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After Chapter ~184

En Caged Metronome

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She was humming a tune to her self in her own private cell.

This was a new song, about a human being enslaved by a demonic person.

It was only a few days after she went and visited the young detective Katsuragi Yako.

A secret tribute to the investigator and her considered assistant Neuro.


The tune echoed about the early morning in the encaged prison.

She was interrupted by her female prison keeper.

The sounds of keys opening a lock were heard about her cell. "Hm?"

"The breakfast isn't served till eight, it was only about six now."

Her thoughts were answered by the prison guard.

"Aya-san, you have a visitor requested by that pig detective! Humph."

As usual, her guard was as rude as ever.

Aya just smiled. "Oh, so her assistant came to see me again?"

"Humph. No it's her part time assistant body guard or something."

"Eh? Her other assistant??"

Aya followed her guard down to the main hallway of the prison.

She could faintly hear a bit of a commotion as they neared the visiting rooms.


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