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After Chapter ~184

En Caged Metronome

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"I'm considered detective Katsuragi Yako's 'other' assistant.

She is the high school detective with her (considered) assistant Neuro.

She gave me the errand of speaking with the prisoner number 4578 in cell number 962!!"

Godai argued with a 'totally blonde' (no offence) female prison guard who was extremely ADD; much to his dismay...


This is pretty polite considering how I usually would put it into words:

A shitty brat with a black hole for a stomach investigator and the demon bastard who always ruins my already shitty life to be his dam dog for they're f***ing dirty work on murder cases!!

If you haven't gotten the clue, I hate my life.

And it doesn't help that I have anger issues...


The ruckus echoed about the early morning in the encaged prison.

A ugly looking (female) prison-keeper, with these weird branch-spiked full-cheek piercings came into view through the prison's glass.

The sounds of keys opening a lock were barely heard opening the visiting rooms' cell.



"What the fuck?"

Godai's confusion was answered by the freaky prison guard.

"Your the worthless visitor requested to speak with prisoner number 4578 by that pig detective?!"

What a rude ass bitch!! She practically spat on me!

Aya just ignored her and smiled. "Oh, so your Miss Detectives other assistant? I believe I seen you before..."


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