If wishes were…kitties



Disclaimer: Kuroshitsuji and all of the characters and surroundings described in this story belong to Toboso Yana. I just own the cat(s).

Summary: In a world where demon butlers, angels, and demon dogs are real, what's wrong if there's also a talking cat that grants wishes? Maylene is in deep supernatural trouble when she gains feline features because of a careless wish. Ah, well. Sebastian was getting bored anyways.

Warning: It might contain spoilers up to episode 21 for the anime and up to chapter 30 for the manga. Meaning: It contains the new kick-ass Maylene. Read at your own risk.

Rating: mostly T (PG-13)





She was surrounded. They had managed to corner her like she was nothing more than a new born fawn. If her old teacher could see her right now she would die of shame. For five whole years she had been a successful assasin-for-hire who had never been caught and now she had been trapped after a two minute chase.

'I'm so sorry, Madam Susan,' the poor maid silently wailed.

Pluto was on her left, growling threateningly, with the large piece of blue fabric he had torn from her uniform's skirt still stuck between his powerful jaws. His narrowed eyes watched her every tiny movement, daring her to try and escape him. Though he was in his human form, Maylene knew better than do anything rash.

She threw a sideways glance towards her right, where Sebastian stood guarding the only alternative escape route. He looked extremely pleased with himself as he regarded her through half-lidded eyes, a self-satisfied smile adorning his lips.

Her newly freed tail swished nervously back and forth.


The girl whimpered. Why couldn't the ground open and swallow her whole?

"Yes, Mr. Sebastian," Maylene stuttered. Her fingers nervously clutched her white apron.

"Kindly remove your glasses…"

A gasp escaped her lips before she could stop it. He knew! He must have known all along. She felt so mortified. And to think she prided herself in being stealthy and good at keeping her secrets. But, that was like saying that the sun didn't shine, or that birds didn't fly. The day the Phantomhive Butler stopped knowing everything that happened in the mansion would be the day the world ended.

"And your cap."

Maylene started removing her cap with unsteady hands. She let it fall to the ground and slowly removed her glasses as well. She took a deep breath and turned to face Sebastian.

Now, everyone would know what a monster she had become.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Sebastian!" the poor maid sobbed as fat tears started running from her feline green eyes.

The demon butler's eyes widened in delight as did his smile, as he saw how her small furry ears were flattened against her head.

"Oh, my! That is what you have been hiding."

Maylene's feline eyes grew incredibly large as Sebastian came closer.

Then, the silver haired dog froze at the sight before his eyes. He spat the fabric from his mouth and let out an angered bark. But, before he had the chance to do anything more, a glare from Sebastian, complete with glowing red eyes, had him turn into a giant dog again. He sat back on his haunches with his tail tucked between his legs, whining pitifully.

And as the sun set behind the magnificent Phantomhive Manor, the mourning howling of a demon dog could be heard for miles and miles.





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Next chapter: Where Maylene saves a cat and learns why you should be careful of what you wish for. In the meanwhile, Count Ciel Phantomhive and his faithful butler Sebastian have to deal with a new case from the queen. Which also involves a cat.