Hello all!

I know… this isn't an update, and I apologize. I just re-read Prophecy from beginning to end last weekend and I am… totally embarrassed! Lol. Okay, so not completely. But I've lost sight of many ideas I had for this story and there's so much more that I wanted this to be than the simple "Serena and Darien in the Silver Millennium" fic. There's little direction because there are so many characters, and I want the story to be less… sporadic.

I want to expand on Darien and Beryl's relationship, give some depth to The Seven, and slow down the Senshi's training in comparison to Mina's, just to name a few areas of interest.

I'm not taking this down, but wanted to let everyone know that I have plans to edit the heck out of this thing--which may or may not include a lot of rewriting. One thing I guarantee is that more scenes will be written, and I'm going to post the update of all current chapters and a new one at one time—so you have something to look forward to. I just can't promise anyone when this will be! Prophecy is turning out to be more epic than I thought it would be.

Right now, my concentration is on Happy Holidays since I have an awesome idea for Christmas! Okay… so *I* think it's awesome, and I KNOW the Christmas holiday is going to have a completely different ending than another other Christmas fic I have ever read. So, go ahead and head on over to read that while waiting for Prophecy to be updated. If you're not satisfied because you're dying to read a Silver Millennium fic, search for Against All Odds by Dejana Talis. The story is amazing, addicting, and inspirational! Hey, it was what got all of my ideas for Prophecy flowing.

Anyone know a good editor? Lol. I think I'm going to need one to keep me on track.

Thank you everyone who has read or is reading! I appreciate it and I love all of the reviews!