"She shall bring supreme joy and laughter into the lives she will touch. Devine ruler, open heart and gifts of pure love. No frail princess, her looks will deceive, with quick-witted tongue and more power than believed. Beauty and grace as those of before, yet more adventure, that will turn into a chore. Heed my warning Great Queen, not only she is in danger—the universe and your kingdom have come into wager. Our hundred-year peace shall end after her birth. The twenty-third child's future is on Earth. Serene will return when she bares one of her own; the twenty-fourth's birth will mark end of all darkness known. The prophecy told, and fate has been set. My words are a promise not voiced as in threat."

A circle of purple smoke surrounded the dark haired goddess, her emerald eyes sad as she bid silent farewell to the Moon Queen. Once the smoke faded silent tears fell from silver eyes as she hugged her womb with both arms. 'Oh Serenity…'

This announcement would cause widespread panic, not only on the moon but also throughout the galaxy. Her daughter would be feared and hated—seen as the downfall of the peace and prosperity that had been solidly established for the past century.

It was a Lunarian tradition. The first day marking the ninth month with child, the Queen would seek out Destiny. In deep purple robes lined with gold trim, a gorgeous woman with raven-black hair and bright green eyes would appear before the Queen and King. She would foretell of the unborn child's future. Always mystical and filled with ambiguity—the tale was always a happy one with a promise to bless the Moon's people and ensure the stability of the Silver Alliance that was first established over one hundred years ago by Queen Serenity's grandmother.

The King took her into his arms and kissed her forehead, "Everything will be ok." He attempted to comfort his wife and a smile graced her lips at the gesture. Pleased at her reaction, he couldn't help but wonder, 'What does Earth have anything to do with our daughter?'

The primitive planet had nothing to offer and was not a threat to anyone in the alliance. Their King, convinced that the darkness ended one hundred years ago, had politely declined an offer of joining with the other planets at during the formation of the Alliance.

Despite the end of a devastating war throughout the solar system, the Dark Kingdom still existed. By standing together, those part of the Silver Alliance stood a better chance of survival against the evil controlled by the self proclaimed Queen of all negative forces—Metaria.

Many presumed, due to its primitive state, the planet had not seen the extent of the negative forces that were in the universe—it was not, and had never been, a prime target for the Dark Kingdom. The Earth's army was able to defend itself well during the war. Many believed the King's decline was due to ignorance.

The Earthlings became viewed as fools and the King's decline had caused rifts between Earth and many other planets. Not being a member of the alliance made any political trade and business dealings outlawed with the planet, thus Earth remained in much of the same primitive state as it had been in before the war. Knowledge and technology lagged behind those of the other planets. Teleportation had not been developed yet, let alone any type of instant communication between parties. Many saw their way of life as barbaric—even the lifestyle of the Earth's royalty. Sickness and disease also kept many planets in fear of contacting Earth. Since the creation of the Silver Alliance, the planet had mourned and crowned three kings.

Despite prejudice, the Earth's current ruler was fair and wise from the King and Queen's own observations. The Moon was headquarters of the Silver Alliance and they were not foolish enough to ignore those who were not an ally—the mistake had created the formulation of the Dark Kingdom. For the most part Earth people were kind, though not all held intelligence, and the society was prosperous in it's own right, though not in comparison with the rest of the solar system.

As communication faded, Lunarians and other planet inhabitants slowly became nothing but mythical tales to the Earth beings. So why after one hundred years would the Queen's unborn daughter's future lie on the green and blue planet?