving home I am unable to provide. I know I am asking a lot of you but you're my last chance. Let him know that, even though I can't care for him, I love him and always will.

Please he deserves better,

Gretchen Denver

P.S little bunny his first name is Brice, his middle name is Kyle after you

I looked over the tear stained letter again and again. I couldn't seem to wrap my mind around the idea of leaving your child. I was pulled from my trance by the sound of Nicole's voice.

"Kyle din-" But she didn't finish. I peered over my shoulder at her. "Kyle whose baby is that?"

My eyes locked on a few words from the letter "Please he deserves better." Then my gaze shifted to Brice, the little boy that reminded me of myself once lost, confused and alone that was until someone took me in. He needed me even though he didn't know it yet I am all he has.

"Apparently he is my son…" I trailed off not knowing how to explain so I stood up and handed her the letter. Her face went from confused to shock, and then she frowned.

"Kyle this-"

"Nicole before you say I am too young to have this kind of responsibility, I am 18, and normally I would agree with you. But I am all he has." As I spoke Brice snuggled closer to the crook of my neck.

She gave me a weak little smile "Okay, Kyle, he can stay here for tonight, and we can talk more over dinner it's just the two of us tonight." Josh and Lori were out and Stephen wasn't home from work yet.

Before I followed Nicole to the kitchen I took Brice to my room. I set his carrier down, and then gently place him into it. I tuck his blanket around him and ruffled his hair, and then I left the room with the door open and headed to the kitchen.

We had finished dinner and we were still sitting at the kitchen table, talking about what we were going to do with Brice. Stephen came home and joined us. He was equally as shocked when Nicole and I filled him in about Brice. We talked for hours. We came to the conclusion that, if Lori and Josh didn't mind, I would adopt Brice. The Tragers would help me, but I would be the one that would have to get up in the middle of the night and hold him when he cried. I would assume all the normal roles of a teenage father. This also meant that I would have to get a job to pay for things like formula, diapers, daycare while I was at school, clothes, and what ever else Brice would need.

"To think that only a few hours ago I didn't have any other life but my own to worry about." I sighed running my hands through my hair.

"Kyle you don't have to do this." Stephen paused and glanced at Nicole. Nicole reached across the table and lovingly held my hand.

"Kyle you do have a choice in this." She reminded me.

I looked down at the table. I was all Brice had, he needed me. "No, I have to do this, if I don't take him in, I'll always be seconded guessing myself about if I did the right thing or not, and I'll always regret not protecting him." I paused "He reminds me of myself. I was once him lost, confused and alone, that is until you guys took me in." Nicole squeezed my hand causing me to look up, and see her smiling at me with tears at the brim of her eyes.

"Oh Kyle…" She trailed off. Then I heard cries coming from my room and I knew they heard it too.

Stephen gave me a smile "Well Kyle welcome to fatherhood."