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Finally the rain had stopped. The sun shone brightly overhead, warming Dawn's skin. She stretched her arms over her head and breathed in deeply. She loved how everything looked so green and alive. She was so caught up in looking at nature around her; she didn't notice a presence behind her.

Paul came up from behind, wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the cheek. "Good morning." Paul whispered.

For a second Dawn stiffened but then relaxed into his arms. "Good morning sleepy head!" Dawn said smiling. "Are you ready to practice?" Dawn asked.

Paul rested his chin on her shoulder. "Why don't we get breakfast first? My treat." Paul said.

"Okay, let's pack up then." Dawn quickly gave him a peck on the cheek and was off to pack. Paul followed.


Ash and Brock came out of the Pokémon center. "We should look for Dawn now. She hasn't come back all night." Ash said with worry clearly stated in his voice.

"Right. We should start at the entrance of the city." Brock suggested.

Ash nodded and they were off.


Paul and Dawn were able to find a small little restaurant near the side of the road and decided to eat there. "So what are we going to do now?" Dawn asked.

"Train." Paul answered back.

"I mean after that."

"Come with me." Paul said simply.

"But I can't just abandon Ash and Brock and travel with you. They are my friends."

"Tell them you want to travel alone or something."

"Paul! You think I am going to lie to them?" Dawn asked offended.

"Well you did cuss; I think you can lie too." Paul smirked.

Dawn rolled her eyes. "I was really mad and I had no other words to express my feelings!" They went silent for a minute.

"Well I am not going to let you go and travel with a bunch of guys!" Paul said sounding kind of jealous. Dawn thought that was pretty cute.

"There's nothing going on between them and me if that's what you're thinking. You know, you are pretty cute when you jealous." Dawn said as she rested her chin on the palm of her hand.

"I w-wasn't jealous." Paul said trying to hide a blush.

"Ha! You stuttered! The famous cold-hearted Paul actually stuttered!" Dawn did a little happy dance in her seat. Finally, their food arrived.


Ash and Brock followed the path that they thought Dawn must have taken.

"Let's check out that little restaurant." Ash suggested.

"It's worth a try." Brock said.


"Thank you." The waitress said as she collected the money for the bill. Paul and Dawn got up. Paul offered his arm and Dawn happily accepted it. They were just about to leave the restaurant and leave when the door opened and two boys came in. Dawn froze. They were Ash and Brock. They went up to the hostess.

"Good morning and welcome!" She greeted them with a smile.

"Have you seen a girl with blue hair, about yay tall?" Ash put up his hand to show how tall.

"You mean her?" She pointed toward Dawn. Both Ash and Brock followed the direction of her finger. Dawn suddenly wished she would disappear. Ash saw her and was shocked.

"Dawn?" Brock said not believing their eyes.

"H-hi guys." Dawns said sheepishly.

"Why are you with him?" Ash said with total disgust when he noticed that Dawn and Paul's arms were linked together. Dawn realized this came quickly took back her arm. Paul looked hurt for a second but then recomposed himself.

"I...accidentally knocked him out." Dawn said looking at the ground. Ash and Brock noticed the large bruise on the left side of his face. She had hit him good. Ash smirked.

"She hit you good!" Ash sounded happy.

"It wasn't me who hit him, it was Ambipom!" Dawn said quickly.

"Besides, we're together now." Paul said, putting his arm around her waist.

Ash looked ready to blow. His enemy was with his friend.

"Ash, calm down." Brock advised.

"No! Dawn, how could you be with a guy would treats people AND Pokémon like crap?!" Ash yelled. Many people in the restaurant were now looking at the scene before them.

"He does not mistreat Pokémon! He makes them stronger," Dawn paused, "In a weird twisted way." She added.

"He is a cold hearted jerk and you know it! Brock! Back me up on this one." But Brock was already flirting with a waitress. Ash and Dawn both rolled their eyes.

"Ash, please understand that I didn't mean to hurt you. I just happen to like Paul and he likes me back."

"Paul? Actually like someone? I didn't know he even had a heart!"

"You know what? Maybe I should just leave you guys and go travel with Paul if you are going to act like this."

This actually got Brock's attention away from the waitress. The whole restaurant held their breath. For a moment, Ash looked extremely hurt, but then anger took over. "Go ahead! See if I care!" With that, Ash ran out of the building and Brock followed after him. Dawn turned around and cried into Paul's chest.

"Oh Paul, what am I going to do?" She cried.

Paul was outraged. He didn't want his girl to cry and felt like he had to beat Ash up for doing that. "I am going to go talk to him." Paul said calmly.

Dawn looked up at him. "What can you do?"

"You'll see." Paul helped Dawn into the booth that they had recently sat in and went to take care of business.

He found Ash sitting next to a tree picking at the grass.

Paul went up to him. "What's the matter with you?" Paul said.

"What's the matter? I just found out my best friend is going out with a complete jackass!" Ash said.

Paul was quiet for a moment. "I'll admit that I am a jerk, but apparently that is not all what Dawn sees in me."

"I don't even want to know what part of you she has seen and I don't really care." Ash retorted back. Paul blushed when Ash said this. Ash noticed this.

"Hey! Don't think about my friend in such a perverted way."

"You should be happy that Dawn's happy. Isn't that what matters the most?" Paul said with kindness in his voice which made Ash cringe.

"Like you could make her happy."

"She makes me happy and not in a perverted way." Paul said.

"You really like her, don't you?" Ash said.

"I think I might love her." Paul said quietly.

"What did you say?" Ash asked.

"Nothing." Paul said as he averted his eyes from Ash's stare.

"You just said you love her!"

"Shh!" Paul said as he covered Ash's mouth with his hand. Paul let go of his mouth.

"Don't worry lover boy, your secret safe with me...For now." Ash smiled.

Paul rolled his eyes. "Come on, we have to show Dawn that we are buddies now." Paul said. They went inside the restaurant to find Brock flirting with a waitress, whom he was failing miserably at and Dawn laughing at him. She looked over toward the two."You look happy." Ash said.

"Brock cheered me up. So is everything okay?" Dawn said.

"Yes." Ash and Paul said at the same time.

"Oh that's great!" Dawn ran up and hugged them both.

"And we decided to let Paul travel with us." Ash said.

Paul looked at him as if say "Really?"

"Really? Thank you so much Ash!" Dawn gave Ash another hug. Ash winked at Paul.

She let go of him. "Well let's get going then." Paul wrapped his arm around Dawn's waist and Ash got Brock. They all left the restaurant with smiles on their faces. 'Finally everything is just perfect.' Dawn thought.

"Hey Paul! I know you dirty little secret!" Ash sang.

"Shut up dumbass!"

'Well, it was nice while it lasted.'


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