The minute Sasuke woke up, he knew something was different. He rolled over in his bed, something crunching beneath his weight. He outwardly groaned and prayed to god it wasnt something important. He shuffled around until his body finally was able to keep itself upright. There was barely any light at all outside, so he must have been sleeping for several hours. Plus, he couldn't hear anything coming from downstairs, so Kiba obviously left.

Still, something was different.

Sasuke looked around his room. Looked pretty much the same to him. His eyes glanced at his bed, the photo still sticking out of the covers. He delicately pulled it out and flattened it, considering that this was what he squished earlier.

He sat there, thinking. Remembering. Touching the edges of his memory.

"Ah, Master?"

Sasuke jumped involutnarily. He wasn't really used to people coming into his room. "...Oh, its you." Naruto cringed, almost afraid with that kind of reaction. Sasuke hesitated, not really knowing what he was supposed to be doing. He might as well ask, "What do you want?" but it sounded mean. "Is something wrong?" There, that sounded a little nicer right?

Apparently not as Naruto hid more behind the door. "Um, no... nothing really." He fidgeted. "You... didn't eat dinner yet, and um, there's food downstairs for you." A small smile touched his lips. "There's some riceballs and tomatoes. Your favorite food remember?"

Of course he couldn't forget it. "It's yours too, isn't it?" Sasuke got up and tucked the photo in his back pocket for safe keeping. "Do you..." He couldn't believe he was saying this, but he had to give it a shot. "...want to eat with me?" Then he felt stupid, Naruto probably had already-

"WAH!" Naruto threw himself at the raven, catching him by the midstomach range. "I'd love to, Master!" A quiet bell sound caught the ravens ear as the blond head shook side to side. The blond caught him staring and blushed. "Oh um... I hope you didn't mind... I got my collar back from our- I mean, your room." The black leather hung loosely to his neck, to Sasuke's amazement it looked like it had been enlarged to fit perfectly, even the bell had the same ring to it.

He pat Naruto's head lightly. "I dont mind.... when did you..."

"Oh, well today when Chi-Chi and I had been cleaning-"

"Naruto." Naruto's ears rotated towards the door where the older Uchiha stood. "Leave that moron alone and let's get going. I'm going to be late for my meeting." Itachi tapped his rolex impatiently. "Now." He stood there, arms across his chest, positvely pissed for no general reason. Then again, everyone always thought he looked like he had a stick up his ass as normalcy. Sasuke frowned and put and arm around Naruto, almost protectively, which didnt help Itachi's mood.

Naruto blinked his eyes at the older boy, confused at the harsh tone of voice. "But Master and I are going to eat together. Isn't that good, Chi-Chi? I think Master likes me now." Itachi stared Sasuke with heavy eyes while Naruto blathered on. Did Naruto really think he was going to let Sasuke just suddenly change without a fight? Not in this lifetime.

"Now, Naruto. Sasuke will only hurt you again. Just forget him."

Sasuke snarled. "No I won't. I'm just trying to be civil right now." He looked pointedly at his own brother. "Unlike someone I know."

The air sizzled with great intensity and Naruto stiffened, ready for one brother to pummel the other. Itachi growled and looked away, determined not to show his worst side to the blond. "Fine. So be it." The older brother glared at the younger raven with hatred intesified. "You do anything stupid your intrails will become extrails"

Sasuke smirked. As if he's never heard that line before. Naruto tugged on his hand and led him to the dining area. Itachi leaned over to one side of the wall and sighed, rubbing his temples. Naruto was gone with Sasuke, like happily ever after, bla bla bla. Now he was officially late to his meeting. Damn.

"OMG, Naru-chan is soooo cute!!!" Kiba attacked the blond. Naruto dodged him easily, his tail swinging around. Sasuke sighed. This was exactly like babysitting two little kids at the theme park. And he never liked kids.

Kiba tripped on his face and fell flat on the concrete. It looked so stupid Sasuke couldnt find the act of stupidity even mildly funny. He sighed once more and leaned back on the ledge of the small garden in the center roundabout. Girls sauntered by and blew kisses and such, and they smelled terrible like overused, overrated perfume. He hated the smell of perfume...

"Master, did you want some cotton candy?"

Sasuke looked down at the other boy sitting on his feet. It was surprising that he was seventeen as well. Sort of wished Naruto acted like his own age... but...

"Master?" Naruto bit the top swirl and licked his nose. The pink puff stuck on the tip of his nose and his cerluean sea eyes narrowed. He sneezed. His blond locks shifting in the movement and he shook his head side to side. "It tastes good though!"

Sasuke contained the blush creeping up his neck and cracked one of his rare smiles. "Listen you I dont really like sweet things."

"I bet you would eat Naruto in a heart beat."

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched. Kiba groaned as he got up from the ground and brushed off his pants. "What in the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Oh come on, bro, look at him!" Kiba bounced over and grabbed Naruto's arms even with the all the cotton candy mess the little one made. Naruto whined as his arms went up in the air and he was forced to dance around like a puppet. Sasuke ran over and smacked Kiba in the back of the head.


"Ooooo" Kiba doubled over laughing. "That sounded so dirty."


"I know I know," Kiba grinned and stretched. "I have to admit I love nap time."


"Hm, I knew I heard your voice, Sasuke." Sasuke shivered at the light British accent. He knew that voice.... A cold hand came around his waist and brough him closer. Naruto looked up as Sasuke let go of his arms. The red head was maybe 6"3 a head taller than Sasuke. He wore a white shirt with just a jacket and dark heavy eyeliner, and yet he sized up with Sasuke extremely well. He nuzzled the pale neck, his tongue gently carrassing the skin. "You know..." his voice smoky. "you shouldn't strain you voice. You should use it when I-"

"I-I get it, Gaara." Sasuke struggled out of the grip. "Leave me alone will you? I'm busy." He quietly cursed himself for the weak voice and tone. He quietly exhaled and gripped his bearings. "I'll have you know, I dont swing that way." In the corner of his eye, he saw Kiba drag Naruto a little farther away from them, Naruto's eyes narrowed in cat like slits. Even as a fox, Naruto always hated the smell of Gaara.

"Well, I can easily change that statement." Gaara came up behind him, his lips brushing against the raven's ear. "In just one night." Gaara slowly blinked at the growling creature in front of him.

Kiba held Naruto with his arms pinned behind him. It seemed as if he was having a little bit of trouble. Naruto hissed and snarled, his fangs noticeable from the rest of his teeth. His cerulean eyes split almost, cat eyes in the light. Something wasn't quite right with that boy...

"Heh. In your dreams, Gaara." Sasuke didn't turn around and focused his eyes on Naruto's. "Just get lost." He heard a slight rustle and turned around. Gaara disappeared. Sasuke exhaled in relief and sat down again on the ledge of the fountain.

Kiba yelped and retreated from Naruto. The blond continued to growl deep in his throat and he hissed as the stench of the redhead still hung in the air. He bounded forward and sat next to Sasuke on all fours. He nudged his master's arm, almost as if her really was a fox. And just like before, Sasuke insticntvly pat his head. The hair on the back of Naruto's head still bristled and his eyes had a dead intent in them.

"Shh, it's fine alright?" Sasuke continued his fingers to stroke the soft, blond locks. His fingers searched for the special spot above Naruto's left ear and he watched with satisfaction as Naruto's eyes began to blink slowly and his tail drooped. In all honestly, he looked like a drunk person, but he was calming down at least.

"Man, that Eyeliner Boy gived me the heeby jeebies." Kiba scratched head.

"Well, he's gone for now." Sasuke kept his eyes on Naruto. The fox boy looked almost asleep and began to sway. A soft rumble came deep from the throat and Naruto naturally leaned over and rested his head on his Master's shoulder.

"The hell?" Kiba muttered. He came up behind Naruto and poked his tail, already limp but slightly twitching. "Hey Sasuke.. does this come off??"

"UWAH!!" Naruto blushed and sat on his butt, bringing his tail back around the opposite direction."Hahaha, of course it comes off, Kiba-chan." He whipped his head side to side, the bell on his neck ringing pure silver.

Kiba stared with his eyebrows down and set.


Without warning, Kiba grabbed Naruto's tail and yanked. Hard.

Naruto yelped and tears immediately formed in his eyes. Sasuke snatched Naruto from falling over and swung his leg right into Kiba's stomach. It was a fast jab to the midsection, not slow enough for people to see it. Kiba fell, clutching his stomach.


Sasuke sighed. "Naruto you need to be more-"

"Uuuhh..." Naruto sniffed, tears streaking down his cheeks. "WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"


"My word Sasuke, I think you broke two of Kiba's ribs..."

"Feh." Sauske kicked the pink feline out of his way. Sakura went sprawling across the orante granite tile. She hissed savagely and clawed the stone.

Kakashi watched her slip and slide. "And now you've traumatized my poor kitten."

"As if your kitten is normal to begin with."

"Now, now."


"Pardon me." Kakashi gently wrapped the bandages once more around Kiba's frail body. "But you must remain still, else it will hurt more than necessary."

"IF ANYTHING BLAME HIM!!!" Kiba jabbed his finger at the moody Uchiha.

Sasuke rolled his eyes.


"Really? It took you that long to notice?" Sasuke shook his head as he walked out the door. "You really are slow."


The door shut with a loud slam. Sasuke couldnt help smirking as he heard Kiba's muffled swearing voice coming from the blocked door. Messing with that idiot was entertaining. You'd think after all these years Kiba would have known better than stick with him.

"U-Um..." Naruto stumbled out into the hallway. "I-Is Kiba-chan okay?" He edged closer to the door and almost put his ear next to it but Sasuke quickly grabbed the blonds head in a gentle, if possible, headlock.

"He's perfectly fine." Sasuke mumbled. "Don't worry about him."

Shocked by the close contact, Naruto quietly mumbled inaudible words. He felt his tail in between his Master's legs and whined quietly. He immediatlely felt hot and dizzy. A shiver crawled up slowly up his spine and he tried his best to steady his breaths.

"On the other hand." Too soon, Sasuke released Naruto and leaned back on the opposite wall with his arms across his chest. "We do have a game soon... damn, I think I might have needed his assistance..."

Naruto slowly exhaled and calmed himself. He giggled. "Kiba-chan is a good friend to Master isn't he?"


Naruto shook his head side to side. His Master could be really dense sometimes that even he had to admit it. Naruto fidgeted for a second under Sasuke's stare then hurredly ran up, threw his arms around him and kissed him lightly on the cheek.


Naruto retreated lightly, taking a few steps back. His face was burning crimson as he stumbled around for words. "G-Good N-Night, Master." Before Sasuke could grab him, the blond sped off down the hallway, ears and neck also a dark reddish color.

Sasuke rubbed the skin irriatbly. He used his sleave to wipe it off and he was in danger of rubbing off his own skin. His cheeks felt warm, yet it had to be from all the rubbing... right?

"Hehehe, that's what you get for being mean to my cat, Sasuke."

Sasuke snarled and spun around. "Kakashi, you good for nothing ingrate!!"

Kakashi cocked his head from the crakc of the door. "Awww you know you liked it. As did your brother when he kissed him."


"Heehee. I knew you liked it."


"Oh?" Kakashi smiled. "Forget I said anything, all in good time, Sasuke, all in good time."


This time Kakashi frowned. "You know, you really shouldn't repeat "What" so many times. It can be quite confusing. Be specific about those sort of things."

Sasuke clammed his mouth shut.

"Just be patient."

"You know hell well I dont have that."

"All in due time, Sasuke, all in due time."