AN: A new story, yay! In this, Danzo has executed a coup d'état to become Hokage. On his side he has the ANBU and the Hyuuga clan (among other random allies). All that are loyal to Tsunade have either been purged or are fleeing. This fanfic is based loosely on the song The Chosen Ones by Dream Evil. The song at the beginning is from Crimson King by Demons & Wizards (I just really thought it fit with my opinion of Danzo). Hope you enjoy! R & R, I will reply (just found out I actually can reply to reviews). I'm working on updating my other ongoing fic, as well as the next chapter for this one. Anyways, enjoy! Any questions- feel free to ask. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated :)

I'm your lord
I will bring terror
I'm a demon in disguise
The thrill of a thousand
Worlds dying at once
But my ultimate goal
Lies beyond the downfall

Kakashi looked around warily, he had to find Sakura and Naruto. They had to leave Konoha. All around him were screams of pain and accusing shouts. Kakashi watched as the wall across from him crumbled as a body flew through it. A child followed the motionless body. The boy slowly walked up to the corpse as Kakashi ducked into the shadows.

"Long live Danzo, traitor" the boy then spat on the corpse and jumped on the roof, sprinting towards another building. Kakashi's eyes widened as he realised just what Danzo's teachings had done to the children of Konoha. Children were killing their own parents with the belief that the parents were traitors. Never before had Kakashi felt so sickened. It was disgusting. He stalked out of the shadows as a man wearing an Akatsuki robe jumped overhead. Danzo had taken Pein's attack on Konoha as an opportunity to carry out his purges. Ninja that were not loyal to him were being killed even as they fought to protect the village. What was more it seemed the Hyuuga were allies of Danzo as well. Konoha had never stood a chance against the combined threat of the Akatsuki and the coup d'état which seemed to consist of the Hyuuga and the majority of the ANBU. Kakashi shook his head, he had to find his team and get them out.

Naruto barged into Tsunade's office.

"Granny, we need to get you out of here" Tsunade shook her head sadly.

"No brat. I promised to defend this village, and I will defend it until the end. There are still people that must be healed, I need to tend to them." Naruto shook his head.

"No! Danzo's out there. They're trying to kill you." Naruto didn't understand how she could be so calm. Almost every living ninja outside the room had been told to kill Tsunade and himself on sight. Yet here was Tsunade, quietly strapping on weapons and packing healing herbs.

"I know, Naruto. But I made an oath to protect this village, to protect Konoha, so long as I had breath left in me. That's what I'll do, in addition," Tsunade stepped up to him and softly stroked his whiskered cheeks, "Being a shinobi, and Hokage of Konohagakure I want to go down fighting. Also, I know that, in time, the rightful Hokage will return. You, Naruto. It is your destiny to heal Konoha and rebuild her to a proud state. Now, get me a bottle of sake and be gone. Live, so you can return. Take your time Naruto. Come back when you can save Konoha. Go now, my son." Naruto nodded, tears running down his cheeks.

"Goodbye, Lady Hokage" Naruto bowed to Tsunade and flashed a sad smile before jumping out the window.

"Good luck brat"

Sakura watched in horror as Konoha slowly tore itself apart. She couldn't believe it had come to this, everywhere she looked there were enemies. She had seen some of her and Naruto's friends escaping, she had watched Neji trying to defend a child loyal to Tsunade only to be unceremoniously killed when other Hyuugas confronted him. It was chaos, pure and utter chaos. There was so much death, even normal villagers were being killed. There were ninjas and citizens alike attempting to flee Danzo's people and being cut down for it. Everyone was an enemy. She had to get out of there. She had to find Naruto and get out.

The earth shook, homes were burning. It was as if all of Sakura's nightmares were coming true. Screaming and pain, there was so much, too much. She watched ANBU members turn on loyal comrades, she watched while ninjas fighting Pein were killed because their loyalties weren't to Danzo. The stupidity of the entire situation astounded Sakura. Why were they fighting each other? Was this what it had come to? She watched friends kill friends and children kill families. It was horrible. It was the Uchiha massacre widespread throughout the entire village. She couldn't believe it.

"Sakura!" Her head jerked up as she met Kakashi's eyes, his Sharingan was blazing. "We have to go now! They're closing the gates and becoming organized." She nodded, still in shock. "Have you seen Naruto?" Sakura numbly shook her head. Why was this happening? The tortured screams, glares of betrayal, and the sounds of blades meeting flesh ingrained themselves on her mind. The stupidity of it all. Sakura felt angry, enraged. She clenched her fist and sent it thundering into the ground. Debris flew everywhere as Kakashi moved to her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Sakura, we have to go to the agreed rendezvous point for our team. We have to get out of here fast. We'll have to meet quickly as well, we have no idea of Sai's allegiance. He could turn us in."

Sakura shook her head, "He won't turn us in, but you're right. Let's go." Kakashi gave a tight smile. Let's leave this place…

Naruto stood at the top of Hokage mountain, looking down on what remained of Konoha. Damn it. There were fires burning everywhere and Naruto could still see shapes fighting. His Sage mode hadn't helped Konoha at all. He shook his head. He wouldn't feel guilty. Tsunade had been right, he needed to bide his time and strike when Danzo least expected it. Naruto watched gloomily as the six Akatsuki cloaks continued to run around Konoha. They were most likely looking for him. Naruto couldn't help but hope the Akatsuki would assume Naruto had been killed and subsequently kill Danzo out of rage. Not that that would actually happen, but Naruto figured this was a time for hope, no matter how morbid.

A branch snapped in the forest behind him. Naruto leapt to his feet, pulling out shuriken in preparation for a battle.

"It's us, Naruto." Sakura and Kakashi stepped out of the trees looking haggard. Naruto returned his shuriken to their place. "We need to leave."

Naruto looked down on Konoha. "We'll be back though. It may take a while, but we will free you" He allowed a small, genuine smile to light his face, "Your deaths won't be in vain. Did anyone else escape?"

"There were a lot of people running, Neji… He didn't…" Naruto nodded in understanding to Sakura's words.

"I just hope they don't find a way to lay that thing on non-Hyuugas. Can you imagine?" The three of them shuddered. They stood, looking over Konoha as the sun rose in the distance.

"It's ironic. I always imagined the sun rises on a good day. Guess not." Naruto glared at the sun. "It better be shining when we come back." Naruto shook his head.

Kakashi watched his students. He hated that they were being put through this, but they would come out of it stronger than ever. "ANBU might look up here for runners soon." His team nodded and the three of them turned, with the sun at their backs, to a new day and a new life. They would return. And they would restore Konoha to her prior glory. It was a promise that went through all the minds of the survivors of that day, they wouldn't give up. Somehow they would find each other again., they would train, strategize, and strike. They would persevere and emerge victorious.

Danzo beamed, he had accomplished his goal. He was the Hokage, he was power. He had saved Konoha from those peace-loving nins that wished to destroy her might and make her weak. His tyranny would rule all. His people were made for war, he would raise them up. They would achieve glory and power, and they would be indestructible…