Date: 06/06/2006

Name: O'Neill Jonathan (but never call me that. My friends call me Jack, Carter sometimes calls me sir. You can call me General)

Sex: flat on my back with a gorgeous blond moaning my name at least three times a day when we're in the same Galaxy

Present address: officially in DC. My true home is in Colorado Springs. If you want to be sure to reach me write to Cheyenne Mountain.

Age: who wants to know? Actually age is just a number. You know, once I've been more than eighty years old so I would say that I'm pretty young.

Social security number: none of your business

Phone number: see above

Position applied for: husband of Samantha Carter

Salary desired: you're kidding right? I would pay for it!

Days / hour available for work: 24/7 for the rest of my life

How many hours can you work weekly: depends on which solar system I am

Studies: sorry but I have to keep my dumb act. Come on, I'm a nice guy so will give you a clue. Si Daniel savait combien de langues je sais parler couramment il en tomberait raide.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime: not on earth but on P3X987 I was convicted of walking on the wrong side of the road. Go figureā€¦

Do you have a driver license: of course

What is you mean of transportation to work: depends on the day. Sometimes it's an Asgard transportation beam, sometimes it's a wormhole. It can also be the Dedalus, a F16 or a X3O2

Have you had any accidents during the past three years: yes but most of them weren't my fault. It was either Daniel trying to make new friends or Carter blowing up something, again.

Have you ever been in the armed forces: I told you to call me General. Ring a bell?

Speciality: can't get into too much detail or I would have to shoot you

List the job you held, duties perform: to make it short, saved the world, got rid of the bad guys, made new friends, found new technologies, visited places with lots of trees or lots of sand

Additional information: I would really like to share with you the things we like to do like bonding or spanking but Carter would surely kick my ass. Besides I really don't want to sleep on the couch tonight.