Hello and welcome to my first Kingdom Heart fanfic! Now this story is a little different because you, as the readers get to determine the fate of the Organization members. At the end of each chapter there will be something you can vote on. That will determine what happens next. This fic is about all the members, not just Zexion (I felt like starting with him) Each member is going to go through many ordeals! But, it's up to you if you want to see your favorite member do something! Enjoy!

Listen to the Doctor, Dear

Laughter…It rang in Zexion's ears. Somewhere, close by children were laughing.

Wait, Children laughing? The laughter of children was never heard in the Castle That Never Was.

"Wake up Boy."

The unknown voice took him out of his train of thought.

"You can't sleep all day. It's time for your medicine."

Medicine? Zexion didn't take medicine and he wasn't aware that he was in condition that needed medicine.

Slowly the cloaked Schemer opened his eyes, only to be blinded by strong lights. He winced and went to shield his arm over his eyes but he found them both to be trapped.

While his eyes adjusted to the light he tested the rest of his bodys' mobility. His Legs were too restricted from movement and he was unable to raise his chest.

"What the hell is going on?" Number six groaned, still drowsy from his sleep. He turned his heads both ways, hoping to answer his own questions; He double took his head when he saw several nurses and what seemed to be a doctor.

All the Nurses wore white gowns and small nurses' caps. All of them were very pale and horrifically skinny, but one nurse. She was far larger than the other nurses and far older. She also wore a cross around her neck; Zexion took her as the leader of the maidens in white gowns.

The nurses stood behind the Doctor who sat next to Zexion in a chair, holding a clipboard. He was an older man, who uncomfortably reminded him of Ansem the Wise; his old mentor. He smiled down at Zexion then wrote something down on the clip board.

Zexion glared at the man smiling before him, knowing better than to trust him. "What's going on?" He repeated. "And, who are you?" He said all while remaining calm.

The old man chuckled, again making Zexion feel uneasy. "I'm Doctor White, head doctor of this fine institution. This place takes care of sick children, the bad children, and the lost children." He told Zexion.

The Schemer only became more confused. Why would he in an institution for those things, when he clearly wasn't any of those things.

He squirmed and tried to move his body, testing how strongly he was being held. "Listen, I don't know how I got here but I demand you let me free. Also, I am no child and noir am I sick, or any of the other reasons for needing to be here." Said Zexion.

Dr. White flipped through a few pages of his clip board and pulled out a pair of reading glasses. "Zexion: Number six of Organization XIII, Nobody of Ienzo, and has heightened smelling senses." The old man read causing Zexion to pale slightly.

The boy gulped nervously. "How do you know all that?" He dared to ask.

"I have my ways, and I know much more than you probably wish for me to know." He said rising to pull something out of his white lab coat pocket. "Now, I do believe it's time for your medicine. " He said holding a rather large needle that was filled with a green liquid.

Number six wasted no time in trying to escape. He thrashed and bucked trying to free himself from the straps that held him down. "Get away from me!" He yelled as the nurses and the doctor came closer.

The nurses ripped away the bed sheet, revealing the rest of Zexion half naked body. His uniform was missing and all that was left was his black boxers.

Zexion found himself unable to summon his Lexcon so he retreated to yelling as loud as he could. "Don't you dare come near me!" He spat at them. The larger nurse only tsked and covered Zexion small mouth with her larger hand. His eyes widen with terror as the needle hovered over his stomach.

"P-please don't" A small, muffled cry was heard from Zexion.

The doctor only shook his head as he readied his aim. The other nurses stroked their hands on Zexion face and hands', trying to comfort him but it was a wasted effort.

Without wasting another second Dr. White jabbed the needle into Zexion stomach and began to slowly inject the green liquid.

Zexion screamed in agony as the burning liquid entered his system. The Doctor still continued on slowly as the Schemer screamed his lungs out.

"Stop it, get away from him!" Yelled a voice suddenly, causing Dr. White to jerk the needle out his jerked around to see who was brave enough to stop him.


Cliffy! Now as active readers you get choose who you want to save Zexion. I'm giving you four options. Axel, Lexy, Xigbar, or the Superior. Now the story will go by who is more favored in the reviews. If more people vote Lexy then it will be Lexy, or the other way around for any of the other three. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter!