Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns all things twilight…woot! go Steph!


ok…so this is a story
where Bella is this really cool sassy chick
like think Silver from 90210
as in feisty and pretty cynical
but with wicked 'punkish' style
and these awesome dark-rimmed glasses she wears as an accessory

Edward is the jock
the popular guy
yes, that typical and all
but Bella and Edward have been best friends forever!

As in they were predestined to become the best of friends
because their parents are like tight
and even though Edward's the jock and all
and Bella's the weirdo kinda outcast
they always made time to spend with each other

Now this story will be set in Seattle
one of the rainiest cities
that Edward and Bella now live in
together in an apartment
that is close to their work

And Edward, ever the womaniser
is always out partying, 'meeting' new girls
and Bella's there as his buffer,
the designated driver,
the one who fends off the millions of girls
who would gladly camp out on their doorstep for another night with
the legendary Edward Cullen.

But don't get the wrong idea
Edward's not the typical player
who's using Bella to fend off the girls.
He's a genuinely nice guy
especially to his best friend.

And just to clarify
Bella really doesn't like Edward
well in that way
They're friends
Could never be anything more
Maybe it's the thing about growing up together and all

PLEASE read on...and ENJOY!