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Ash, Brock and Dawn were walking toward Solaceon Town to Ash's next gym battle and Dawn's next contest. It was very abnormally windy day but they didn't care. They were all to busy thinking:

'I am going to win my gym battle!' Ash thought.

'I am going to show everyone just had beautiful my pokemon are and win that ribbon!' Dawn thought.

'I will win over Nurse Joy's heart and she and I will get married and run off into the sunset!' Brock thought with hearts in his eyes.

"Are you ready for your contest Dawn?" Ash asked curious to see if Dawn was excited about her contest as he was about his gym battle.

Dawn brought up her fist in front of her. "Heck yeah!"

"What about you Ash? Are you ready?"

"You know it!"

They were both had confidence radiating off of them. Brook only crossed his arms over his chest hand shook his head back and forth.

There were just about to enter the city's entrance when a big gust of wind blasted in their faces. Brook put his arms in front of him to protect his face from the dust; Ash grabbed a hold of Pikachu on his shoulder and grabbed the tip of his hat from blowing away. The gust of wind caught Dawn by surprise and wasn't able to react to it fast enough and it blow off her hat off her head going in the direction they just came from.

"Ah!" Dawn yelled. "My hat!"

Dawn started running to catch her hat and was just about to grab her hat but another gust of wind blow it even further. She started to run again toward it and notice her hat just kept on going.

She turned around to face them.

"Hey guys, I'll meet you in town okay?"

"Okay! We'll meet up at the pokemon center!" Brock yelled back.


Dawn turned around and continued to follow here hat.


Paul was going to his next going to his next gym battle. He had a map in his hand when a gust of wind blew the map out of his hands.

Paul just shrugged.

'I'll just follow the signs along the road to get me to Solaceon Town.'

He shoved his hand in his pockets and continued to walk.


Everytime Dawn even gets close enough to catching her hat the wind would blow it even further, so then she had and idea.

"Ambipom, come on out!" Dawn yelled as she threw her poke ball.

Ambipom burst out of the poke ball, did a flip then land in front of Dawn.

"Ambipom!" the little monkey pokemon said.

"Okay Ambipom help me get my hat!" Dawn commanded.

"Ambipom!" translation: "Okay!"

They started to run again.


Paul heard thunder. He looked up and could see big, dark, threatening clouds in the distance. He figured if he walked just a little bit fast he could make it to a pokemon center close to where he was now. So he sped up a little and kept on walking.


Ambipom jumped up and used its tail to grab Dawn's hat but missed it by an inch.

"Come on Ambipom! You can do it!" Dawn yelled.

Dawn had been trying to catch her hat for a while know but was unsuccessful. She had been so caught up in everything that she didn't even notice how far she had gone from the city.

But she really wanted her hat. It was her favorite hat and she wasn't about to lose it! She had her mind set on it and she wasn't going to give up!


Paul briefly closed his eyes and suddenly felt something soft and light hit his face.

"What the-?!"

"Ambipom, go!" he heard a familiar voice yell and got a mouth full Ambipom's fist. He was knocked out cold.

Dawn finally saw her hat within Ambipom's reach. Her eyes focused in on her hat and her hat only. She failed to notice that her hat happened to land on a certain someone's face.

"Ambipom go!" she yelled and Ambipom jumped up and grabbed the hat while also punching that certain someone in the face and knocking them out cold.

All Ambipom could do was jump around doing a victory dance.

"Yah Ambipom you did!" Dawn swooped Ambipom into her arms and gave Ambipom a hug. Ambipom smiled.

"As soon as we get back to Cherrygrove city I am-"Dawn's eyes suddenly got wide.

"Oh my god! What happened to Paul?" She yelled.


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