Author: veiledndarkness

Title: More Than He Could Say

Prompt #: 60 - Flutter

Rating: PG

Pairing (if any, or gen): Billy/OFC

Summary: He never wanted anything like he wanted this.

Warnings: Not mine, no harm intended and no profit made.


It's a barely there, fleeting touch. A quick flicker and he's stunned by the sensation.

It's the look in her eyes, the saucy wink she tips him and the curve of her hip as she walks away. He follows because he wants that feeling again, he needs it.

It's the sweet scent of her skin when she lets him close enough to her, the lightest brush of lips on his neck when she breezes past him.

It's endlessly teasing, perfect torment, the promise of her if only he were anyone but him, and it drives him nearly mad when she's around, to the point of distraction.

It's that whisper of hers, the simple life she leads, the throaty laugh and the way she holds his hand like he's never had any blood stain his fingers, like his rough skin fits with hers.

It's the way he wants to leave the life he knows for her, turn his back and chase normalcy for once, to someday die happy, knowing he's with her and that she wants him just the same.

It's the flutter she gives him when he looks at her, the powerful surge of love, lust and longing and it's strong enough to bring him to his knees, strong enough to make him do what he must to have her.

It's the love she has for him, it's the way she understands him, and the way he feels when he holds her, knowing that he needed this more than he could ever say.