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The sun was shining brightly as we pulled up into the Cullen driveway. The place was decked out with Christmas lights, a tradition of the Cullen house that never ceased to amaze me. I remember the last time Edward and I drove here. How things have changed. I knew I had it coming when Renee and Esme said I told you so when we called them when we got together. But after all that I could hear their absolute joy that I'd found a guy I wouldn't get bored with and Edward had found a girl he actually could spend more than a day with.

True to our promise, we had drove down to Phoenix again for Christmas. Edward had finished his residency and had a break till the new year until he began his attendancy. I had been properly promoted to head of the firm and it was great. We were still in talks with Jacob's firm to form a merger but it might still be some time until we find the right deal that we both could agree on.

Actually, talking about Jacob, we had invited him out with us for a night out where he had met Nessa. They immediately hit it off and are now going on three months. They just seemed to click so well and it was good that two of my best friends had found interest in each other which meant they had each other and I'd still be able to see tons of them.

Now, as we rung the doorbell, Edward gripped my hand firmly in his.

"Ready?" he asked me, always the worrywart.

"Not like I have a choice." I said as Esme opened the door and exclaimed at our presence, or rather our hands interlocked together.

After all the initial introductions and transportation of our bags (they had kindly let me stay in Edward's room…besides the party was at the Cullen house anyway), they ushered us into the living room. We'd been calling our parents much more regularly so they had no grounds to interrogate us with. And so they went straight to feeding us. The party was only just getting started so all the plates were still full and warm and they loaded ours with 'a little bit of everything'.

As the guests started to arrive, Edward and I escaped to the backyard to try and devour all our food. A few of the children had joined us outside, running around playing tag or some other game like that.

But cliché as it was, I hardly noticed them. When I looked into his eyes, there was only Edward and me in our world and the rest was all kind of peaceful. He was leaning in, just about to give me a kiss when Carlisle stepped outside.

"Woah. Sorry kids." he said, his face red with embarrassment.

"Here, a treat." he handed us a bottle of tequila and I laughed at the familiarity of the situation. "This time, you don't have to steal it." We thanked him greatly and I went up to give him a hug.

"I guess, given our history, it's all good with the in laws and stuff. I mean my parents adore you and your parents cannot resist my charm so there's no problem of the monster-in-law!" he joked as his arms found their place around me again. I sighed. The feeling never ceased to send shivers down my spine and I doubt that it ever would.

"We should go in. Actually enjoy the party." I whispered, hoping he'd find some way to discourage me into doing it. But he knew as well as I did that we kinda had to. We'd been rather antisocial throughout the night.

He held my hand as we walked in, and led me into the first dance. When we started dancing, other couples joined in with our merry Christmas jig and soon the whole room was dancing, savoring the magic of the Christmas spirit. Just like at Easter, we danced with the little kids, the more elderly, our mothers, our fathers and of course, we danced with each other. My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much and joy overfilled me entirely.

The children, one by one, started to drop off to sleep and some of the families departed, carrying sleeping children. Some of the older people also left, it being past their bedtime and they had already overexerted themselves. Slowly and gradually the guests departed and we sent them with well wishes for Christmas and for Edward and I, the new year as well.

When finally it was just the two of us and our parents, we thought it was time.

We were seated in the living room, carefully avoiding any mess caused by the party. We exchanged gifts and all and it was time for our announcement. I was nervous. I don't' know why. Edward had reassured me time and time again that they would be completely fine with it and I knew they would. But it just was so…I don't know. So weird to be saying this. But so exciting as well.

Edward squeezed my hand with reassurance as he pulled me up to stand before our parents. I clutched onto him tightly, glad he was going to do the talking. Our parents looked at us rather strangely but Esme, always the speculative one, had a mischievous glint in her eye, probably guessing what was going on.

"Renee, Charlie, Mum, Dad. Bella and I have something we want to tell you." I was gripping Edward's hand so hard now, my knuckles were turning white. I tried to remain calm as he went on.

"You see, we've known each other our whole lives and you would know how close we are. And I know it's taken us quite a long time to realise and admit our feelings for one another. And I know we haven't been actually dating for that long. But I was ready and when I asked Bella, I'm pretty sure she felt ready too." He looked at me when he said this and I looked back into his eyes and any worries or doubt I ever harbored over this was gone in a flash.

All that really mattered was that I loved him and he loved me. I wanted…no, needed him in my life and would never stop loving or wanting or needing him there with me, every step of the way. Nor did I ever see anyone who could ever replace or be better than Edward. He was perfect in every way. Loving, attentive, chivalrous, intelligent, fun, good-looking, doting and everything else a girl could ever wish for.

He kept looking me as he spoke.

"And so, we've decided…we're getting married!"

The end.

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