Aaroniero Finds out about Tentacle Rape

Living in Hueco Mundo has and always will be boring for the Espada… or so they thought

It was about a week ago that Aizen brought them a computer from the human world and they were surprised as anyone when Aizen said that it was theirs, usually everything was for Aizen, Gin, or Tousen.

The Espada were told that they had to share the computer and that every day every Espada would be able to use the computer for an hour and do whatever they want with it need less to say they were excited.


Stark didn't seemed to interested on the internet thing he just began to play some blues music on the computer and fell asleep with his face in the keyboard.


Barragan spent his turn trying to figure how to work the damn thing or as he called "dang new contflamit contraption"


Halibel used it to save messages for Nnoitra for when his turn came he could read all of the things that she left him she also went on My space


Just sat in the room quietly until his turn was over other days he would just pass on his turn to use it.


After he was done reading Halibel's messages (or just deleting them) he would go on porn websites and masturbate


He would go on online chat rooms and talk to various girls online but the conversations ended when Apache came storming in to see what he was doing


He would write romantic novels and then distribute them to random people he got positive reviews most of the time.


He had his own computer and it was much better than this one so he didn't even use his turn.


Aaroniero didn't really know what to do with the computer so he would just watch some videos and other random things.

But that soon change and not for the best one day after Grimmjow was put on probation by Apache, and Zommari had writer's block Aaroniero got to use the computer right after Nnoitra and unfortunately Nnoitra forgot to close his page.

Aaroniero sat down on the chair and saw a tab still open he clicked on it and there opened up a page it was rather colorful and it had the words "Tentacle rape" at the top of the page.

He clicked on several of the images and he was rather impressed by what he was these tentacle monster looked a lot like his release he was really excited about the images in fact it gave him a stiff.

He looked down at his excitement and that day he decided he was going to imitate these monsters and do some raping of his own, but the question was to who he didn't want to do any of the arrancar girls.

But some of the Shinigami were to risky he decided to look deep into the mind of his host's memories the memories of Kaien Shiba he concentrated until he found someone then with a big grin on his face he whispered "I'm coming home my dear sister"

End of Prologue

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