Okay! Second story! Sequel to King and Queen! You probably won't be able to tell that this is a sequel until the next chapter, but remember that it is! This one is more about a Greek myth instead of an idea that was just kinda in my head.

So, an apple is sent to the 'fairest goddess' from Eris, the goddess of discord, because she is pissed at them for not allowing her to 'help' the seven titans in their quest to defeat Cronus. Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite get into an argument just like they did before, and they need to ask a mortal male for his opinion on who is the most beautiful. And this time, there's no bribing.

A new boy, named Paris, arrives at New Olympia High School and he and Theresa become really close friends (this is after Theresa and Jay are a couple). Archie thinks that Paris may be in love with Theresa (Jay is too concerned about Cronus) and is worried that Theresa and Jay won't be a couple any longer. So he tells Theresa and they end up having a major argument. And I shall leave it at that…I hope that didn't give away too much!

Anyway, here is chapter 1, which will hopefully, eventually have a title. Enjoy and please review!! I love reviews!!!

"1!" the tall, lean, Asian man ordered. Theresa assumed the first of her karate positions and held it until he called the next number. "2!" Theresa robotically transitioned between the first and second position, waiting for the next. "3!" Once again, Theresa quickly and easily changed from position two to position three. Theresa's karate teacher stopped talking for a moment while she stayed in position three. He approached her and examined her stance. He reached up and stroked his greyish beard, frowning.

"S-Something wrong?" Theresa asked, not sure whether or not she should speak.

"No. You seemed to have become a much more advanced fighter than I remembered. Have you been training these past four years?" he asked.

"Y-Yes…" Theresa stuttered, thinking of Cronus.

"I see…I sense that there is something that you are keeping from me. A dark secret that no one knows except for a selected few and of course yourself. Am I right?"

"Yes," Theresa muttered looking down and moving out of the karate position.

"And? What might it be?" he questioned.

"Well…it's sort of private…"

"Hm. Very well. Now, I am proud of you for practising your skills, but I must say that whatever training you are doing is intense, but it may not benefit your mind."

"What do you mean?" Theresa asked.

"Only you know what I mean," he answered. Theresa nodded even though she did not fully understand what he meant.

"Go home and rest, young grasshopper (A/N: I just had to put that in!!!)," he said, pressing his hands together and bowing before Theresa. Theresa mimicked his actions before saying 'good-bye' and getting changed.

Theresa was the only one in the change room since she had private lessons. It was a large change room with many twists and turns, and Theresa often found it difficult to navigate through it.

After she had a shower and got changed, Theresa looked in the bathroom mirror and began to brush her long, red hair. At one point, she looked at her eyes in the mirror, which was fogged up from a hot shower Theresa just had, and was suddenly sent into a vision.

"I am the fairest goddess there is!" Aphrodite bellowed. Her usually sweet voice was angry and…violent.

Theresa raised her hand up to the blurry mirror unaware of what she was actually doing.

"You're crazy! It was obviously addressed to me!" Athena screamed back at Aphrodite.

Slowly, Theresa wrote the letter 'E' on the mirror.

"Calm down, both of you!" Hera yelled. She glared at Athena and Aphrodite who immediately shut their mouths. "Now, this has happened before and we know who won… But it was obviously unfair because that apple belongs to me!"

Theresa wrote the letter 'r'.

"Get over yourself Hera!" Athena cried.


"Let's settle this now!" Hera said. She transformed into her warrior 'outfit' and pulled out a sharp sword. "The one who stays alive is the winner of the golden apple."


Theresa's vision ended and when she looked at the mirror, it surprised her that there was writing on it. She gripped the bathroom counter until her knuckles turned white. Theresa couldn't let the gods kill each other…could they even die? They were gods after all…

She stared at the word and the memories of that one battle came flooding back. Eris was on the move.

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Anyway, in this chapter, Theresa had her first karate lesson in four years because she wanted to, she discovered that sometimes she is able to move and do things while having a vision, three goddesses are about to kill each other and Eris, the goddess of discord, is back!

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