Bella's POV

This wasn't going to go well. I could tell from Jacob's tone on the phone that he was mad and obviously didn't want to see me. I had to do this though I had to. I can't let Edward be here when we saw Jacob. He's going to want revenge or at least that's what Edward seemed to be convinced of. If Jacob hated Edward back in June then he certainly wouldn't like him anymore now that he knew they were supposed to be enemies.

Not to mention how angry Edward was going to be at me for pulling this. I know we had a plan but it didn't sit with me that he and his family would be endangering themselves. And something told me if we let it come to a fight then it would not end well for anyone.

I ran to the treaty line and I didn't see Jacob yet. I ran up and down along the line until I smelt something really bad; it was like wet dog times 10. I looked over the treaty line where the smell seemed to be coming from and saw a huge brown wolf come out of the darkness.

"Hey Jacob?" I asked hesitantly.

He nodded and looked me up and down for a while. I realized that he couldn't talk in his wolf form, "Jacob don't you have to phase so we can talk?"

He nodded yes.

"Then can you?"

He shook his head.

"Please Jacob I'm not going to hurt you and I won't cross the treaty line I promise." I knew I was pleading but he was hesitant and I needed to make him stay.

He backed up into the woods and I thought he left but as I was turning around I saw him come out in his human form.

"Hello Bella."

"Hi Jake."

"What do you want?" He was really cold when he said that and kept looking at his feet.

"I wanted to explain…"

"Explain what?" He spat out at me and looked up at my face finally, "Explain why you stayed with him even when you knew what he was. Explain why he did this to you. Explain why you're still with him even after he did this to you. Or would you like to explain to me one good reason why I shouldn't kill him."

"Kill him?" That shocked me, I mean it shouldn't have but I couldn't help but be taken aback by the realization of Jake's anger.

"What do you think I'm going to do? He broke the treaty. They promised they wouldn't hurt humans and they did."

"He didn't hurt me Jake."

"The Hell he didn't look at you."

"Jake I told you I can explain."

He cut me off again, "What if I don't want to hear it? What if I don't care why he did it?"


He looked stunned and then started shaking. I backed up a little bit. It seemed like he was going to phase from the way Edward described how they phase. He looked down at the ground and started biting on his lip.

It took a couple of minutes but he finally stopped shaking and when he looked up he said, "This was a mistake maybe I should go."

"No Jake please don't."

"This wasn't a good idea. I don't want to hurt you Bella it's him that needs to pay for what he did."

"Jake have you not been listening to me? He didn't do this to me."

"Quite frankly Bella I don't care if it was him or one of his other coven members he put you in danger of one of them doing this to you and they did."

Why couldn't he grasp what I was saying, "It wasn't one of them that did this Jake. It was another vampire, one that we had no control over."

He seemed to consider it for a minute not sure whether I was telling the truth or trying to come up with a cover story, "Who?"

"There was another coven here back in April. Remember all of the animal attacks that Charlie was looking into? Well they passed through town and met us. James their 'leader' set his sights on me and so Alice and Jasper took me back down to Phoenix so that he wouldn't find me while Edward and the rest of his family tried to find him and his mate Victoria. The third member of their coven Laurent went up to Alaska because he didn't to be part of the fight. James went down to Phoenix though and found me. He pretended to have my mom and told me that I had to meet up with him in order to save her so I went…"

The look on his face was interested and he seemed to be starting to believe me.

"When I got there he had lied. He found a video tape of my mom calling my name and played that when he was telling me he had her. He tried to kill me but Edward showed up. All James had time to do was bite me." I pulled up my sleeve to show him where the bite mark was still on my arm.

He came closer to me and reached over the treaty line and grabbed my arm. He traced the outline of the bite mark and looked up at me, "He didn't do this to you."

"No he didn't. He hates that this happened to me more than you do actually."

He let go of my arm and I let it fall back down to my side. "Wait," he looked up, "how are you living with Charlie? I mean you're a newborn and from what Sam said you shouldn't even be able to stand a football field's length away from a human let alone live with one."

"We think it's my extra power, self-control. It's hard but I can be in the same room as humans and manage to not hurt them."

Jacob was just silent. I had no idea what he was going to do or say. He showed no emotion on his face except a look of deep thought. Then all of a sudden sadness crept across his face. He looked up at me and I knew what he was going to say before he even said it. "The treaty isn't technically broken and I don't really want to throw my pack into a fight that will endanger them. So if you and the Cullens are still agreeable to the treaty then we will hold up our end of the bargain. But I want to remind you all of one aspect. You are under NO circumstances allowed to cross this treaty line. And we don't want to see or hear from you."

I knew that by not see or hear from he meant me. Whatever friendship Jacob and I had had went out the window when he found out about the mortal enemies thing. "I'm sorry you feel that way Jake because I still would like to be your friend, but I understand and will respect your wishes. And of course we will keep up our end of the treaty."

"Bella we can't be friends."

"No we could be; we were before you knew what happened. I'm still the same person I was before I changed just like you are the same person you were before you phased."

He looked down at his feet and shook his head, "We're both different now. And what part of mortal enemies don't you understand?"

I don't know why I was trying to be friends with Jacob, but part of me felt that I wanted to at least have him not consider me an enemy. Then again he looked torn up enough that I decided just to let him do what he felt he had to, "Okay Jake I'll leave you alone I promise, but just promise me that if you decide you do want to be friends or just talk you'll call or come over, okay?"

He looked defeated as he turned around but I heard him murmur, "Okay."

And with that I turned back toward my house. I wasn't extremely happy but at least my family was safe and I didn't have to worry about physically hurting Jacob at least.

I saw the lights of my house coming into view so I decided to walk the rest of the way. I wasn't sure when Edward would be back but I knew I would be in trouble when he did. I walked up my porch steps and could hear people talking inside.

"I'm home," I called as I came through the door.

"Bella come in here there's someone here to see you." Charlie was yelling excitedly at me from the living room.

I walked in and saw none other than my mom sitting on the couch.

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"Yeah Bella why don't you tell your Mom about what you and Edward were telling me this afternoon," I looked over at Charlie and he was smirking a little. He knew I wouldn't want to tell my Mom this seeing as how she has spent pretty much my entire life telling me how I shouldn't get tied down too early because of what happened between her and Charlie.