This hit me fast it basically wrote itself. Ha ha, poor L. Sorry for grammar mistakes and such. D:

So, L," Mello said, hanging off the arm of the chair L was perched in, "do you know what The Game is?"

"The Game?" L asked turning his head to look at Mello while picking up his fork and scooping up a chunk of Death by Chocolate cake, "No, I can't say I have. How do you play it?" Matt smirked from beside Mello, ducking his head so it wouldn't show. As everyone knew at Wammy's, L loved games and he absolutely hated to lose.

"Well…" Matt looked up at L, "The rules of The Game are simple. You can't think of the game, and if you do, you have to announce to everyone around you that you just lost the game. "

"Doesn't that make your companions 'lose The Game' as well?"

"Well, yeah," Mello shrugged. "That's the point. Don't look at us, we didn't make it up." And with that, Mello tugged on Matt's sleeve and they ran out of the room, laughing. Their mission was a success.

Being a genius, L had far too much thinking time on his hands. This meant that he took the time to think about this game. He would not lose. But the point was that you couldn't think about The Game…and he was doing that now…which meant…


Sometimes, being a genius sucked.

Not much else to say other than... you just lost.