Title: Undercovers... Again

Chapter: 1

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Tony groaned as he looked at the large stack of paperwork that lay in front of him.

He glanced at his watch and realized that only an hour had passed since he started working on it. Looking up to see the bullpen empty of everyone but him, Tony stood up, grinning. He slowly made his way over to Ziva's desk where he snickered to himself as he removed any office supplies she could threaten him with.

Picking them all up, Tony quickly hid them in his desk, then sat down and waited for his partner to return. When she did, Tony was patient enough to let her sit down before he threw a crumpled piece of paper together.

Ziva glared at him, "I do not think Gibbs will want you crumpling your paperwork Tony."

Tony merely grinned, "Then it's a good thing I crumpled yours."

Ziva quickly unfolded the wad of paper and noticed her finished report.

Glaring at Tony she growled, "You will regret this."

Tony shook his head, "Don't think I will Zee-vah," He dragged her name out to aggravate her further, "I mean, what are you going to do? Kill me with a paperclip, 'cause I had to 'borrow' a couple of those while you were gone and I'm afraid there aren't any left."

He grinned with child-like glee, happy that he was able to outsmart the sneaky Mossad officer.

Ziva shot him a deadly glare as she realized what he'd done, but an evil smirk appeared when she glanced at her desk. Tony's face contorted to shock and fear when she lifted up a single paperclip.

"I guess you forgot one…" She replied, "Now what was it you were saying?"

"Uh... Listen Zee it was a joke!" He began as Ziva slowly walked towards him. "I mean… It won't happen again! I'm sorry! Uh…"

Ziva was now standing in front of him, she leaned in closely and Tony gulped. Her gaze met his and suddenly all his fear was gone, replaced by the thought of what it would be like to kiss her.

Tony couldn't help but drop his gaze a little to her lips, he didn't even notice the way hers did the same. Both of their eyes' flicked back to the others' at the same time and Tony couldn't help but notice the amusement in hers.

"So you thought you could outsmart me, yes?" She asked, already knowing the answer.

Tony gulped, "Uh…" He looked around the room for any excuse, "Hey Boss!"

His trick worked and Ziva backed up quickly, "Gibbs." She nodded, then realized what Tony had done.

She once-again focused her attention on Tony, "Trying to trick me again?" Ziva shook her head slowly from side to side, "This was not your brightest idea Tony…"

She stepped menacingly towards him, and Tony glanced nervously towards the elevator, willing Gibbs to return.

To his surprise, the elevator doors opened Gibbs stepped out—but he wasn't alone. With him was Deputy Director of Mossad, Eli David and who Tony recognized to be Michael Rivken.

Tony's back straightened and Ziva turned around to see what he was looking at. The shock was clear on her face as she registered who the visitors were.

"Aba? Michael?" She questioned, confusion evident in her voice, "What are you doing here?"

"My daughter!" Eli David greeted Ziva with a kiss on each cheek. "I have come to America on business, but Michael will explain this to you while I speak with Director Vance."

Ziva was still confused but nodded, "Yes Aba."

Eli stepped away from her and immediately turned his attention towards Michael. "Michael! Stay here with Ziva and explain to her what is going on."

Michael nodded and made his way towards Ziva as Gibbs and Eli David disappeared into Vance's office.

"Ziva!" Michael greeted her warmly.

"Michael." Ziva acknowledged her former partner coldly, but he didn't seem to notice.

"It is so good to see you again! Now, your father wants me to explain what is happening."

Ziva nodded, and then took a step small away from Michael. Tony felt his anger rise as Michael purposefully brushed against Ziva's shoulder as he passed her and leaned on her desk.

Michael subtly checked Ziva out, causing Tony to tighten his fists, then began explaining the reason he was there.

"Mossad has been watching a man by the name of Isaac Malech. He is wanted for numerous chargers, including the murder of a Mossad officer. Whenever we get close to catching him, Malech disappears. This is why Director David has decided that it is necessary to put his best officers on the case. We have received word from a reliable source that Malech is here in America, and Ziva is to work with us to help catch him."

Ziva nodded, knowing that if her father wanted her on the case, catching the man was of a high priority. Tony, however, didn't understand, "So why is NCIS getting involved?"

Michael shook his head and looked at Tony as if he was speaking to a child, "Malech has a… vendetta against the marines ever since they killed his cousin three years ago, so we need a connection to the navy. Since Ziva is Mossad, but works at NCIS, she has the proper qualifications. She will be the only agent in the field while the rest of the team at NCIS will support Mossad's lead in this case by gathering information."

Michael nodded at Tony dismissively and turned his attention towards Ziva, "You will be undercover, but the Director has managed to allow you to keep your cover and still turn up to work here everyday."

"So what is my cover?" Ziva questioned.

Tony felt his blood boil at the look Michael gave Ziva as he answered her question. "You are to be an intern here at NCIS, no one outside will be the wiser. You will be working under the name of Adina Trivash. 'You' have lived in the States for several years, but are new to this area, and have only recently moved here last week with your husband."

"Husband?" Ziva questioned and Michael nodded, he opened his mouth to explain further when Tony cut him off.

"Wait a minute, husband? I thought that Ziva was the only agent working in the field on this one?"

Michael looked at Tony. "She is."

Tony looked at Ziva, "But I'm her partner, who else is going to go undercover with her?"

Michael smirked, "I am her partner too, and since this is a Mossad case, I will go undercover as Ziva's husband."

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