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Chapter 1

9:15 am

Stupid rain, Misaki Takahashi thought as he stepped in a puddle. He was walking to school today instead of getting a ride from Akihiko Usagi san because Aikawa san had showed up and dragged him out to a breakfast meeting with Isaka an hour before he was supposed to leave.

He'd left with a promise to pick Misaki up from class and take him out in exchange for missing breakfast. Misaki was pleased with this, but he'd never tell Usagi san that.

Walking was alright, he'd done it before in the past, but the weather totally sucked.

Almost there, he thought looking across the street at the gates to M University. He stepped off the curb and started across.

Something went clank behind him. Turning around to see what it was, he missed the headlights that were suddenly two feet away. The last thing he'd heard was a couple of screams behind him before everything went black.

Hiroki Kamijou jerked, knocking the papers he'd been working on to the floor as screams from the courtyard split the air. Hiroki looked out the open window and saw the students all pouring out into the street. He could here people shouting to call for police and an ambulance. Startled, he raced out of the office, sown the hall and a flight of stairs, through the main double doors and out into the courtyard.

"Let me through!" He yelled, trying to get closer. "I'm a professor, now let me by."

The students cleared a path, allowing me to see a boy splattered in blood and water, in a reddish puddle on the street. He squinted at the boy's face. He was fairly sure this was one of his and Professor Miyagi's students, Takahashi something or other.

"Did anyone call an ambulance?" He asked the young adults who still stood around in the street. One of the girls nodded.

"Yes, sensei."

"Good," he responded. At that moment, he heard sirens, the ambulance was here. "I will escort him to the hospital. Will someone who knows Professor Miyagi Yoh please inform him that he will have to teach the morning classes today?"

"I'll do it, Sensei," said the same girl from before.

"Very good."

The ambulance turned the corner and came screeching to a halt beside the crowd of students, who all jumped back. The back doors opened and two medics jumped out.

"What happened?" One of them asked.

"It was a hit and run," replied a boy who'd seen everything. "sorry, but I don't think any of us caught the license plate number."

"It's alright." With that, the medics turned their attention to Misaki. One of them opened one eye and flashed a light in it while the other checked the boy's pulse. "Let's move him," the one checking the pulse said.

"Agreed," said the other. "Is anyone coming with him?"

"I will," Hiroki replied.

"Okay." They went back to the ambulance and pulled out a stretcher. They loaded Misaki and got him on the ambulance while Hiroki followed.