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The pale silver moon hung in the silent night sky, a cool breeze that carried the scent of salt blew lightly. It ruffled the onyx black hair of a girl that seemed to be asleep on one of the desolate roofs of the buildings. The unbuttoned grey coat that she wore splayed out underneath her.

Her eyes were closed and her chest rose and fell evenly as she took regular breaths. One leg was crossed over the other, black boots came up to her knees and a proportion of her long slender legs was revealed. Her black shorts ended in the middle of her thighs and went to her hips, were a brown belt hung lopsided around her hip.

Her gloved hands were behind her head. Her bang half covered her right eye and her flowing hair was tied loosely near the ends with a crimson length pf string, the ends swayed lightly in the breeze. Her hair gained a silvery sheen as it waved and flicked around in the breeze, the escaped strands brushing her face lightly.

The girl's pale pink lips parted and she let out a soft sigh of content, her eyes cracked open, revealing gleaming stormy grey eyes. She stared up dreamily at the clouds that began to drift across the moon, covering it from sight. Everything was silent except for the dull rumbling roar of the waves that pounded the shore at the beach not far away.


Her eyes closed in annoyance at the sudden sound that erupted and disrupted the rhythmic pattern of the battering waves. Several cheers of triumph followed after the rumbling explosion, Rayne cracked open her eyelids and her gleaming eyes slid lazily over to where the sound issued from.

"Why do they always come when I decide to come?" Rayne grumbled in irritation.

"No point in complaining about it." Came a soft reply in her mind, his deep, echoing voice sounded like the whispering winds that swept across the world. Rayne sighed and then answered out loud.

"I was just saying, Lucifer." Her zanpakutou immediately muttered with slight exasperation in his voice.

"How many times have I already told you-" Rayne mumbled something under her breath that sounded like.

"How would I know...?" Her zanpakutou let out a sigh and continued on saying.

"Don't call me by that name." His forever calm voice echoed in her mind, Rayne smiled softly and replied while twirling strands of her onyx black hair in her fingers.

"But I like that name..." She paused and then added with a grin as she released the ends of her hair.

"It suits you." Her zanpakutou let out a sigh of defeat as his wielder let out a light laugh.

"Just because you say that that name suits me, it doesn't mean you can just call me by that name." Rayne pouted slightly and retorted while flicking her hand casually.

"But you do look like a Fall-" Suddenly she froze, her casual posture immediately shattered like glass as she jerked up swiftly.

Rayne tilted her head slightly and sniffed the air cautiously and in disbelief. Her onyx grey eyes narrowed in doubt and then hardened with confirmation as the ever so familiar scent drifted over to her.

"A Huge Hollow..." She murmured softly, her brows knitted together in suspicion.

"It might have been attracted by their reiastu…but…" She muttered to herself softly and placed a thumb on her bottom lip.

'I've never seen a Hollow that can hide its reiatsu completely…' Her brows came together in confusion.

'Unless…' Her eyes widened as a possibility struck her, her eyes narrowed into slits.

'Someone is using them for experiments and then setting them loose…' She chewed her bottom lip.

'The only person I can think of that has that knowledge is Urahara Kisuke which is very unlikely or…' Her darkened eyes closed as she whispered the name.

"Aizen Sousuke…"

"What are you going to do?" Her zanpakutou questioned in her mind, Rayne opened her eyes and replied.

"I'm leaving, it's none of my business anyway." Rayne replied swiftly as she reached out and grasped her zanpakutou.

Her eyes saddened and darkened as unforgettable memories and experiences flashed through her mind.

"I have managed to avoid Soul Society for all these years…" She paused and clenched her hands together, her brows knitted together and her eyes were cast down as she muttered quietly.

"I will not be capture again even if it means that I watch them march to their deaths." Her zanpakutou fell silent at her answer, her voice had instantly transformed into a hollow and empty tone.

She drew her sword to herself and fingered the violet guard of it, tracing her slender fingers over the silver diamond shaped notches.

The hilt of her zanpakutou was silver and in the shape of a six cornered star, there were triangular shaped holes in each corner of the elegant shaped star. The sheath of the katana was a pure white, a flowing piece of ink black cloth was tied around the top of it.

Several panic-stricken cries echoed across the area, and before Rayne could comprehend anything her legs had moved. She had spun around and took off at a sprint towards the edge of the building she was on.

Rayne leapt into the night sky, the hem of her coat flapped behind her and the cool wind whistled past her as she landed on the roof of another building. She darted across the roof and then once again took a bounding leap that took her even closer to where the young and inexperienced Shinigamis were.

'I reacted before I could stop myself…again…' She sighed and focused on her landing on the crumbled building that was smoking slightly, several Shinigamis were on the ground, motionless, their arms dangling lifelessly from the cracked concrete edge.

"They must be the members of the barrier team…" She muttered as she landed lightly beside one, bending slightly on her knees.

Blood pooled beneath them and dripped from their limp fingers and dripped onto the ground as she carefully pushed him over so that he was lying on his back. Rayne pressed her fingers firmly but gently on his bloodied wrist and searched for a pulse.

She leant back on her heels when she felt a light flutter that told her that he was still alive, but barely. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes slowly, summoning her reiatsu, a pale glow filled her palms and she placed it slightly above his gaping wounds.

"Why do I always stick my nose into things I know I shouldn't." Rayne grumbled as the open wound began to miraculously knit together by itself.

Once she had sealed the larger wounds she went off to the next Shinigami. Just as she finished bandaging the last Shinigami with ripped strips of his uniform, a distorted voice rang out from somewhere beside her.

"This is Hisagi from the rally point. Barrier team, what's your status?" Rayne's searching eyes fell onto a mini radio that hung around one of the Shinigami's neck.

"Hey, answer me! Hey!" Rayne turned away and gazed around, searching for something...

Suddenly her eyes caught a peculiar movement, the air in an area contorted and twisted slightly before returning to normal in an area not far from her. Rayne took a deep breath before stepping away towards the jagged edge and away from where the Huge Hollow was heading.

"You you just going to leave…?" Her zanpakutou's voice echoed through the endless depths of her mind, causing her to pause in her steps.

"I have already said that this is none of my problem." Rayne muttered, her face remained blank but she knew that she could not hide her hesitation.

"Then why did you tend to them, when you could have just left them to die?" Rayne's eyes narrowed slightly and she retorted.

"My body just reacted before I could stop." Rayne looked down at the unconscious and professionally bandaged Shinigami.

'I refused to be trapped…'

'I refuse to be controlled…and…'Her onyx grey eyes hardened, her mouth straightened into a thin straight line and her face was a cold emotionless mask.

'I refuse to be used again!'

She flung her katana over her shoulder and rested the sheathed blade across her right shoulder. Rayne closed her eyes slowly and stepped away from the source of heightening fear.

Her steps faltered slightly again when she heard a slightly strangled cry of fear. Her zanpakutou felt the familiar ripple of hesitation that spread like wildfire. He sighed and opened his eyes slowly, they burned deep blood red.

Hs was sitting at the side of the rough edge on the highest part of the desolate fortress, one leg was crossed over the other casually, he leant against the cool wall and gazed down from his perch.

"The storm is coming…" He murmured as he watched the sky become slightly murky, the wind quickened and the waves crashed against the towering crystals.

He slowly straightened from his seat on the crumbled building of his wielder's inner world, his angelic wings were draped around him like shimmering sheets of black silk. The desolate fortress stood alone above the sea, a dark, abandoned place that loomed over the swirling ocean below.

He tilted his head slightly and gazed across the endless heaving sea that were full of shining crystals that shot up into the sky like glittering towers. The faint light thrown from the infinite number of cslightly silvery crystals flickered and danced across the water's shimmering and rippling surface.

He looked down at where he stood, the ruined tower he stood on looked out of place compared to the surreal beauty of its endless surroundings. He placed his fingers onto the cool bricks and murmured softly as he stared at the aging ruins he stood on.

"The scars of your past will remain forever, but you have the power to decide what your own future will be." He brushed his slender fingers across the jagged surface of the broken bricks and then clenched his fists tightly, making the chains he wore clink together hauntingly.

"And how this used to be a barren plain…a dead and empty land, which skies were dark and clouded…" His deep crimson eyes roved over the shimmering majestic ocean that stretched on as far as the eye could see. Rayne gazed down in surprise as her katana quivered and a figure materialized beside her.

"Arashiei…" Rayne murmured as she gazed up at his pale yet handsome face, his ears were pointed and from them hung thin, elegant chains that were connected to slightly tilted glittering crimson crescent shaped gems.

His flowing silver hair that swept down past his waist was clasped into a low ponytail with a gleaming golden clasp. His six angelic wings arched out beside him, their glossy onyx black feathers swayed in an unfelt wind.

His well toned chest showed through his open high collared coat that reached his legs. The inner layer of his coat was a dark violet-blue, a shade lighter than a cloudless midnight sky. Around his neck were three necklaces of silver that were connected with a link on the middle of his throat.

Linking diagonally across his open coat were two elegant silver chains that had diamond shaped ornaments dangling from them. His belt was a black and lined with deep violet, it was wrapped around his waist several times.

"Are you sure?" Rayne stiffened as her zanpakutou's deep masculine voice echoed, his dilated blood red eyes pierced her stormy grey ones as he arched his mighty wings.

The three gleaming silver chains dangled from the shoulder's of his flowing black coat and encircled around his back jingled lightly. Rayne tilted her head slightly and gazed absently at him with unreadable stormy grey eyes.

Arashiei took a step forwards, his black boots tapped against the concrete floor as he stepped towards Rayne. His black pants fell to his ankles and his hands were gloved with deep purple fingerless gloves that had crimson diamonds printed in the middle. He wore a silver ring on each finger that had a chain leading from it and continuing on into the shadowed depths of his coat.

He gazed down at her as his wielder stared back at him, a cold gale swept past them in a howling gust, making strands of her flowing hair flutter wildly. The breeze brushed away her hair that hid the gleaming delicate silver chain that hung around her neck and led down into her top.

"Are you sure you want to leave them?" Rayne's face was shadowed and her head bowed slightly, Arashiei lifted a hand and pointed a finger at Rayne's heart. His nails were sharp, pointed and painted black, he lifted his head slightly higher and growled out.

"Discard your hesitation...and go forth…" His calm and deep voice rose slightly, Rayne tensed slightly as her zanpakutou glared at her with fiery red eyes, penetrating yet fathomless.

"Follow your instincts…and don't ever let your heart waver again…" Arashiei's voice seemed to jolt Rayne awake. Rayne remained silent for a moment before she raised her head and gazed up at the sky, her lips pulled up in a graceful smile.

"Arashiei…" She whispered, Arashiei's lips pulled up in a light smirk, showing of pointed fangs.

"I will fight beside you, so discard your hesitation and follow your heart." Rayne looked up and smirked as she saw the expression on his face.

"Huh…" Arashiei gazed down at his owner, Rayne's smirk widened into a grin that reached her now burning onyx grey eyes.

"I already know that." Arashiei smirked and closed his fiery crimson eyes, his long black lashes fluttered as his eyes opened once again as his tall figure faded and returned to Rayne's inner world.

Rayne lifted her hand and tugged at the silver elegant chain that hung around her neck, a shard of a clear crystal dangled from the end of the chain. She closed her hand around the crystal before lifting it up and holding it up against the shining moon.

The colour of the crystal immediately changed to a gleaming violet, aqua, silver and blue, the colours shimmered and danced as she turned it and gazed at it from different angles. She smiled lightly as she tucked it back into her shirt and looked up, determination growing in her grey eyes.

"My resolve will not waver..." Rayne smirked, bent her knees slightly and leapt into the air, she spun around in the air and pointed her hand at the destroyed building where the Shinigamis laid.

"Bakudō 8 Seki." She murmured, a round shaped barrier immediately formed around the building.

Rayne twisted in the air and landed lightly on the roof of another building and began to run swiftly across the top. A sudden shift in the atmosphere caught her attention, her alert grey eyes darted across to where the twist had occurred.

"Over there?" She murmured and jumped off the building, her hand was clenched around the black cloth that was tied around her zanpakutou, tugging it after herself in her descent to another roof.

The panicked pounding and thumping of footsteps reached her ears as she bounded forwards swiftly and without a pause. Rayne gazed down at the Shinigamis that fled from the Huge Hollow at the orders of their superior.

Her brows furrowed and she quickened her pace, her coat whipped out behind her as her speed increased dramatically until she was a flitting shadow. Her eyes narrowed as the wind whistled past her making her eyes water, her brows arched down as she watched the air surrounding four Shinigamis contort. The four Shinigamis froze in their tracks and stared around worriedly.

"What is it?" One with blood dripping from the right half of his face muttered.

"The surroundings are starting to deform!" Rayne let out an annoyed 'tsk' as numerous Huge Hollows began to emerge out of nowhere.

They were surrounded by the Huge Hollows, Rayne gritted her teeth and placed her hand on the smooth hilt of her zanpakutou. Her fingers curled around it and she drew the katana out in one swift movement, the blade gleamed and reflected the moonlight as she pulled the trembling blade back and murmured softly.

"Call forth the storms... Arashiei." The whole katana shook as a swirling wind instantly sprang up it, it screeched and then twirled around the now elegantly curved hilt of the zanpakutou.

The hilt lengthened and from the end another shining blade formed as jagged streaks of electricity flashed up the blade. The hilt was curved downwards towards the flashing blade like three fragile silver sings on each side that enclosed the transforming blade, the silvery metal bands on the hilt criss crossed down the middle of the blade and ended above the middle of the transformed katana. Through the middle of the two blades appeared a crystal clear strip that shimmered pale violet, aqua, blur and silver in the faint moon light like the precious crystal that was looped around her neck.

Rayne began to spin her zanpkutou, the blade flashing as its speed increased until it was a blur that emitted crackling lines of electricity and the swirl of a howling wind. Her reiatsu spiked as she slashed the blade downwards in an elegant arc with an effortless flick of her wrist, aiming for the Huge Hollow that had lunged towards the trapped Shinigamis.

The Huge Hollow was sliced clean in half through the middle of its body, it let out a roar and then faded into nothing. The Huge Hollows faltered in their moves as the four Shinigamis stared up at the shadowed figure.

"How many years has it been…" Rayne smirked and murmured, her voice carried an questioning tone.

"Since I had involved myself with Shinigamis…?"

Rayne leapt down from the building and flash stepped to the Shinigamis, she skidded to a halt beside them and quickly ordered.

"Run, I'll distract them." Hisagi stared in shock and amazement at the girl that had just slayed a Huge Hollow with ease.

"W…Who are you?" He asked, Rayne turned around and smirked before she stated.

"You don't want to die yet do you?" She flashed a grin at him and then spun around and charged towards the Huge Hollows.

Kira's eyes were wide with fear and shock, his body was numb and his whole body trembled. Renji saw the state he was in, the red head reached out and grabbed hold of Kira's arm roughly.

"Oi! Get a grip of yourself!" He yelled into his ear as he shook his dumb struck friend frantically. Hisagi sped past them and yelled out while waving a hand at them.

"Hurry up! Follow me!" Hinamori snapped out of her daze and helped Renji drag Kira away from the Huge Hollows.

Rayne glanced behind and saw them running away, her eyes flitted back to the Huge Hollows and she smirked as her hair whipped around her violently.

"Now, I guess it's time for some light exercise." Her eyes darkened evidently as she twisted gracefully in a full circle, her wrist flicked out as she sliced the Huge Hollows effortlessly.

"Renji!!!!" Rayne spun around as she heard the mingling shouts.

A winged Huge Hollow had grabbed the red haired Shinigami by his collar with its talons and lifted him up dangling, into the air. Rayne let out a sigh of irritation and launched herself into the air, after the Hollow that was attempting to fly away.

The wind rushed up around her and pushed her upwards into the night sky and rocketed up past the Huge Hollow. Her shadow fell onto the Hollow as she descended swiftly towards the Hollow, her eyes narrowed with concentration as she drew her released zanpakutou to her side and then flung it downwards.

The deep violet hilt spit in the middle, her hand grasped one half tightly as the other half plunged down like a streak of blinding lightening. A elegant silver chain connected to two swords from the end of its hilt as it speared down and it clinked hauntingly as it broke the bone white mask of the Huge Hollow with ease. The Hollow let out a roar and faded, the Shinigami that it held began to plummet towards the hard and unforgiving ground.

Rayne quickly twisted in the air and tugged the half back up, it reconnected with the sword in her hand with a faint clink and the crack between the hilt disappeared.

She turned herself in a particular angle and allowed her body to fall towards the ground like a plummeting rock. She reached out a hand towards Renji, her coat fluttered furiously as they plunged down with frightening speed.

"Grab my hand!" Rayne shouted over the howling of the wind that swept past them. Renji stared up in numb shock at the girl that had her hand outstretched towards him.

"Hurry up!" The ground was approaching fast, Renji reached out a hand and grabbed hers.

Rayne's stormy grey eyes suddenly widened in surprise as she felt two familiar spirit energies appear. She gritted her teeth and ignored them, a furious gale screamed around them as her grey eyes darkened visibly as her spirit power raised another notch.

The thin chain that hung around her neck suddenly shattered, Rayne's eyes widened in shock as she watched the crystal fall and vanish from her sight. A sudden urge to abonden the falling shinigami and plunge down to search for the crystal washed over her, but she shook off the urge and concentrated on halting their accerlerating fall.

Renji gazed up in wonder and shock as black feathered wings seemed to burst from the girl's back, her onyx black hair whipped around her face and her darkened eyes gleamed eerily.

A furious wind surrounded them and slowed their descent to the ground, Renji's feet touched the ground lightly and the girl landed soundlessly beside him, wingless, her katana that had resumed its normal form was held limp in her hand.

Rayne's eyes narrowed and she turned away from the red head, her eyes darting around in search of the dropped jewel. She let out an annoyed 'tch' when she could not find it and snesed the two presences approaching swiftly.

Rayne frowned and then turned on her heel to make a swift escape. She was tugged roughly to a halt as hand closed around her wrist, she turned back and saw that the Shinigami had taken a grasp of her wrist. Rayne arched an eyebrow at him as he asked.

"Your name…What's your name?" Renji blurted out in a rush and his grip tightened, his face determined and his eyes shone with life.

'Even though I dropped that crystal...I feel kinda glad that I saved him…even if I get found out…he possesses such a bright heart and soul…compared to mine…' She felt a presence behind her and twisted her head slightly, her onyx eyes found warm brown ones.

'Hmm? My guess was correct…he has begun to move again…' A light smirk graced the girl's lips and a wind wrapped around her before she vanished into the night.

"My name is Rayne…" Her whispered words lingered in the air.

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