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1. Motherly Murder

Shouts of joy and pride echoed the streets of Konoha. That day was a day of celebration. The Kyuubi had been killed and the village would come back to be the peaceful home everyone anxiously had waited. No more tears from mothers who lost their husbands, no more horrified thoughts after a bloody day of seeing your friend you knew since being Gennin die, and no more traumas from children who couldn't sleep because of hearing all the agonizing cries and the monster's cry of victory.

Everything would change from now own... wouldn't it...?

----Hokage's Tower----

"I will not accept it. You can't just pretend nothing is going to happen to him!" An anxious Jiraiya exclaimed heatedly.

The Hokage stared at his former pupil. "And what would you do if you were Hokage?"

Jiraiya smirked. "First of all, I would make a new law ordering all women-."

The door behind them was brusquely opened and a mad busty blond walked in, her honey eyes glaring at the two men in front of her. "What the hell just happened here!?"

Sensei and student looked at her surprised. "Tsunade! I thought you would never come back." Sarutobi asked.

Shuddering, Jiraiya moved to a side to let her walk to her sensei's desk. She ignored his question. "Why the f*ck didn't you tell me the idiot of Jiraiya's student had died!! What the hell is the f*cking reason!!" Tsunade was really pissed off.

The two men remained silent. Pinching the bridge of her nose she tried her best to control herself. "What happened?"

Placing a hand over her shoulder, Jiraiya answered. "The Fourth used a new jutsu he created. It permits to seal anything in a human body."

As a medic, Tsunade knew every cure had its consequences. "So he died."

Sarutobi calmly answered. "You even said it before."

There was silence. Tsunade didn't really know Minato since he became Hokage after she left with Shizune. Although she knew he was one of those stupid men who would give up his life in order to protect his village. A brave, but wrong man. She turned around to look at Jiraiya. Beneath the shinobi emotionless mask, she could see all the pain and sorrow hidden in those dark eyes.

Noticing her stare, he quickly gave her a smile and tried his best to drink the pain, though it got stuck inside his throat, choking him. It hurt him so much to have lost his dear student. It was like losing his own son. Her honey eyes told him she perfectly understood his feelings, offering a glass of water to swallow the damn pain.

Tsunade broke their silent connection and looked back to the Hokage. "And who's the unlucky brat?"

A electric wave of shame ran through Jiraiya, numbing his mouth. Feeling his condition, Sarutobi answered for him. "His own son."

Slamming her hands over the desk, Tsunade glared Sarutobi. "How did you let him!? Do you know how much is going to cost the brat's life!? You perfectly know how the citizens in front the boy are going to react!"

Placing again a hand over her shoulder Jiraiya started. "Hime-"

Moving away from his touch she glared at him. "Don't 'Hime' me! I don't give a sh*t about whatever you're going to say Jiraiya. You should be in my side, but you allowed Minato do this f*cking madness! For God's sake!! We're talking about a child's life! I-I can't believe it…" She sat down on the couch and tried to calm down. "At least he has her mother... Doesn't he." Tsunade eyed the Hokage warily.

"She died giving birth. It had been complicated."

Tsunade groaned and grabbed Sarutobi by the Hokage clothes, making him stand up from the chair. She hissed dangerously, "You should have called me."

"You would not have come anyways. And your hemophobia..." Jiraiya trailed off, referring to the Sannin's incapacitating fear of blood.

Tsunade stiffened reflexively at the mention of her 'condition'. She let him go. Calmly, she walked back to the couch. Absently, she began picking the dirt from behind her polished nails. "Where's he?"

Jiraiya sighed. He didn't like the way things were leading to. "In the hospital."

Freezing, the blond Sannin looked at the men wide-eyed. "In the hospital." She repeated.

"In the hospital… Tsunade? Are you okay? Tsunade!" The said blond had began to tremble with anger.

"How could you be so stupid! Damn it!" Tsunade stood up and jumped through the opened window closely followed by a surprised Jiraiya.

"Tsunade!! Where the hell are you going!?" Tsunade was going top speed and Jiraiya knew he would not be able to catch her. Shortly after, she disappeared in the shadows of the buildings. "Damn woman."

---- Konoha's Hospital----

Tsunade crushed the wall of the hospital and ran through the hallways pushing the people that were on her way, ignoring the yells of complaint and surprise. She didn't stop to look at the hospital map to know in which floor the 'brat' would be. She knew the hospital. She knew it too well.

Left… right… upstairs… straight… right… upstairs… left… straight… upstairs… straight… STOP!!

Catching her breath, Tsunade could hear the innocent cries of the newborn. Carefully, she opened the door that led to the rooms of the babies. Smiling warmly, she walked slowly, looking at every face that stared at her curiously, making her motherly instincts rise in an instant. Stopping in front of the next door, she heard a woman talk.

"You will finally disappear from our world, monster." A liquid sound was heard. "I'm gonna make you suffer all the pain you caused us!"

Widening her eyes in fear, the Sannin slammed the door opened and what she saw terrified her. A young nurse of twenty-one years old was holding a sharp syringe full of purple liquid in the air in front of a newborn blond boy. In an instant Tsunade knew what it contained.

"NO!!!" Tsunade screamed in an attempt to stop the nurse, awaking all the newborns who began to cry at unison.

But she was too late.

----Outside Konoha's Hospital----

The white-haired Sannin heard her scream. Climbing up in the wall that remained intact, Jiraiya crushed inside the babies' rooms. Covering his ears to block the newborns' cries, he saw his former teammate on her knees covered in blood. Her eyes were staring wide-eyed at her trembling hands in horror. "Blood." Her whole body began to shook dangerously. "Blood." She whispered again.

Then Jiraiya noticed the woman. In front of Tsunade, a young nurse was laying dead on the floor, her neck twisted in an abnormal way. Her left leg was also twisted. Still warm blood was flowing from a injury in her stomach, dyeing the floor into a scarlet tone.

"Tsunade! What the hell happened!?" He hurried to the nurse's side and checked for pulse. He already knew the answer, but he couldn't believe his dear friend had done what she had done. He looked up to the blond. "Answer me, Tsunade!"

But she couldn't utter a word. Her mind was empty. Only droplets of bloody horror echoed inside her head. She hadn't heard him call her name. Not that she wanted to. What she wanted was to hide inside the sweet silence, to disappear, to be able to float in a dark pool of fantasy. Without needing to face the cruel world. It had taken so much from her. Too much to bear.

"Tsunade wake up!!" Jiraiya shook her shoulders startling her for a second before she went back to her quiet trance. He shook her violently. "Tsunade! Tsunade! Talk to me, damn!"

She was an assassin. A medic who assassinated people. She was a failure. She was not able to save the people near her. Now she was an assassin. A murderer. She wanted to scream her soul out, pull her hair, and burn her skin covered in blood. She was a murderer. She had committed a sin, but she was more than welcome to die, and accept her destiny after life. She was an assassin. A murderer. Her mind screamed a single word over and over. Murderer. Murderer. Murderer. Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! MURDERER! MURDERER! MURDER-!

The loud sound of flesh against flesh made her eyes come alive. Her left cheek was hot and it hurt. Tsunade looked up weakly to Jiraiya, a hand over her cheek. "Jiraiya…" Then her eyes went back to the body.

Relieved that Tsunade had said something, Jiraiya didn't miss the way her eyes widened when she looked at the dead nurse. So he hugged her tightly. Not caring if she killed him for getting too close. Because he knew she needed a warm body to hold her at this moment.

Startled by his embrace, hot tears escaped from her eyes. Why did he care about her so much? She could not understand it. Tsunade had always tried to push him away, but he would always come back, like a loyal dog who loved his master. She buried her head on his chest and began to sob. "J-Jiraiya, kill me. Oh please Jiraiya, kill me now! I-I'm j-just a murderer! P-please! I b-beg you!"

He rubbed her back with tenderness. "Shhh… it's alr-."

"No Jiraiya. Nothing's right! I-I shouldn't-t have reacted t-the way I-I did. B-but t-the nurse wanted t-to kill him so I-."

Jiraiya frowned. "Who did she wanted to kill?"

Then Tsunade was able to think coherently, and she remembered somthing. Breaking the hug and standing up, she carefully avoided the body on the floor. She hurried to the cradle in the middle of the room that held an innocent baby. She cradled the quiet boy in her arms and began to check him.

"Tsunade, what's wrong!?"

The blond ignored him. The baby was cold, and the skin color showed a deep purple. Placing an ear over his little chest, she could hear his unregulated heartbeat. But it was slowly fading away.

Tsunade was a doctor and she knew every cure had it's consequences. She looked at her former teammate with tears in her eyes. "Jiraiya…"

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