Date: 15/06/2006

Name: Jacob Carter. Mark, Sam and Jack call me "Dad", always did, they are the only ones who are allowed to do so. You can call me General Carter.

[Eyes glowing – change of voice]

My name is Selmak

Sex: funny that you ask. Obviously I'm a man but… I've also got a feminine side…just ask Selmak! Oh yes I am Selmak…sorry. Otherwise not for a long time... I never liked to do it on the beach and it seems there is sand wherever I go. Besides, it's difficult when there are two persons in one body and even more when you're sharing your body with a woman. We never seem to agree about who we like. I will just give you an example… Selmak seems to have a crush on George… Yes, George Hammond! And she is sharing all her thoughts about him...arghh. So no, no sex anymore.

[Eyes glowing – change of voice]

Oh yes I like it…a lot. Jacob doesn't seem to agree on my choice of partners. What a shame! Just between you and me, he has a crush on Janet Frasier.

Present address: I'm moving a lot you know. Right now I'm leaving under a desert. If you need to call me ask Sammie to send me a message.

Age: you shouldn't ask this kind of question. Selmak is a wise lady. It's all you need to know about her. As far as I'm concerned I feel pretty young compared to her.

Social security number: I don't have one any more

Phone number: see above

Position applied for: I'm here to give my daughter away to Jack.

Salary desired: none. But be assured that if Jack hurts my Sammie, he's going to need to run fast…very fast

Days / hour available for work: 24/7, it was about time

[Eyes glowing – change of voice]

I agree with this statement!

How many hours can you work weekly: as much as is needed.

Studies: the usual you know, Air Force Academy. Selmak has been studying a lot the last 384 years but I can't give you too much details, it would take too much time

Have you ever been convicted of a crime: me? Never! Selmak? Pretty often!

Do you have a driver license: yes, I do have a driving license

What is you mean of transportation to work: mostly the Stargate and sometimes a Teltak

Have you had any accidents during the past three years: more than I should have…thanks to Selmak

Have you ever been in the armed forces: does Air Force Academy ring a bell to you?

Speciality: there are too many to tell but the main one is that I'm the link between Earth and the Tokra

[Eyes glowing – change of voice]

Most of the times our assignments are pretty confidential…and dangerous as well.

List the job you held, duties perform: Just remember me again…why are you asking me all these questions?

Additional information: so you know where Daniel is? I really need to have a few words with him, something to do about privacy.

[Eyes glowing – change of voice]

Oh yes, I have a few things to tell him as well