Matt had to admit, he was a little nervous. He could handle Mello's mood swings and even the occasional punch to the chest, be he was just too tired today to handle Mello being legitimately angry at him. And really, that was the best that he could hope for. No one – not even Matt – could obstruct Mello from his chocolate and get away with it.

"Matt?" Mello called when Matt stepped tentatively into the apartment with the shopping bag hanging limply from his hand. "You look like shit – like you're about to die or something. What's up?"

"Mello…" Matt took a deep breath and then said, slowly so that he wouldn't have to repeat himself, "I went to five different stores. I couldn't find chocolate anywhere. I mean, I found Hershey's Milk bars, but the last time I brought back when one of those things you almost flung yourself off the roof. So I looked for hot chocolate mix or something – anything – but all I could find was this…" he said, reaching into the shopping bag and pulling out a small brown cardboard box. "So…here," he finished lamely, handing the box to a very pale-looking Mello. He took it, but clearly he was not adapting well to the prospect of even just one night without chocolate.

Mello eyed the box for a moment, looking skeptical to say the least. But at least he wasn't yelling, or crying, or trying to jump off the roof again. Finally, he said, "Chocolate…tea?" Matt nodded and winced as Mello took a determined step forward. He didn't go after Matt though; instead he walked into the kitchen. After a minute, Matt heard the microwave going.

For several minutes he waited, and then Mello shuffled somewhat shyly back into the living area, sipping contentedly enough at the tea cradled in his hands. Matt sighed and relaxed, and for the rest of the evening, they sat curled together on the couch. They drank until they'd used the entire box of tea bags.