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All I could feel was darkness. Pulling me under and I knew I was dying. Then I felt a sharp bite at my wrist and it started to burn. I heard some smashing and growling but it was hard to keep my focus on anything but the unwavering burning that was starting to spread up my arm.

"Bella! Bella, can you hear me?" I heard the voice I would know anywhere; the voice of my one and only love and I tried to respond, tried to find a way past the burning.

"She has lost a lot of blood but the head injury isn't bad. Her leg is broken and possibly some ribs," I could hear a calm voice saying.

"Bella can you answer me?" I heard Edward say again.

"My hand!" I managed to scream, "It's burning!"

"Carlisle, he bit her." Edward explained. Then realization hit. Alice had explained this to me just the other day of how once a vampire bites you the venom spreads and in 3 days you are a vampire yourself.

"Edward, you can try and suck the venom out," Carlisle said, "I don't know if it will work but you can try."

"I don't know if I could stop." I heard Edwards voice break and he started sobbing or that is what it sounded like I couldn't force my eyes to open.

"It is going to happen it may not be today Edward but you know I have seen her becoming one of us." I all of a sudden realized that Alice had been there.

She had seen this? I couldn't make sense of why no one would have told me my ultimate fate was to become a vampire. It seemed like something I should have known. Then I felt my arm lift and I realized Edward's decision and felt his cold breath on my arm and I knew what I had to say and now!

"EDWARD DON'T! LET THE VENOM SPREAD!" I cried out. Then I felt the rest of my body become consumed by the fire.