Title: Punishment

Summary: A lighthearted, short Marauder era fic in which they speak of punishments.

Note: Just a short pointless little thing that popped in my head. Enjoy!

It was a lazy afternoon. Four boys were settled in large, squishy chairs by their Common Room fire. They were lazing, paying no mind to anyone else in the room. One of the boys, a sandy-haired fellow, turned to another.

"James," he began, "I want to ask you something."

The black-headed, bespectacled boy turned his gaze to Remus Lupin. "Ask away. I have nothing to hide."

Remus cocked his head, then asked his question. "Why do you always get in trouble?"

"What do you mean Moony?" James asked, sitting up straighter. Their two companions, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigew, also turned their attention away from their chessboard and onto Remus.

Remus sort of shrugged then said, "You seem to enjoy being yelled at. Is being punished really as enjoyable as you seem to make it out to be?"

James and Sirius exchanged a look. As they were the two who got in trouble most often, they were always being punished. By now they probably held a school record.

"It depends on who's giving the punishment." Sirius said.

James nodded in agreement. "With Dumbles, it's just a lot of talking, a lot of nodding, and always telling him 'I'll never do that, in there, with those, for that amount of time ever again!'"

"McGonagall, she's much more strict. You'll never write lines for that woman." Sirius said.

"Yeah, the worst from her is being punished while a Quidditch match is being played. You KNOW she's mad at you if she won't let you play. She loves that Quidditch trophy."

"Sluggy, I think he's got that "boys will be boys" mentality. If you're his favorite, he won't even dream of punishing you. If you aren't, he makes you write lines. Maybe sort flobberworms for potions or something."

Sirius let out a noise between a bark and a scoff. "And Filch! Oh how he'd love to dangle us from the ceiling and whip us raw. But he has to content himself with wheezing insults while we scrub trophies. Punishment for us is more punishment for him!"

James and Sirius exchanged a laugh. Even Peter managed a small smile.

"Cleaning the bed pans, without magic, is the worst, most disgusting thing I've ever had to do though. I cringe whenever I get that punishment."

"I suppose that's why you've been getting it a lot lately!" Sirius barked.

James shot him a look. Instead of withering like so many people, Sirius continued to chuckle.

"Writing lines isn't so bad," James said, "neither is cleaning and polishing and clipping the school's brooms. Or the school telescopes."

"Unless Peeves spreads ink all over them."

"Unless Peeves spreads ink all over them." James repeated. "Polishing trophies, hey if Filch leaves the room you can always use magic."

Remus raised an eyebrow. "And to get Filch to leave the room...?"

"Sirius. Or Peter. One of them will do something and he'll go shuffling along."

"Of course." Remus said. "So, being punished is fun?" he asked.

Sirius and James both considered this. "Not fun per se. But they don't feel like punishments. More like... a daily thing."