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I've never thought myself a ballet dancer, although I took many classes for it with my best friend Alice. I was always with my father, but somehow he convinced me that taking the classes would be fun. I am glad he talked me into it, because if he hadn't, I'd surely wouldn't have been taken in by Rosalie.

That story is not important... No... The important story is of a man, a man so wonderful and yet - so cruel - that I fell in love with him. He was known as the Phantom of the Opera, but I called him Edward. He was loving, he was musical, he was my life. He ismy life. I can only remember him fondly whenever I sing our song. Whenever our story began we had sung it to each other, even when we were not conscious to hear each others voices filling up our hearts with a ray of sunshine, a ray of love.

I'll start with the basics.... My father died when I was sixteen years old, and Rosalie had been appointed my godmother and her husband Emmett Cullen, my godfather. I had always been with their daughter Alice, we were inseparable when we were children, which is why we had taken the classes. I began to work with her at the Opera House, dancing, an occasional vocal part or two. I hadn't known that when I turned nineteen that the Opera House would become my real home instead of the Cullen home. That is when I met my Angel... When I met him, the Phantom. When I met my Edward.

----Seventy Years Before----

"Bella, come on! Bella!" A small girl with dark black hair spiked in several angles called to the girl sitting at the makeup table. The girl blushed slightly at her absentmindedness, her eyes half glazed from day dreaming.

"I am sorry, Alice. I was off in my day dreams again."Bella said brushing back her hair away from her face, her waves started to cascade down the exposed small of her back as she wore a dancing leotard.

"S'allright, come now. Time to meet the new owners!" Alice said bringing Bella to her feet, the two quickly made their way, pushing in front of their fellow dancers to get a front row view. Alice had a smile on her face that could only be described as half a moon, just as large and luminious.

"Watch yourself!" Yelled the redheaded woman in front of them. She looked behind her, her pale complexion almost glowing compared to Alice's or Bella's.

Victoria was found before Alice and Bella even got to be a part of production around the Opera House. It was easy to say that Victoria was a large hit, that was the only reason she was around anymore. The public loved her, and she knew that - she ate it up often. She was now known as 'La Diva.' Bella and Alice often called her 'La Dumba' behind her back. Sometimes Rosalie would even indulge in their secret name for her, calling Victoria it behind her back when Victoria refused to wear an outfit the seamstress put together for her part, or when she wanted a more expensive type of wig. However, Rosalie would have to obey. Victoria was the star, and she was the show.

"Sorry, Victoria," Alice grumbled. "Worthless prude." Alice swore under her breath. Bella giggled at Alice's unheard remark, but that did not go unnoticed for Bella's bell like giggle flooded the quiet Opera House.

"Are you quite finished?" A tall man with blonde locks asked as he stood in front of Victoria, peering at Alice and Bella. His eyes stayed glued on Alice's, never leaving to scold Bella. Though he never looked at Bella she still blushed furiously.

"Sorry, Mr. Hale." Bella said as she looked down sheepishly, Mr. Hales eyes wandered to Bella's finally. His gray eyes seemed to tell a detailed story of heartbreak, that much Bella saw, but Alice saw so much more in those eyes. She saw flecks of seafoam and aquamarine, they were extraordinary eyes that held a whole new universe for Alice.

"Call me Jasper. Everyone call me Jasper. There will be no Mr. Hale. I'm not into titles, they're far too degrading for you fine people." He said, his eyes again never leaving Alice's blues. His hands motioned to everyone around him; then slowly a small smile crept up to his lips, a smile only meant for Alice although the whole Opera House thought it was for them.

"Ahem," called a deep voice, face still in the shadows. His tall muscular figure was laid on display for all the ladies to see. With russet hands at his sides, he seemed relaxed, but perhaps his voice said it all - stressed.

"Please forgive me, Jacob. Let me introduce the other owner, Mr. Jacob Black." Jasper said as he held his hand out for the entrance of Mr. Black. Jacob jumped up on the stage in a rather dramatic pose. Mr. Black was almost 7 feet tall, if not close to. He had black hair to his ears, not kept in place. His eyes were so dark Bella had thought they were black.

"Thank you, Mr. Hale. It's good to see all such fine workers. I'm quite a big fan of the arts." Jacob said grinning, his dark brown eyes gleaming in the stage fire lights.

"Mr. Black, Mr. Hale, on behalf of the Opera House I bid you a welcome." Rosalie stepped forward, her blonde hair up in a tight braid in a form of a bun. Her violet-blue eyes were surprisingly dull today, and her lips were a shinning red color. Her skin sparkled off of the lights. Rosalie was the most beautiful sight that Bella had ever seen. Her skin was so pale that it had a slight shimmer to it, which of course Bella knew to be stage make up, but it was still beautiful.

"Thank you, Mrs. Cullen. It's a pleasure to be here to see such fine works of art." Jacob said accepting the invitation for him and Jasper. Jacob grasped Rosalie's hand for only a moment, then let it down gently.

"Those are the real owners of J&J company!" Victoria hissed to her James quietly. His face lit up and a sneaky smile appeared on his face. He stepped forward, closer to them than any one person dared to stand.

"May I introduce the star?" James called out, motioning to Victoria. A smile spread over Victoria's face, as if she was surprised that she was the star of the productions in the Opera House.

James was a man of many talents, one of them not being groveling. He was a proud man, always staking his claim around the Opera House. Whatever Victoria starred in, he did too. He had blonde hair, and small curls lay in the crook of his neck when he refused to slick his hair back into place. He had dark eyes that Bella had called 'devil eyes'. She never liked James much, never cared for him. He had once tried to kiss her, and when she called out, Victoria had emerged from the scene, calling her a harlot for making a move on her boyfriend. Bella was in forever regret of that day, never wanting a repeat, so James and her kept their distance.

"Ahh, yes. Miss Victoria!" Jacob said taking Victoria's small hand in his large russet ones greeting it with a kiss. Victoria pretended to blush, pretended to be swooned, but it was all mockery.

"I'm so glad you've come and bought the Opera House, Mr. Black and Mr. Hale." Victoria said in a thick accent that could only be described as French-Russian. Fake and indecisive.

"Yes, but of course." Jacob's eyes wandered to Bella, standing behind Victoria. A small smile appeared on Bella's lips; she couldn't help be become elated.

'Could it be? Could that be Jake? My Jake whom I had met when I was a child, the one who began to call me Bells?' she thought.

She had hoped he'd advance toward her, recognizing her at once, but his curious eyes moved from Victoria's to Bella's for only a moment. He made no real advancements toward Bella as she had wished he would. He tried to keep his eyes on Victoria's perching green ones but he then looked at Bella. She blushed quietly, trying not to smile at the new owners of the Opera House. They were surely very responsible and decent men who were not interested in a young girl's respectful glances.

"You, brown hair, your name?" Asked Jacob, Bella was frozen in fear. Rosalie took notice of Bella's fear. Trying to rip her out of it, Alice gently nudged Bella in the ribs.

"Her name is Isabella Swan." Rosalie answered for her. Alice squinted and her eyebrows furrowed to meet Bella's. Bella only shrugged and kept her eyes to the floor, her cheeks a crimson red.

"Ahh, a relation to Charlie Swan?" Inquired Jasper, speaking up for Jacob.

"Yes, his one and only daughter." Rosalie said for Bella once more.

"I see, well then, we can expect great things from you, now can't we, Isabella?" Jasper asked, Bella's eyes wandered up to meet the curious gray eyes of Mr. Hale.

"But of course, Mr. Jasper." Bella said, being the only one who followed his instructions of calling him Jasper, but she had to add the Mr, it was a sign of respect.

"Splendid! Now, I'm just itching to see a performance! On with your practice! Please, we're eager to see what you've all been working on!" Jasper said clapping his hands, pulling Jacob away from Victoria; James eyes seemed to go black, hate filled every fiber of his being.

A loud crash disturbed their fourth scene and seventh act. A large set fell from the ceiling of the Opera House. Screams erupted from Victoria's mouth as it crushed her torso just enough to pin her to the floor of the stage. James was at her side within an instant, pulling it off of her.

"The PHANTOM!" cried a small woman running around the stage, her head in her hands as she screamed the phrase over and over.

"Calm yourselves!" commanded Rosalie's husband, Emmett Cullen. Rosalie smiled at her large husband, thanking him for his loud demand.

"Now, there is a note here from the Phantom for you, Mr. Hale and Mr. Black." Rosalie said, opening the letter addressed to the two men.

Rosalie read a loud for them.

"Dear Jasper and Jacob,
I welcome you to my Opera house. You'll be very much pleased with this Opera house, since you wish it will fill your pockets with money, which is all you desire from the arts anyway. I require box five to ALWAYS be empty and at my disposal, as the last owner had seen fit for me. I also request a payment of 20 pounds a week. As I said before, gentlemen, welcome to my Opera House, I hope you are here to stay.
The Phantom of the Opera. "

There were gasps in the crowd.

"Now, please, ladies, please!" Emmett quieted the room quickly.

"A Phantom? That is not logical!" Jacob said he ran his hands through his long un-slicked hair. It became more uncouth through the process.

"'Tis true! You'd best meet his demands, Mr. Black. You'll find things become very...complicated, if you dare go against him." Rosalie said with no fright to her voice. She handed them the letter. On the back of the envelope was a red wax skull broken in half in order to open the envelope.

----Later That Night----

Bella lay tossing in her sleep, she heard a voice again, the voice of an angel.

"Sing once more, my sweet. My love. Sing to me." The voice said in a somber tone, a musical tone, a lovely tone. He kept his eyes on Bella, his strange smoldering golden eyes gleamed as soon as a musical note came from Bella's small mouth.

"Think of me, Think of me fondly when we've said: good bye! Remember me, once and a while! Promise me you'll try!" Bella's voice sounded in her sleep - not at all a mummer, not a whisper, but a clear voice erupting from her chest, startling even the Angel which spoke to her in her sleep.

"My sweet, Isabella! You're voice is wonderful! Sing, sing more!" Commanded the Angel voice with passion. Bella's voice continued throughout the night, with the Angel encouraging her. His lips formed a large smile, his white teeth gleamed even in the darkness of midnight.

The man sat on her bed when dawn began to break through, half of his face covered by a mask of white, made of some type of plastic, or perhaps glass. With his strange ocher eyes trained on Bella's sleeping figure he began to sing to her the song she had sung to him in a tenor voice.

"Think of me, Think of me fondly when we've said: good bye! Remember me, once in a while! Promise me you'll try! And on that day, that not so distant day-" The Angel voice was cut short, as the door began to creak - somebody was headed to Bella's room; he ran his hands through his bronze hair and figured a plan. Quickly the angel-voiced man disappeared into the shadows in the corners of Bella's room.

"Bella, Bella!" Alice's voice spoke softly, Bella did not wake, Alice shook her quickly. Bella's eyes fluttered softly open.

"Morning, Alice. Why have you waken me?" Bella asked. It was only dawn and she was still so very tired from her dreams of the Angel voice.

"I needed to speak with you. Last night was so busy, I didn't want to bother you... " Alice murmured. Bella sat up her back at her headboard now.

"Well, come out with it since you've woken me." Bella said messing with the ends of her blanket which overrode her to her neck.

"I wanted to know if you had seen Mr. Hale's eyes on me earlier yesterday?" Alice asked her blue eyes showing anticipation for Bella's answer. Bella' looked down, her brown eyes darting everywhere but Alice.

"Yes, I do believe I did." Bella said her voice surprisingly strong for having just woke up. "I mean, when I giggled, his eyes stayed on you. He had not wandered to me to scold me. I'm quite surprised." Bella said finally looking at Alice.

"Did you look in his eyes! They're so ... telling! You can just know by looking into his eyes that he is deep and sincere, and quite an artist of some sort!" Alice said as she began her ramble. "I know his eyes are so deep, they show something more to him... Like... A child, a child, Bella. Do you not see it?" Alice asked as she shook Bella lightly. Bella smiled slightly.

"Of course not, Alice, don't you see... I think you may fancy Mr. Hale." Bella began to giggle. Alice looked at her friend in shock.

"I do not!" Alice exclaimed quiet loudly, then Bella shh-ed her to make her quiet once more. The only thing they needed was for Rosalie to find them giggling and talking at this early hour.

"Calm your self Ali, I am only joking. Of course you do not fancy him. Perhaps he fancies you!" Bella said and began to erupt with giggles. Alice took a pillow and hit Bella over the head with it.

"Be serious! Isabella! He's a successful, rich, wealthy man. He's no interest in a young, middle class, child as myself." Alice said putting herself down.

"Come on, Ali...." Bella replied, trying to comfort Alice. Suddenly Alice's facial expression changed and she looked to Bella.

"I've actually something else I want to ask you, Bella." Alice said, looking down, Bella scooted up farther on her bed and looked at Alice, who kept her eyes carefully averted. She smiled slightly at Alice's messy bed head. Of course, she had no room to talk; her hair must look like a wreck.

"What is it, Ali? You know you can ask me anything." Bella cooed, her hand rubbing Alice's back comfortingly, Alice's eyes slowly made their way to Bella's brown ones. Her lips made a small smile, trying to apologize for something she was about to ask.

"Do you know Mr. Black?" Alice asked suddenly. Bella's hand dropped from Alice's back and her face became suddenly filled with pain. "Of course, you do not need to answer, I just assumed that you had known him from somewhere. You would not answer him, and your eyes were never on his for more than a second." Alice explained, stumbling on her words, trying to backtrack her way out of trouble.

'Is it important enough to tell her, it is not so important... ' Bella thought. 'Although, it would be nice to share the memory with somebody other than myself and my father's forgotten spirit that visited me during my night, singing me melodic lullabies as I wander to sleep, thinking of a wonderful way to reconnect with Jake.'

She pulled herself out of her thoughts, thinking of a way to begin the story of her life. She took in a deep breath and took her brown eyes to Alice's blue ones. She smiled and began the story slowly, working her way up to it.

"I... I knew him once. He had become very interested in my fathers music, he'd come by the house often to her my fathers latest compositions..." Bella stumbled upon her story. "At the time he wasn't much older than eighteen or nineteen, but he was already interested in my father's work. I must have been thirteen or so, and I'm afraid that I fell in love with him. At least, I thought it was love. There were times that I believed he thought of me as more than a child, but it never amounted to anything. We became close friends. However, at the tender age of thirteen, I couldn't help but want more."

She sighed and smoothed her hand over the rumpled blankets. "When father died, he stopped visiting. That was the last time I had seen him. Until today." Bella looked up to find Alice watching her. Suddenly, an excited grin overtook Alice.

"Oh Bella! This is just like a novel! Two childhood sweethearts united after years apart. It's so romantic."

"Except he doesn't remember who I am at all," Bella muttered.

"You're not going to tell him, are you?"

"Shouldn't I?"

"No, you shouldn't! Pretend like you don't remember him until he figures out who you are; then he'll be trying to win you back. There's nothing more alluring to a man than a woman he can't have."

"And how would you know?" Bella asked.

"Oh, you're so silly, Bella. It's time to get dressed anyway - the sun has risen." Alice stood and helped Bella off the bed.

This season's first opera was in a few days. The opening performance was critical in determining how the opera house was received by the public. If this opera was a failure, the whole season would be a disaster. Because of this, everyone was rehearsing intensively.

Victoria's overly dramatic voice echoed through the halls as Bella and Alice hurried to breakfast. The ballet girls always had breakfast earlier than everyone else. As she ate the barely adequate food, she remembered her dream last night of the angel...her angel. Every night was filled with their blending voices. The melodies they sang together were almost as intimate as lovers. She always woke with such a yearning to reach out and touch the angel. But he was never there when her eyes opened.

Friday came quickly. Preparations for the performance were finished and everyone knew their lines to the last dot of the i. Victoria continuously complained that her part was so large that she didn't know how she had ever remembered her lines.

"It's a good thing I'm so gifted in theater," she sighed.

Alice snorted in a very un-ladylike fashion, rolling her eyes. Bella shook her head. How was it possible that someone was as selfish as Victoria?

"Everyone be ready!" Emmett Cullen cried on Friday. "I want everything to be perfect for this evenings performance."

Alice and Bella hurried backstage. The audience would begin arriving any minute now. The red velvet seats had been brushed and every conceivable surface was polished. The orchestra was seated in the area just before the stage. The heavy crimson and gold curtains were drawn. Women in beautiful gowns and men in handsome tuxes took their seats. Alice peeked between the curtains, watching the wealthy audience.

"Someday I'm going to be rich so I can wear dresses like that," she sighed. "Then I would give half of it to you!" Alice whispered to her best friend. Bella grinned and pulled her away.

"We must prepare," the brunette said. They were ballet dancers, of course, but they also had a small vocal part too.

Victoria, however, wasn't as thrilled as Bella and Alice. Someone had forgot to air out her blonde wig so now it smelt like moth balls. "I don't have to put up with stupid people!" she cried in anger. "Every opera house around wants me to star in their productions. You're lucky to have me so start giving me what I deserve!" The maids fluttered around her, trying to calm this conceited woman.

Music sounded from just on the other side of the heavy stage curtains. The opera was about to begin. Growling in frustration, she put on the wig.

"Vain, complaining woman," said a male's voice, like velvet.

Pleased that a man had taken notice of her - even if it was an insult - she put on her best flirtatious smile and turned towards the voice. He sounded like her type of man - strong and passionate.

But when she turned, there was only empty air. Puzzled and dazed, she looked around.

"Miss! You must get on the stage," said one of the maids. "They can't start unless you're in place."

"Don't you dare tell me what to do," Victoria snapped harshly. Looking around once more only to find the same emptiness, she quickly stood up and strode onto the stage. In a great crescendo of music, the heavy curtains rose and the audience could finally watch what they had paid for. Respectful applause drifted up from the seats, and Victoria forgot all about the invisible man. After all, this was her adoring audience.

The first and second Acts passed without incident. Victoria was basking in the glories of her role. Alice's part passed and she sang beautifully. Now it was Bella's turn.

The blushing brunette walked to her place and waited for her cue to sing her lines.

Victoria glared and sang, "but what is love, if not an illusion?"

Taking a deep breath, Bella sang as the angel had taught her to in her dreams. The pure, clear, angelic voice that poured from her shocked everyone into silence, including La Diva. Every man and woman in that opera house stared at this pretty girl that created such perfect music. Bella's part was only a few sentences, but in those few moments, the audience would never forget the girl who sang as if she should have been in heaven. When it was Victoria's part again, she just stared at Bella as if she wished she had a pistol in her hand.

James, who was part of the Act also, nudged his counterpart in the ribs. Startled, Victoria jumped and began.

Out of the corner of her eye, Victoria saw a man dressed in black standing in the usually vacant box five. Half of his face was hidden by a white mask, but what she saw of him entranced her. His ocher eyes bored straight into hers - and they weren't pleased. The exposed part of his face was beautiful, though. So beautiful that she was sure that she'd never see anyone else like him. His skin was pale as snow, but strong and smooth. His golden eyes flickered to Bella, and grew soft with approval. No one else saw the Phantom but Victoria, and he was only there for a moment.

"La Diva!" the conductor hissed furiously. Realizing that she had stopped again, Victoria began.

Whispers rolled through the audience. What was wrong?

The rest of the performance continued without anymore distractions, but that didn't ease Victoria's anger. When the curtain finally fell after the ballet, ending the opera, she sat down hard in her dressing room. That stupid ballet dancer had made a fool out of her. She, La Diva, was supposed to be the star! She must do something to keep Bella from taking any more vocal parts.

Wrapping a robe around her, taking off her wig, she stalked out of the dressing room to find that girl.

People were racing behind the set, eager to know how the performance was received. Shoving people out of her way, Victoria walked straight down the path she knew would lead her to Bella's room.

The lanterns lit her way and she was now the only living thing in the long hallway. Grumbling about how that little harlot needed to learn where her place was, she continued down the solitary hall. Without warning, the lanterns blew out, engulfing her darkness.

She halted her steps, heart racing.

Footsteps to her right.

"Who's there?" she demanded, knowing someone was playing a trick on her. Probably James and one of his little friends!

The voice that answered her was not the one she was expecting. This voice was like honey and velvet combined. Whoever it was he was having a hard time suppressing his anger. "If you should go into Bella's room tonight or any night, I will personally make sure you will never utter another musical note again. Isabella's career will progress, and there is nothing you will do to hinder it." He paused. She was sweating now with terror. This man meant what he said. He would kill her if she tried to stop that twit from singing again.

"Turn around and go back the way you came," he commanded harshly. "And I will be watching you. I will know if you try anything. If you value your life you wouldn't say anything to anyone about our meeting.

All she could do was nod. The lanterns flared back to life and she saw the man in front of her. He was taller than she expected, with strong shoulders and the ivory mask covering his face. He was gorgeous, but he hate pouring from his topaz eyes sent stabs of fear straight into her heart.

"Go now." he commanded.

With trembling legs and a racing heart, she ran back to her dressing room. That must be the Phantom, she thought. She would get James to track him down, show the Phantom who he was dealing with by threatening her, Victoria. But there was no way she would go to Bella's room. His threats were too real, too fresh, and she could not yet scoff at them. Even in her dreams, Victoria could not escape that beautiful, terrifying Phantom of the Opera.

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