Bella sat in her bed, her eyes closed. Her lips, almost chapped from the weather that was turning to a cold, cold winter. Bella didn't move, and her body was virtually dead. The only sign of life, and a speck of indication of anything being alive, was her slow, small breaths.

Edward watched her, it would be the last time she would sleep, the last time she'd get proper rest. She had her last meal a few hours ago, and it was almost dawn. She wanted to be turned at two hours after dawn, which was seven. Rosalie walked in her room, she held a wash basin, and handed it to Edward, he looked at her, questions filling up his vision.

"What is this for?" He asked in an inaudible tone to Bella, Rosalie shrugged her shoulders, her ruby red eyes not dulled yet from her consumption of animal blood.

"You've not washed." Rosalie said simply, Edward wanted to scoff, and tell her that Vampires rarely ever got dirty, but he didn't, he took the wash basin and looked into the soapy, warm, lilac water.

"Thank you, Rosalie." Edward said smiling at his sister-in-law. Rosalie smiled and nodded her head, almost proud of herself for thinking he was dirty.

"Yes." Rosalie said, she went to leave, and she paused at the door, "I do not regret it, however, I know that we will someday." Rosalie said, Edward looked up and sighed.

"I never had a choice, so I can't really regret something I had no control over." Edward said quietly, Rosalie nodded her head slowly.

"I suppose you are correct." Rosalie said, and with that she walked out of Bella's room. Her room was warm, the hearth was glowing with flames, it was quite warm for Bella. Edward thought perhaps the warmth might be a bad idea for her transformation, but right now, she needed it. Edward watched the glowing, dancing figures on the walls, casting as colorful, playful shadows from the hearth's light. Bella's face had dancing figures across her face, a dark shadow covering her nose and part of her lips. Bella sighed in her sleep and moved slightly, he wondered if she were having a dream, but decided not to impose on what would be her last dream.

Edward watched her as the seconds went by, her heart beat becoming ins inc with his breathing. Her heart was one of the most beautiful sounds he had ever heard before, and it was going to be gone soon... But it's what she wanted. She wanted to live with him forever, and it was no time to feel guilty

about that now. He has always wanted Isabella, even when he was met for Rosalie at first. No, now he was met for Bella. He smiled to himself, remembering the promises that he had made to her the other night. . . France... Portraits done every ten years or so. Perhaps go to Russia. A life with

her would be most adventurous.

He stood and went to the wash basin that Rosalie had brought in. He washed his face, an old habit he used to have when he had gone to the whore house. He washed his face with a steak of pain, realizing how awful he was to the women in his peak of manhood. Not that Emmett was any better, he was just as bad to the women as he was, of course, Emmett was seen as the kind, loving boy, while Edward was seen as the heartless boy.

Suddenly, after reminiscing on his horrible past, -although, it wasn't much or reminiscing, reminiscing was to be happy memories, they were not- the sun had risen, and it was time to wake Isabella.

"Isabella." Edward whispered into her ear, Bella's eyes shot open, and her brown eyes were cloudy with sleep. "It's time, love." Edward said quietly, Bella sat up in her bed and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Edward." She said smiling, he smiled back.

"How did you sleep, love?" Edward asked, his skin almost detracting Bella as the morning sun had hit it just right to make his skin sparkle.

"Just lovely, thank you." Bella said, she stood up out of her bed, the room warm and welcoming to her skin, she smiled and looked over at Edward.

Bella dressed quickly and brushed through her hair, she wanted to look absolutely perfect for her transformation. Bella's eyes looked at herself in the mirror, she focused on Edward who was setting behind her, playing with an individual curl in the back of her hair.

"At least I'll be able to see myself." Bella said quietly, Edward laughed to himself, and looked at her through the mirrors, their reflective eyes connecting, smiling at each other.

"Silly little humans, forever over exaggerating or lying." Edward said smiling to Bella in the mirror, Bella smiled too, and laughed almost hesitantly. There was then a knock on her bedroom door. Edward got up to answer it, and he opened it, it had showed Carlisle and Emmett. They were looking in the room to see Bella dressed in a Creme colored silk gown, and her brown, beautiful, curly hair cascading down her back. She looked over at them, her brown, innocent eyes smiling.

"Are you ready?" Carlisle asked them both, Edward looked at Bella, regret peering through him already.

"Already?" Edward asked his father, Carlisle nodded his head, seeing that his son was upset, he put his arm around Edward and patted Edward's shoulder. Bella stood and walked over to Emmett who put his arm around her and smiled at her with a big grin. Bella smiled back, it was hard not to

with someone like Emmett.

"Come on, Edward. It's not too early for eternity." Bella said as she took Edward's hand and the walked into the extra bedroom where her transformation

was to take place, like all of the others. It was kept extremely cold just for the sake of that. Apparently, they feel as if they're on fire, and there is no way to put out the fire, and placing a body in a cold place would most likely make the pain dwindle down.

Bella laid on the bed, her back fitting to the mattress comfortably, she looked up at the ceiling, it was wood, and sturdy. Bella looked over at Edward, he aws standing above her, looking at her with pain.

"It's okay, Edward." Bella said, her voice soft, calming. Edward looked at her, and he kissed her lips, not caring for what was going to come out of his mouth even if his family heard, it would just show them how much he loves her.

"I love you, Bella. I love you so much, and I hope to god that you will not regret this... I love you so much." Edward said, he kissed her lips one last time, looking at her with love, "I'm sorry love, this is going to hurt." Edward muttered, he kissed her neck lightly, and then opened his mouth, his lips dripping with the silver liquid that was the venom.

Edward bit into her flesh lightly, trying to do it as easy as possible with out causing too much pain. Bella closed her eyes in pain, trying not to focus on that which felt like razor blades peircing her throat. Her eyes began to shake as Edward drank her blood, he was attempting to stop, trying so hard. His face was becoming pained, looking at his father, his eyes showing helplessness.

"Stop Edward." Carlisle ordered, Edward then released Bella's throat, blood pouring out, Edward quickly licked the wound and let it heal with his saliva.

Everyone was watching Edward, sobs deep with in his throat, he held his fist to his mouth, biting down on it painfully, the venom stinging him as he did so. Everyone was quite, and nobody was breathing accept for Bella. She wasn't screaming in pain, she was silent, but her body was convulsing, her eyes were closed, and her lips were pursed together in agony. She made no sound though. No sound of pain, although a whisper did come from her mouth, and it was 'Edward' that's all she muttered.

Hours went by, and nobody moved, nobody said anything, finally Alice cleared her throat and looked at everyone around her. "I'm going to go outside." Alice said looking down at her feet, Esme looked surprised.

"Its raining out, dear." Esme said, in hopes for Alice to stay put.

"That's alright." Alice said, her voice slightly sad.

"I will come along." Charlotte said as she rose from the small sofa that her and Peter occupied, then, like that, the silence curse broke and everyone was talking quietly in order not to disturb Bella's changing process.

In a few hours the room cleared and all that was in there was Rosalie and Edward. Rosalie was changing Bella, and cleaning the sweat that was dripping off of her body, Bella had become calm now, there was no involuntary jerks coming out of her, other than the slight movements of her hands.

Rosalie hummed softly to Bella, and then began talking to her, telling her how beautiful she was going to be, how absolutely wonderful she'll look.

Edward sat in silence, he sat on the floor, his hands on his temples, trying to read Bella's mind, but all that he was able to read was Rosalie's. Edward sighed out of frustrations, and Rosalie's head snapped over to him.

"Am I bothering you, Edward? I'm just trying to help her, seeing as you are too self indulged to try." Rosalie said in an angry voice.

"I'm trying to read her mind, help her through it, and she's not letting me!" Edward said in frustration.

"Talk to her, sing to her, Edward, do something." Rosalie said as she walked out of the room quickly.

Edward walked up to Bella, her eyes were closed now, she was breathing heavy, probably panicking on the inside.

"I am your angel of music,
Come to your angel of music
." Edward began to sing to her, his hands caressing her face which was inflamed and hot.

Bella POV


Perpetual pain.

That is what I feel now. I figure the screaming will get me nowhere, I stopped almost immediately, but I couldn't hold back the jerking of my torso. My eyes were looking up at the ceiling, the wood paneling seeming to move into swirls, I almost couldn't see. I heard Carlisle say to Edward to stop, and I

heard Edward starting to sob. The spot where he had bitten me was far too painful to reach up and touch to try and soothe the pain.

After I was done convulsing I looked and then noticed, everything was absolutely black. I moved my eyes, I was almost sure that they were still open, and they were, because I just blinked. I sighed, and closed my eyes, my hands flexing to not feel a hand in them, I wanted Edward. "Edward." I managed to get out in a pained sigh, but he didn't come forward, I didn't hear anything, I only heard my heart which was pounding almost painfully in my chest. I closed my eyes tightly.

The pain was beginning to flare, and I felt fire all around me. My body felt like it was in a very hot fire place. It was the type of hot where at first touch, it felt painfully cold. But it wasn't cold, it was extremely hot. My body felt like it was about to be roasted like a succulent pig at a church roast. The pain keeps flaring in my neck, more and more I felt where Edward had bit me to be throbbing with heat. I groaned slightly, and probably internally because I can't feel my vocal chords move.

I wanted to cry out for a few minutes, just let a good scream about myself, then I heard a voice, and it was tiny, and like soft bells. It was Alice. She was talking, it was so quite around me, and everything had an echo. She had said something of going outside, and I then heard Esme, her motherly voice comforting me, the pain almost dwindling at the sound of her voice. Then I heard Charlotte's strong, but welcoming voice, saying something of that she'd accompany her.

The room was talking finally, and I felt the burning start to go into my hips, almost hovering around my middle section, I felt my hip bones almost incinerating at the feeling of the fire consuming them. With all of my heart, I'd have to agree that Edward was right, this is very, very painful.

"Edward" I heard someone say his name, I think it was Rosalie, she was talking, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I felt something wet touch my body, and it was cold too, I welcomed the feeling, hopefully I smiled at Rosalie as she wiped me down with nice cold water. But following the

cold the heat flared up again, making its way slowly to my neck and making me want to cry out in pain, the cold water almost made it worse. But a few seconds later I felt her stop, I heard her voice, she was talking, or maybe humming. I heard Edward say something, his voice almost canceling out any signs of pain with in my being.

"I am your angel of music,
Come to your angel of music
." I heard him start to sing to me, his voice low, and it was so beautiful, his voice was so soft, I could barely hear it .Edward's hands caressed my face slowly, the cold of his skin smothering that of the fire, I wanted to sigh into him, I wanted to smell him, but I couldn't smell, I'm not even aware if I am breathing. I know I must be, because my heart is pounding vastly, and almost painfully. Edward kept singing, and then I heard him sigh, he sounded in pain.

"My love, my own true love..." Edward sounded tortured, he sounded upset.

"Think of me,
Think of me fondly,
When, we've said good bye.

Remember me,
Every so often promise me,
You'll try.

And on that day,
That not so distant day,
When we are far away and free.

If you happen to remember,
Stop and think of me.

He stopped singing for a second, I heard something of that of sniffling, then I heard a scuffle on the floor, almost like a chair, he must have began to sit beside me.

"Long ago,
It seems so long ago,
How young and innocent we were,
She may not remember me... But
I remember her.

Flowers fade,
The fruits of summer fade,
They have their seasons,
So do we.

But if you happen to
Think of me..."
I heard someone walk in, Edward still touching my face, singing to me lightly, and a soft voice joining him singing, almost Alice's voice.

"Think of August when the leaves were green,
Don't think about how things..
Might have been.

Think of me,
Think of me waking,
Silent and resigned,
Think of me,
Trying to hard to put you from my mind.

Think of me, please say you'll think of me
What ever else you choose to do,
Stop and think,
Of me.

Think of me.
Think of me

Edward's singing stopped for what felt like forever, and I heard Alice speaking to him, her voice calm and almost sad. I felt Edward's hand leave me, I whimpered almost audibly in the loss, and I'm sure they countered that as a painful whimper.

I heard the door open, and shut, then I felt a small hand put on my forehead.

"Bella, dear, sweet Bella." I heard Alice chime. "I'm sure you're in a lot of pain." Alice sighed. "I remember when we were little, and you used to fall down, a lot." Alice laughed to herself, her hands still on my face, " I remember that you always were so clumsy. Well, you wont be anymore. As soon as you awake, it's only two more days, I know you cannot keep track with all of those painful fires." Alice paused, "But you've made it one day." Alice said quietly.

I almost cheered in my head.

It's been one day? Already? Edward must have been singing to me a lot. Or perhaps I fell asleep...

Fell asleep? With this pain? I do not even think that is possible.

"You're going to be so graceful." Alice promised me, I could almost see the smile on her face, "the bad thing is, is that you cannot cry..." Alice sniffled, "I feel like crying, but all I feel is stinging in my eyes and there is no tears." Alice said, "of course you can sob, but they are dry sobs." Alice said to me, I heard her sigh softly, and then she began to sing to me for hours on end.

Listening to Alice's soft soprano voice was most soothing, but I heard the door open again, and the fire was flaring up as I felt cold water began to be put on my skin, I wanted to cry out, tell them to stop wetting my skin, that it made the fire come to where they were washing me. I heard Rosalie speak to Alice, telling her something that must have been important because Alice rushed out of the door, I felt the fire go to my mouth, and stinging began, were they making me drink?

I felt no moisture in my mouth. I felt cutting though, a lot of cutting. It hurt, and I'm sure I felt blood. I couldn't handle much more, and I let out a painful cry, and I felt someone open my mouth once again.

"You poor thing." I heard Rosalie said, "you're teeth are sharpening. That was the most painful part of my transformation, as well." Rosalie told me quietly, I then jerked my head slightly, I didn't know I could even move.

I thought to open my eyes, but when I did, it felt like fire was charring them to ash, so I closed them. I sighed to myself and let the fire take my body, and soon I just ignored everything everyone was telling me.

I just ignored every word uttered from everyone, the pain was too painful to ignore anymore, and it traveled to my head now, giving me almost the worst head ache I have ever endured. The blood of my mouth started to travel down my throat, quenching the painful thirst I had acquired. It quenched a thirst that the water couldn't, and perhaps Rosalie thought the water would help, that it would cool me down, it was very courteous of her, I'd have to admit, but it made the burning feel worse and spread full out through my body.

"How is she?" I heard Emmett say, god love him, he sounded scared. I heard Rosalie sigh and she sat down next to me, I felt the pressure like I was about to fall off of the bed.

"Her teeth are cutting through." Rosalie said, her voice sounding strained, and I could just picture her hair flowing free, it always did when she was at home, her head in the palm of her hand her now red eyes watching over me like my mother would have done... I wonder what my mother would think of

this situation... Would she support it? Would she scorn it?

My mother would tell me to do what is right in my heart, and this is right in my heart, it is exactly what I want. I want to be with Edward for ever, and even enduring this pain is indeed worth it. Edward may feel like he is not worth any lick of pain that is caused to me, but he is dead wrong, he is worth

every ounce and then some more. I felt a nice, cold soothing hand on my forehead, it was a large hand, it must have been Emmett's hand.

"She feels so warm." Emmett said in surprise.

"Her heart will stop beating soon..." Rosalie said, "can you hear it getting weaker?" Rosalie said, Emmett sighed.

"Yes, but she's only two days into the transformation." Emmett said quietly.

"In almost twenty hours she'll be one of us." Rosalie said quietly, I could tell Emmett wasn't smiling, that he wasn't his normal huggable self, that he was worried about me, and Rosalie was trying to stick up for me, for my decision.

"Yes, well, I'm not sure how I feel about that..." Emmett said, Rosalie stood up, and I could just picture her hands at her sides.

"So it's right for us, but not Bella, even though she is in love with your brother? Is it so wrong for her, but not us?" Rosalie asked, I could see if she were still human that she would be tearing up, that her face would be red and very stone like. Now all I can picture is her pale face, stone like.

"I just wish there was another way, Rosie." Emmett said in defeat, he never did stand up to Rosalie well.

"Stop arguing around Isabella." Edward growled, I could picture him in his crouching position.

"She can't hear us." Emmett said quietly, Edward scoffed.

"Yes she can. Do you not remember Rosalie talking to you?" Edward said, Emmett was quiet for a moment and sighed loudly.

"I'm sorry..." Emmett said, I heard the door shut, and I felt like I was alone.

I opened my eyes, but I still saw black, I saw nothing. It depressed me slightly. I couldn't' see the wonderful face of my Angel of Music. I couldn't hear his voice, I couldn't hear anything. All I could feel was the fire. I couldn't stand it. It was making me shake, I could feel my body shaking, almost

convulsing in pains again.

"Shh." Edward chided, which got my attention. Was I screaming? Was I crying? "I'm sorry, love... I know it's painful." Edward said, I felt his marble hand went to my forehead, smoothing out wrinkles I hadn't noticed I made. I felt his fingers come over my eyes. Had I forgotten to close my eyes? I couldn't see with them after all.

"I wrote you a song, a long while ago. It isn't your lullaby, but it is quite beautiful, I must agree." Edward said in a smiling voice, I could tell he was trying to comfort me.

"Angel of nothing,
Angel of my heart,
You've captured mine from the start.

I've become weak, and lost,
You've caught me with in a toss.
Lights of shinning wisdom you've captured,
And we shall live our fairy tale
Of happily ever after.

Angel of nothing; I am.
Angel of my heart; you've become.
You've captured me from the start.
And now, you've to own my dead heart

Edward sang that repeating each word with love, with emotion...

And for a second, maybe hours, I think I may have fell asleep.

I felt like I was falling.

Falling from grace; from God's love. That he'll no longer have me because I have forsake his gift of life to trade it with a fallen angel, to become immortal and to feed upon his wonderful life-filled creations.

I felt like that.

But I wasn't falling, and God was not forsaking me, and he was not angry at me. I felt love, I felt warm. I felt over heated....

I felt fire.

I began to feel myself char, I felt the fire engulfing my body, taking it over, I screamed, and I felt my body jerk, I felt my heart go faster, faster, as if I were running a race of which I had no real hope of winning. I felt my legs twitch in agony, I felt the fire then go to my heart, it started to get warm, like I

was having a heart attack. My heart hurt, it actually hurt.

Then, suddenly...

My heart stopped.

My heart just stopped, abruptly. I felt eyes watching me, people not breathing, but I could smell them. They smelt wonderful, they smelt like my family. I smelled Emmett, he was not so close. The only person close that I could really smell good enough was Edward. Then it suddenly occurred to me, the burning stopped. I took in a breath, and I decided to try out my eyes, to see if I really could see anything...

I opened my eyes, and I saw everything brightly, Alice and Jasper were by the door, they were holding hands, and Alice was in Jasper's arms, their hands connected at her stomach. Rosalie and Emmett were by the personal, un-light fire place of the bedroom. Peter and Charlotte were by the window, which was open, and the sun was rising. It was rising wonderfully, I could see the bright oranges, yellows, and even a slight pink.

"Wonderful." Edward murmured, and then I turned my attention to him. His eyes were beautiful caramel color, his lips a wonderful shade of pale pink, his hair shinning, and his lips twitched into a crooked smile.

"Good morning, Bella." Everyone said quietly. I looked out the window, and the light shinned in, and I looked at my skin, as well as the others. It sparkled, just like Edward's. It sparkled, just like Rosalie's.

It sparkled.

I was a Vampire.

"Welcome to your new life, love." Edward congratulated me, and I smiled at him, he looked surprised when I smiled back, and I hugged him tightly, not noticing the sudden strength that I had.

"Easy, love, easy." Edward said quietly, I took in another breath, which I hadn't realized I had been holding.

I'm a Vampire...