The Snail and the Gingerbread Man

Once upon a time, there was a snail and gingerbread Man. The snail was always made fun of for being unable to run and slow all the time, and the gingerbread man was the one who always made fun of him. The snail and the gingerbread man lived right next door to each other.

One day, the gingerbread man ran around the snail so fast, that it created a dust cloud and the snail couldn't get out of it, which made him very mad. The snail had never gotten so mad at anything or anyone before.

"Gingerbread man!" yelled the snail, "I want to challenge you to a race of speed!" The gingerbread man looked at the snail for only a moment, and then burst out in laughter.

"You seriously think that YOU, of all people can beat me in a race for SPEED of all things" chuckled the gingerbread man.

The snail's skin went from a gray color to a red color, indicating that he was getting really mad. "I can, and I will beat you gingerbread man!" the snail said as he crept and mumbled away.

"Fine, but you won't beat me, meet me right here tomorrow, same time," the gingerbread man yelled back, as he turned and walked away to talk amongst his friends.

Word got around really quickly about the race of speed between the snail and the gingerbread man. The gingerbread man was there first (of course). The snail arrived last (as always).

"Look who's late again!" the gingerbread man said taunting the snail. The snail glared at the gingerbread man and smirked and evil smile, "May the best one win…"

While they waited for their mayor, an owl, (who is also a very wise person), they talked amongst themselves. After about ten minutes or talking and waiting, the mayor finally arrived.

"Gather round, gather round," bellowed the owl as people started to come closer. "You are all here to watch a race of speed against the snail and the gingerbread man," the owl said as he looked around at the crowd. "Now then, will the two racers please step forward to the starting line?"

As the two animals stepped forward, there was whispering in the crowd. "Well, then, are you both ready?" the wise mayor asked getting a head nodding from the two. "Okay then, on your marks…get set…START!"

The gingerbread man took off leaving the snail far behind for only a moment, when all of a sudden, he slipped on something slimy. He realized what it was…it was snail slim.

Back to the snail, he was still near the starting line, but he didn't mind, because he had left the slim there on purpose. The gingerbread man was slipping and sliding, and he couldn't get off the track of slim because it was going downhill.

He kept sliding and slipping away until he saw something in the distance. It was a cliff. "He did this on purpose, didn't he," the gingerbread man thought to himself as he fell of the cliff.

By the time he fell, the snail had finally reached the finish line and the other people who were waiting, were really surprised by the outcome or the race. As they walked away, no one seemed to notice that the gingerbread man was missing, never, ever to be seen again.