It was just another day, another time between classes where the entire school made way for their 'Emperor'. He walked through the halls like he did every day. His jacket was thrown over one shoulder, his head held high, and that same arrogant smirk on his lips- it was all the same as it was every day. But somehow, it never lost it's appeal. Even the way he walked was to be remembered. With confidence in each step, and no doubt in his mind, or in his eyes, that he owned the place. While that would sound ridiculous at any other time, it was practically true. Anyone in the school would drop what they were doing at the snap of the boy's fingers. And he knew it, too.

Girls would stop as he passed, and simply stare. Others would swoon, or sigh, and occasionally, one would even faint. He didn't even have to look their way, just the sight of him walking by would bring these reactions about. Guys would nod their heads at him, or send a look of awe in his direction. It was surprising, but he never recieved glares from these males- even those whose girlfriends were swooning at the sight of the other boy. No one dared to send him any look that wasn't awe or in some way favorable. He was their Emperor, and they all knew it. Even teachers would grovel at his feet if he so wanted it. He was very right in thinking he owned the place, because not one person would defy that boy. Not one person would deny even his craziest whims.

He was revered by all, treated as a King, an Emperor. People moved out of his way when he came by, the entire school would quiet at just the sound of his fingers snapping. He could move the school with a single finger, if he wished. People idolized him, oogled him at every corner, stalked him even. He was a supreme figure, someone who was too above the likes of the rest of them to deign them with even a glance. And it wasn't considered cocky, which in itself was strange. But such was the nature of this boy. The air about him commanded respect, demanded the undivided attention of everyone in the room- the building, even. He was by no means an equal, and if one were to ever talk to him as such, it would be considered social suicide. He wasn't a 'normal boy' to these people. He was a god, a perfect creation. No one even thought to wonder if he was a regular teenager in his alone time. He was too regal for that, to perfect to be average.

Only six boys treated him as a person. Treated him as someone they could converse to, or deny one of his whims. And they were only allowed to do so because they were his friends, his teammates. They were put onto a pedestal almost as high as his own. If he was the Emperor, they were his councilmen. They, too, were regarded as royalty, treated as if they were above the likes of everyone around. Sometimes, it was almost as if they didn't even notice, they were so used to it. Used to the girls in the background screaming their names, calling out marriage proposals, and declaring their eternal love for them. The sad thing was, they were used to it. It was an everyday thing for them. More than everyday even, more like every minute, every half of a second. It was background noise for them now.

There was only one other person who treated him like a normal boy. One person who thought of him and actually asked herself 'What is he like when he isn't in front of a crowd?'. One person who allowed the image of him lounging on a couch and watching a television rerun to enter her brain without an indignant laugh afterward. And she was in the background. She wasn't close to him, or his best friend. She wasn't a part of his 'Group', his council. But she saw. She saw it all in his eyes, when he wasn't focused on the crowd around him. She saw the person, underneath it all. And maybe that was why the idea wasn't so farfetched to her. Because she was the only one who'd noticed. Maybe that was why she was the only girl who didn't stuff his locker full of Valentines, or worship the ground he walked on. Maybe that's why she tried to blend into the background when he was around, instead of screaming her lungs out and being ignored anyway.

The only problem with her seeing him as a person, was that she began to fall for him. Not the shallow little crushes the other girls had on the famous, attractive, smart, athletic boy with a fortune backing him. But an actual love for a boy who tried hard to make it seem like he was perfect, who worked and studied hard when he was alone to appear aloof to those shallow little girls. A love, that unfortunately, went unreturned, unknown. Because, let's face the facts, she was just an average girl, and what chance did an average girl have with Atobe Keigo? None.

Her name was Ryoki Shishido, and she was caught in a whirlwind dance of a Masquerade where her heart and her mind fought for control of a Love-life that didn't even exist.


I wrote this story a long time ago, about a boy that I had liked a lot, and about my deciding to just give up on any hope I had of obtaining him. Ryoki is based off of me, how shy I am and how little confidence I have in myself. And that may be why this story has stuck close to my heart since. I figured it was about time to go back and edit it, seeing as how I like to think I'm a much better writer now.

It's based off a song that I wrote about my experiance, called LoveLife Masquerade. It will make an appearance in this story. But I want to let you all know, that it does deter from actual events, otherwise it would just be a boring tale of a girl who faded into the background of a boys life and hasn't seen him since. I rather like this story better, and a part of me will forever wonder what would have happened if I did what Ryoki did. If I were quite as brave. I hope you enjoy it.