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Okay, so I know I said the last chapter I wrote was the end, but I have writer's block. So I decided to write something that has nothing to do with my other stories in order to hopefully get more creative juices going. So here is the extra scene for Where's Misaki.

"Okay, that's the last of it," Nowaki smiled up at the young man as he cut away the last of the cast on his leg.

Misaki grinned and wiggled his toes for the first time in months. "Thanks doctor."

"So what are you going to do now?"

"I am going to walk out of here." He laughed and Usagi chuckled as well.

"You're going to be doing something else too. When we get home. I can finally stop worrying about hurting you."

Misaki flushed and muttered, "Yeah, cuz you worried oh so much before this." He recalled the day after he'd returned from the fight. Five minutes after some of the best sex they had ever had, Misaki's leg had begun to hurt so bad that they'd ended up back at the hospital so he could get doped up on morphine long enough for the pain to subside. Nowaki had said he was glad we'd made up and that he was sorry to cause a fight but making up by having hard core sex on a hard kitchen floor was not conducive to a quick recovery.

But all that was past and Usagi had gotten very tired of this 'gentle sex they had been having lately. He wanted to have Misaki the right way.

"Well, just be careful, this leg is still very fragile. Don't walk around too much, or spend a lot of time doing…strenuous things while upright.

Dammit, Usagi thought. That meant no sex against the wall.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Misaki asked, confused.

Well, if he doesn't know on the wall sex is banned, then maybe I can still—

"It means no messing around while still on your feet."

"Bastard," Usagi muttered under his breath.

Misaki turned scarlet and murmured, "Okay. I wasn't planning on doing that anyway."

I don't care what you were planning, something is going to happen whether you like it or not.

"Well, if that's all, then let's go, Misaki." With that, he grabbed his lover by his long since healed wrist and dragged him from the office. Then he loaded the boy into his sports car and drove them home.

Immediately upon their arrival, Misaki was slammed back against the wall and thoroughly kissed. Misaki shoved back. "Usagi-san!"

He was ignored of course. Usagi pressed his advantage by reaching down and unzipping his lover's pants so he could reach through to grasp Misaki's growing erection. Misaki gasped and stopped struggling. "Nn-ah aahh," he moaned as the older man played with him. The man in question also used this opportunity to slip his tongue into Misaki's mouth. Misaki struggled for air as the other man picked him up with his free hand and carried him to the couch.

"Doctor did say no wall sex, so it will have to be couch sex."

"How about no sex?"

"Doctor Kusama didn't say anything towards that," Usagi said, smiling hungrily. He removed Misaki's shirt and started working on the boy's pants even as Misaki, unable to help himself, pulled at Usagi-s tie and struggled to undo his lover's buttons. Usagi smiled more normally and helped Misaki to get his shirt off. Misaki then wrapped his arms around the older man as he began nipping and licking Misaki's chest.

"Hurry," Misaki moaned, unintentionally. Usagi smiled wider and held out his fingers to Misaki. Misaki instantly took them into his mouth and sucked while Usagi gasped and moaned softly. After all, Misaki doing anything at all to him got him hard. Then Usagi slowly removed fingers and inserted them one by one into his opening. Misaki moaned louder with each thrust.

Finally, Usagi pulled all his fingers out and sat up to unbutton his pants. Misaki lay gasping before him, the expression on his face was so beautiful, a mix of lust, desperation and pleasure all fighting for domination on his face. Usagi stared down at the boy with awe. That he would cause this expression on Misaki's face made him feel utterly complete. As long as he could make Misaki look like this, then he would never want for anything else. He could die happily.

"What-what are you staring at?" Misaki asked dazedly.

"You of course."

"Baka, hurry and finish."

"I love you, Misaki," he said as he positioned himself and thrust into the boy. Misaki gasped his pleasure and wrapped his arms around his lover. Usagi did the same as he continued to pound into his lover's body.

They both came together, Misaki covering them both in cum while Usagi filled Misaki to the bursting point. Then he collapsed on top of the boy and whispered once more, "I love you."

"I love you, too," He replied as he passed out.

Usagi grinned and held the boy whom he would always love, that much closer.

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