Chapter 4

They met every night for a week after that. Sometimes they would talk; sometimes they would sit and watch the stars. Remy loved when she would grab the rope swing and fly through the air, laughing and smiling at him as though they weren't both promised to other people, but as though they were promised to each other.

Remy would ask her to leave with him each night and she would always refuse, her fear of her step-mother showing in her eyes. It never discouraged Remy, if anything it made him want to take her away even more. The more time he spent with her the more he loved everything about her. Her beautiful smile and melodic laughter. Her fiery attitude and the way she would get so angry when he teased her, only to smile seconds later when he wouldn't leave her alone. She was everything he wanted, and the more he was around her, the more he found himself wanting to be with her.

One night he had been late after having an argument with Belladonna and his father, both questioning why he was taking so long to get the necklace. When he was finally able to hang up he rushed to the river and found Anna swinging by herself in the pretty white dress that she had worn the first night. It swirled around her as she flew back and forth, looking out over the river. A grin spread across Remy's face as he silently made his way to the tree. With expert grace he dove at her as she swung back to the tree and tackled her to the ground, causing her to cry out in shock, then laugh when she realized who her attacker was.

Remy couldn't help himself, looking down at her smiling face beneath him, he leaned down, bringing his lips to hers softly.

Anna stiffened as Remy kissed her, her eyes widening in shock. After a second or two though, she relaxed, her eyes slowly closing as she brought her arms up around Remy to pull him closer, forgetting all her fears about anyone catching them. She had never felt so excited before, as if her whole body was coming alive with just the touch of his lips to hers.

Anna didn't want the kiss to end and when Remy pulled away from her, looking down at her as though in a trance she went to pull him back, only to stop suddenly as they both heard a strange rustling in the bushes.

Both Anna and Remy looked towards the sound, Anna pushing Remy away from her abruptly as she was filled with the familiar fear she had felt when she was caught with Cody. Although no one revealed themselves, Anna stood up and brushed her dress off quickly.

"Ah…Ah gotta go. Ah'll see ya tomorrow." Anna said hurriedly, forcing a weak smile at Remy.

"Non." Remy said as he grabbed her wrist. "Ya don't have ta do anyt'ing, Anna. Remy gonna have ta leave soon, come wit' him, we go somewhere together and forget de world."

Anna stared at Remy, tears forming in her green eyes.

"Why? Why do ya keep askin' meh ta leave with ya?"

"Because I love ya, petite." Remy answered truthfully, his eyes burning into hers.

"How can ya'll love meh? Ya only known meh a week."

"I just do. Ya can't deny ya feel de same way." Remy was so sure Anna would say yes and leave with him that instant.

"Ah…Ah'm scared Remy. Ah gotta go." Anna tore her arm away from Remy and ran down the dark path that led to her home, leaving Remy to stand there, watching after her dumbfounded.

Turning, Remy walked towards the hotel, wondering if he would return the next night, or the night after. He knew he wouldn't be able to face Anna if she didn't feel the same way he did, that it would break his heart. He wasn't sure he would be able to handle the pain that it would cause.


Anna stopped to catch her breath half way down the path. She had panicked, so afraid that if she was caught they would hurt Remy. She couldn't let that happen. She felt horrible leaving him like that, without telling him the truth; that she loved him as well, that she would run away with him in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the fear that they would be found and Remy would be killed. She'd never be able to live with herself if that happened.

When she stood back up to continue down the path, Anna walked right into John, the impact making her fall to the ground. She looked up dazed, the panic she had felt earlier returning as John offered his hand to help her up without any words.

When she was standing John just sighed.

"Ya got yerself inta it big time now, sheila. Raven checked ya room. She knows ya been seeing someone."

"How?" Anna asked, her voice full of fear.

"She saw it in ya eyes, sheila, ya been too happy. Haven't complained about anything, and ya been strangely restless whenever she takes ya to see the men. She sent us out ta find ya." John shook his head, "I saw ya with him sheila."

Anna paled. John was right, she had been strangely happier, she had been more polite and she had stopped making comments under her breath. When she went out with men like Mr. Lehnsherr, her mind would wander and Raven would have to kick her under the table to get her attention as she pushed her food around her plate aimlessly. She had been caught, had let it happen again. They were going to hurt Remy and there was nothing she could do.

"Oh gawd, John, please don't tell her. Please. Ah...Ah can't let him get hurt. John…Ah love him." Anna pleaded.

John rubbed the back of his neck as he looked at Anna. Finally he sighed.

"Guess it was my imagination, eh sheila? The dark'll do that to ya. We better get back now."

Anna smiled with some relief, but the sick feeling remained in the pit of her stomach, knowing that her step-mother was up waiting for her.

"Thanks John, Ah owe ya."


When they arrived back at the house Raven was waiting. Before Anna could say anything, Raven struck her with such force she lost her footing and fell to the floor.

"You little tramp! What have you been doing? Do you not realize what this will do to our good name? To your chances of finding a good husband?" Raven screamed at Anna, who looked up at her, too stunned to push herself up from the floor.

"Of course you don't. You are nothing but a spoiled brat, only ever thinking of yourself!" Raven spat. "Who is he?! Tell me or you won't be let out of this house until your wedding day."

Anna glared defiantly at her step-mother, refusing to speak.

"Fine." Raven grabbed Anna and yanked her up roughly from the ground, pushing her into John. "Take her to her room and stay outside her door until Kurt comes to relieve you."

John nodded and took Anna by the arm, leading her up the stairs and away from Raven.

"She'll calm down sheila, ya just gotta be careful and stop sneakin' out at night. Don't ya worry none." John tried to comfort Anna, but she only stared at the ground as they walked, a strange smile on her face.

"No she won't John, and now she'll have ta deal with what happens." Anna spoke cryptically as she opened her door and stepped inside.

Anna closed her door and went straight to her balcony doors, only to find them locked. She punched the glass in frustration and went over to her night table. Reaching in, her fingers searching madly, only to find that her knife had been taken away. She pulled the drawer out of the table and threw it across her room as she let out a scream of frustration. She couldn't even make the choice to take her own life.

The noise had caused Kurt to open her door to see what was going on.

"What do ya'll want?" Anna asked angrily as she sat heavily on her bed, her arms folded under her chest.

Kurt ignored her question, entering the room and stopping before her. He grabbed her wrist when she looked away from him and pulled her to her feet.

"Ya gonna hit meh too Kurt? Seems ta be what lovin' families do now a days." Anna spat at him.

"What did you do Anna?" Kurt spoke through gritted teeth. "Are you still pure? Or have you sullied yourself beyond repair?"

"What did Ah do?" Anna laughed as she glared at her step-brother. "Ah did what Ah wanted! Ah don't have ta explain mahself ta you or Raven or anyone!"

Kurt raised his hand to slap Anna but she caught it in midair and threw him to the floor. She dropped on top of him, landing on his chest, her knees pinning his shoulders to the floor. She placed her hands at his throat and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"If ya'll so much as lay one hand on meh, Ah'll show ya what Ah can do. Unlike ya'll, Ah've been livin' with your terrorist mother for the past twelve years. She's taught me a few interestin' tricks." Anna's hands tightened slightly around Kurt's neck, her voice was full of rage. She was sick of being smacked around like some dog that had jumped on the couch. "Got it, mein brother?"

Kurt nodded as best he could from under Anna, who took that as a sign he had understood what she had said. She slipped off of him and watched him leave, slamming the door behind him.


Remy couldn't sleep. He paced the hotel room aimlessly as his thoughts travelled to his useless situation and how hopeless he felt.

Jean-Luc had called to tell him he had one more day to get the necklace, otherwise they'd just call it quits for Remy and send Henri out there to replace him, Belladonna's whining finally getting the best of his adoptive father.

Remy didn't want to go back to Belladonna, not after spending so much time with Anna, but if Anna refused to leave with him he didn't much care what he did. He may as well resign himself to a loveless marriage and emotionless flings for the rest of his life.

Remy sighed as he looked out the window, once again questioning if he should even venture to the river the next night, before he left for good.


"Ah said GET OUT!" Anna screamed at Raven, before throwing a lamp at the woman. It missed by inches, hitting the wall behind her step-mother, who didn't even flinch. She raised an eyebrow at Anna as if she didn't see what the big deal was.

"Anna, get ready for dinner. We are dining with Mr. Lehnsherr this evening and you are going to come." Raven stated coolly.

"No. Ah. Ain't." Anna answered through gritted teeth. "Not unless ya'll want meh ta tell him all about mah little meetin' with mah lover."

Raven glared at Anna, rage distorting her sharp features.

"Who is he?"

"None of ya'll business!" Anna shouted, "It don't matter. Ah ain't goin' no where with you people."

"Fine." Raven sighed, she waved her hand at Anna dismissively. "I'll just tell him you are feeling strangely. This is mostly a business meeting anyhow. Irene will stay here to care for you, as well as John, in case you have the naïve idea that you can sneak past Irene and get out."

Raven left the room, leaving Anna to stand in the middle of the chaos she had created. Her room had been torn apart in the twenty hours she had been stuck there, unable to sleep. She was so enraged at the fact that she had been locked up, she'd thrown anything she could lift against whichever wall was closest.

Unable to find anything else to throw, Anna fell back on her bed. She wanted out. She wanted to run away with Remy and never look back, but she was so afraid of him getting hurt, what would she do then?

An hour passed by, then two, in which Anna didn't move. Finally someone tapped lightly on her door, causing her to look up. She sighed.

"Hey John."

"Oi sheila, just thought I'd pop in an' make sure ya were ok." John said softly. He walked over to the bed, careful not to step on any of the mess that scattered the floor, and sat down next to Anna.

"Never seen ya so pissed. Ya really love him?"

Anna looked up at John, not sure why they were having this conversation.

"Ah don't know John. Ah believe Ah do. Ah know Ah want ta find out. Why? Ya jealous?" Anna said, attempting to joke, but it came out kind of sad.

"Always sheila." John laughed. "Listen, me and Irennie were talkin'. We know yer miserable. Hate seein' it, we do. If ya really want ta, we'll let ya walk out of here, no questions asked. Everyone else is gone, we'll just say ya outsmarted us."

Anna's eyes widened, but she shook her head.

"Nah. Raven would find meh. She wouldn't stop lookin' for meh. Not unless she thought Ah was…" Anna suddenly stopped, looking at John's Zippo as he fiddled with, as always, before whispering, "…dead."

John cocked an eyebrow at Anna in question.

"John! Ya'll know lots about fires dontcha?" Anna asked, a strange look in her eyes.

John nodded.

"Could ya make it look like it was electrical? An accident?"

"Easily sheila."

"Ya could say it started up here! That Ah couldn't get out because Ah was locked in. If it was hot enough, there'd be no remains right?" Anna was getting excited, the idea that she might have finally found a way out overwhelming.

"Ya sure ya want ta do this sheila?" John asked. He didn't seem nervous about the idea, in fact he had that same twisted grin on his face he got whenever he heard something he liked.

"Please John." Anna pleaded.

"Okay sheila, but don't ever say I never did anything for ya. Let me get to work and you get some clothes on." John winked at Anna.

Anna tackled John on the bed in her excitement, hugging him with everything she had before jumping up and running to her closet. She threw off her night grown and pulled on a pair of jeans and a green tank top. Slipping on her boots she looked at John in the corner, who had removed the wall socket cover and was busy fiddling with some of the wires.

"Ya sure it'll work?" Anna asked nervously.

"Of course it will, sheila. Now get, before I go an' change my mind." Anna didn't need to be told twice, she slipped out her door as John called out over his shoulder.

"Don't forget ta say goodbye ta Irennie!"


Remy saw the dark smoke rising up above the tree line and heard the loud explosion as he was mounting his bike. Shortly after he heard sirens and somehow he knew, his heart sinking to the pit of his stomach. He knew it was Anna's home that was burning.

Without any hesitation he turned the bike around and revved the engine, taking off full speed towards the river.


Anna waited by the old oak, afraid that Remy wasn't going to show up. He was always there, but it seemed like she had waited an eternity as she watched the strange black smoke that rose into the sky and listened to the high pitched whine of the sirens that raced towards the fire. She wondered if maybe his feelings for her were all in her head, that perhaps she had just screwed up everything and would be on her own, since there was no way she could return to the place she called home.

Just as her doubts were starting to get the best of her however, someone grabbed Anna's wrist. Suddenly they were running. Away from the fire, away from the house, away from a future Anna never wanted.

They stopped when they reached Remy's bike, Remy turning to face her. He gathered her into his arms and leaned down, bringing his lips to hers with a crazy urgency. Anna returned the gesture, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him closer. When they finally parted Remy had a grin on his face as he looked down at Anna, who smiled back.

"Ah love ya Remy LeBeau." Anna whispered softly, as though in a trance, making Remy lean down to kiss her again.

"So, ya comin' with me, petite?" Remy asked as he once again pulled away from Anna.

Anna nodded as Remy handed her his helmet. They mounted the bike and Anna wrapped her arms around Remy's waist.

"Where are we goin'?" Anna asked as Remy revved the engine and they took off without a second look down the highway.

"Ta our happily ever after, petite, whatever it might be."


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