AN: First and foremost, I'm terribly sorry this has been three years in the making. Second, I'm sorry it's so short. I'm trying to get a running jump into the story again. I know how it ends, I just need to feel out how to write it well. I hope you enjoy. SCB


It took some effort but Mary finally got a hold of Bobby Singer. "Mary Campbell. Your boy is in a world of danger." Was his greeting.

"I know."

"He knows about hunting, he knows about demons, but he ain't got nothing in the way of knowing how to protect himself. How could you let him go through life like that?"

"I didn't tell him. I didn't want him to have any part of the life."

"Then how did he find them…or better yet…how did they find him? I thought we took care of that when he was a baby." Bobby said referencing the spell they had had a hoodoo priest cast over Dean when he was 5 after the demon had bled into Sam's mouth.

"We did. They didn't find him by conventional means. A Sam from another reality came…he…I don't know what he wanted….Dean didn't give me details. But that Sam brought the demons to Dean. They carved him up pretty good the last time they got ahold of him."

"Damnit." Bobby cursed. "Okay, little lady, you keep Dean as close as possible, that kid of his too. I'll be there tonight."

"Okay." She hesitated for a moment. "Bobby I'm scared." She whispered.

"Me too." She heard Bobby sigh. "Me too."


Dean saw the headlights come up the drive before anyone else. "He's here." Dean said anxiously, reaching for the door knob when Mary stopped him.

"No baby. Be careful. You can't muss up the salt." She said and stepped over the line and opened the door a crack. The beat up muscle car's lights turned off, and the squeak of a door , the slam of metal on metal, and the footsteps heavy and deliberate come up the drive.

Mary waited, tried not to wring her hands together, tried to get her act together, tried to make her father proud, and just as the waiting was almost too much Bobby's face came into the orb of light on the patio. His grizzled face was just as she remembered it.

"Mary." He said softly.


"Can I come in?"

"You know the drill." Bobby smiled thankful that over 25 years of normal hadn't beaten the caution out of her. He pulled out his silver knife that was blessed by a priest and cut his palm.

He pulled out a packet of salt and downed it. She watched intently for any signs, and when there were none, she extended him a flask of holy water which he drank down. All tests passed she stepped away from the door and allowed Bobby admittance. She closed and locked the door behind him, and immediately repaired the damage done to the salt line.

Bobby turned and nodded to John and then he saw Dean, just behind his father. The boy once upon a time must have been extremely handsome, but something had taken his beauty and Bobby felt a twinge of sadness for the boy who wrote the marvelously accurate stories of the supernatural.

"Bobby, this is my family. This is John." She pushed hair out her face nervously. "You knew that." Bobby shook John's hand. "This is Dean." Dean reached out for Bobby and Bobby shook his hand as well, was surprised by the strength in his grip.

"You're the one I e-mailed?"

"Yes sir."

"It was your girlfriend?"

"No. She was my ex. She was my boy's mom."

"And she burned on the ceiling?" Dean swallowed.

"As far as I could tell."

"Something drug my mommy onto the ceiling." A small voice came from the stair way."

Dean turned swiftly and limped his way to the foot of the stairs. "Adam, go on back to bed." Instead of listening to his father, Adam came down the stairs further.

"I can't sleep. All I see is mommy burning on the ceiling." He said with big fat alligator tears streaming down his face. Dean met his son halfway up the stairs and grabbed him up, picked him up, despite the protesting of his scarred body, and carried him back down the stairs. Dean hugged his son as close to his body as humanly possible. He turned fierce green eyes onto the elder man.

"You can help us take care of the son of a bitch who killed Kelly?" Bobby nodded slowly.

"I'll most certainly do my best son."

"Your best better mean dead for whatever did this." Bobby raised an eyebrow at Dean. He hadn't expected a boy with such grit, with such determination, with such guile. Bobby was surprised to find that he liked the kid.

Bobby sighed and nodded. "We've got work to do."