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Chapter 3

How could this be happening? Two WWE superstars had gone missing in less than twenty-four hours. Stephanie had seen Kane walking around in a suit and a trench coat not unlike Colombo's, she was glad he wasn't walking around afraid to touch things like Monk was. To Stephanie's amazement, Undertaker had also smartened up by wearing a crisp white shirt under an immaculate silver grey suit.

"They've turned detective, haven't they?" Stephanie said turning towards the petite blonde next to her.

"Looks like it," Kelly replied.

"This is all I need," Stephanie sighed.

Kane and Undertaker had been snooping around the hotel for any signs of PSC activity. They had not seen anyone that would resemble a stalker anywhere in the hotel, so they decided to look around the grounds.

"Aha!" Kane said pointing at the ground. "A clue!"

"It's a pen, Glen," Undertaker said sarcastically.

"Not just any pen, look!" Kane picked the pen up and held it close to Undertaker's eyes. The name 'Jeff Hardy' was gilded onto it.


"These PSC members are a sneaky lot, I'll give them that," Kane said pocketing the pen and turning back to Undertaker.

"Hold on, Glen," Undertaker said holding his hand up. "We don't know if they are the ones that are doing this; I mean none of their MySpace profile pictures look menacing in any way."


"I know that that doesn't count for anything, Glen, but they seem like a pretty nice group of women," Undertaker said. It was always hard to change Kane's mind when it was already set on something. "Please, Glen. Let's just make sure that it's not them."

"Fine!" Kane said throwing his hands up in the air. "We're going to have to go to the hospital."

"You don't have kidney stones again, do you?"

"No I do nothave kidney stones again," Kane replied glaring at his best friend. "We have to go and ask Jericho some questions."

Chris Jericho was lying in the hospital bed with a big grin on his face. That was until Kane and Undertaker peeped around the curtain. He folded his arms and waited for them to be seated before he spoke.

"What do you want?" Jericho asked with a suspicious glance at them. "And why are you wearing cheap Armani suits?"

"These suits cost a bomb actually!" Undertaker retorted, looking slightly hurt.

"Yeah, sure looks like it," Jericho replied sarcastically. "As I said before, what do you want?"

Kane and Undertaker looked at each other. Jericho's body language told them that it was going to be very hard to get any information out of him.

"We're here to talk about the Professional Stalkers Club..." Kane said, letting the sentence hang.

"Look, I don't know much about them. I've e-mailed them and messaged them on MySpace a couple of times, but that's it."

"And what about Twitter?" Undertaker asked.

"About an hour ago," Jericho said closing his eyes.

"After we called and told you that Jeff had gone missing?" Kane asked.

Jericho closed his eyes and nodded.

"They didn't do it!" Jericho said sitting up straighter. "It wasn't them, it was someone else."

"How do you know?" Kane asked taking a notepad out of his pocket.

"They told me so," Jericho answered.

"How do you know that they aren't lying?" Undertaker replied, eyeing Kane's notepad. He made a mental note to pick one up after they had finished questioning Jericho.

"Because they were as shocked as I was to learn that Jeff had gone missing," Jericho said, he was now pleading for them to understand that the PSC wouldn't do something like this.

"But they have Phil?" Undertaker asked.

Jericho nodded again. "But he's ok; he's not locked up or anything."

"Then why hasn't he tried to escape?" Kane asked incredulously.

"Because he likes them," Jericho said glaring at the two big men. "He's just there because one of the members got a bit carried away!"

"Can you tell us where they are?" Undertaker said, resting his arm on the Jericho's hospital bed.

"I can show you," Jericho smiled. "But, you've got to promise me that you won't scare them. Some of these girls have had it tough, and I don't want you two to go in there shouting and hollering."

Undertaker and Kane shrugged. "We just want to know the truth," Kane said getting up. "When are getting discharged?"

"I've been discharged," Jericho said lying back against his pillows.

"What the heck are you still in bed for?" Kane shouted. "Get your ass up and take us to them!"

Grumbling, Jericho got out of bed and began to get dressed. Undertaker stared at him in his pink sparkly shirt and black jeans.

"You aren't going like that, are you?" He asked pointing at the shirt.

"No," Jericho replied. "I'm not going to have the buttons done up."

Kane and Undertaker shook their heads as they led Chris out of the hospital.

"This... is it?" Undertaker asked looking up at the warehouse.

"What did you expect, a palace or something?" Jericho said sarcastically, walking towards the doors.

"I was expecting something cleaner," Kane replied falling into step with Jericho.

"It's a warehouse," Undertaker said pointing out the obvious.

"Been taking lessons from Nancy Drew, have you?" Kane said looking over his shoulder.

Undertaker pulled a sarcastic face and followed Kane and Jericho inside. The lobby area was huge; at the opposite end was a small desk with a young woman sitting behind it. She was completely oblivious to them as they walked towards her, even when they were close to the desk she didn't take her eyes away from the computer screen.

Kane cleared his throat.

"Welcome to the PSC Headquarters, my name is Genesis, how can I help you?" she asked with a bored voice, now twirling a blue highlighted strand of hair around her index finger. She still hadn't taken her eyes away from the screen.

Jericho whispered something to Kane.

"We're here to see a Super T and a Morbid Angel," Kane said.

"Isn't Morbid Angel the name of a band?" Undertaker asked.

"Yeah," Jericho relied with a nod. "But she calls herself Morbid because she has a thing for killing us off when she writes fan fiction."

"Where does the Angel bit come into it then?"

"It's her nickname," Jericho smiled.

"If you would kindly wait over there," she pointed to a large cream leather sofa. "I'll let them know that you're he-"

Genesis had now looked up; she had a slightly shocked look on her face before looking back at the computer screen and then back at them. "Err... wait here." She got up and sped off towards the stairs.

"I told you that they were kidnapping people and holding them for ransom, look at this place," Kane said spinning around in a circle.

Jericho rolled his eyes and sat down on the leather sofa. This was the first time that he had been to PSC HQ, and he was quite relieved that it didn't look like a rundown old warehouse on the inside.

"Nah, if they had been kidnapping wrestlers we would have heard about it," Undertaker said, picking up a recruiting form from the desk. "Heh, it looks like they want more members."

"Well I'm not joining," Kane said quietly.

"You'd have to have a sex change if you wanted to," Jericho said with a chuckle. He looked down at his shirt. "Oh, I forgot to undo the buttons. Silly me," he grinned.

Undertaker and Kane looked at each other whilst Jericho undone his shirt.

"Why are you doing that?" Undertaker asked.

"He's probably doing it because-" but Kane didn't finish his sentence as they heard voices coming from the stair well.

All three WWE superstars looked towards the stairs as the voices got closer.

"How did they find us?" one of them asked.

They had stopped about half-way down the last stair case. Undertaker bent down to see if he could see them, but all he saw was three pairs of black Converse All-Stars.

"And where's Suzi?" the same voice asked again.

"Her flight was delayed," another voice answered.

"You girls better suck it up, it looks like they mean business," Genesis said as she led the other two girls down the stairs.

With one last intake of breath Angel and Tina came into view.

Kane and Undertaker looked slightly taken aback, they were expecting mean looking girls to be the head of this cooperation, when in fact they looked quite sweet and innocent.

"Which one's which?" Undertaker asked abruptly.

"Err..." the shortest of the three, a redhead, scuffed her feet on the ground and kept her attention towards the ground. Undertaker noted this. "I-I'm Angel."

"So you must be Super T?" Kane asked stepping forward. All three girls backed away.

"Call me Tina," she replied with a shaky voice.

They knew that Kane was an intimidating character on screen, but in real life he seemed even more intimidating.

"Hem, hem." Jericho cleared his voice from behind the two big men. "What did I say to you?"

"We shouldn't scare them..." Undertaker said quietly.

"And what are you doing?" the blond asked.

"Scaring them," Kane replied with a sigh.

"Well don't!" Jericho said loudly. "They haven't done anything to you!"

"Yet!" Undertaker roared. "They'll probably kidnap us just like they did Phil and Jeff!"

"We- we didn't kidnap Jeff," Angel replied meekly.

"So you do have Punk then?" Kane asked.

Genesis, Angel and Tina nodded.

"Where is he?" Undertaker said.

"Up- up s-stairs playing W-Wii Sports with Robin," Tina said looking up at Kane and Undertaker. Really, all she wanted to do was look at Jericho, but the two big men were blocking her view. If she had had the guts she would have kicked them both in the shins, just so that she could see Jericho. Tina assumed that Angel would have done the same thing, except she was giving Undertaker a curious look, then Tina remembered that Angel had been a fan of 'Taker since she was a little girl.

"So..." Undertaker said, feeling slightly uncomfortable. "Shall we go and see Phil then?"

"What?" Angel said blinking a few times.

"Phil, shall we go and see Phil?" Undertaker said again, pointing to the ceiling.

"Err... ok," Tina replied with a shrug.

Angel turned to Genesis. "If Suzi calls, use the walkie-talkie," she said.

"Oh, and if Leesie arrives, send her up to the games room, Robin will be thrilled to see her," Tina added.

Angel led the group up three flights of stairs, before anyone said anything.

"Could I play the Wii?" Kane asked. "Only I've never played it before."

Angel looked around at the big guy and raised her eyebrows. "Sure...?"

Kane smiled.

When they reached the floor of the games room Undertaker yawned. "Are we there yet?"

"Stop acting like a child and grow up!" Kane snapped. This sudden outburst not only made the two girls jump but also Jericho and Undertaker.

"Seriously," Jericho said, shaking his head. "Glen, you need to sort out your temper!"

"I'll sort it out when we have Phil and Jeff back," Kane replied quietly.

They followed the redhead down a hall painted aquamarine, it had a calming effect on Kane who sighed and began to smile. He was in a world of his own when he walked into Angel nearly knocking her to the ground. Undertaker reached out to steady her.

"Thanks," she smiled. She knocked on the door and the opened it, revealing Punk and Robin in a furious game of Wii Sports Tennis.

"I've got you now!" Punk yelled.

"Nah-uh," Robin replied jumping in front of him.

"I so need to have a go of that," Undertaker whispered to Jericho, who nodded his reply.

"Feel free to join in," Tina said, blushing when Jericho looked at her.

MVP was practicing his 'ballin'' stance in the full-length mirror when he heard a clatter in the bathroom. Being extremely inquisitive, he had to go and investigate the cause of the noise.

He switched the light on before poking his head around the door. His pot of very expensive moisturising cream, lay broken on the floor.

"Aww, man," he said quietly. Now he had to go to the mall to get another pot of it. He really hated going to the mall, he always got stared at. He put it down to his amazing good looks; others put it down to the plaster he wore across his nose.

He took some toilet paper and began cleaning the mess up. The he heard a chuckle from behind the shower curtain; he also saw something move behind it out of the corner of his eye. He stared at the curtain thinking that his mind was playing tricks on him again.

But then he saw it again, he got to his feet and ripped the curtain from the rail.


MVP's world went black.

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