It has been a long time but the path has been chosen. Read on till you reach another fork in the road.


Chapter Five: Trapped

Once Axel dove into the darkness with Demyx everything went black. It wasn't till the smells of rotting flowers, candles and old people filled his nostrils that he was able to snap out of the darkness.

Axel opened his green eyes to a ceiling that was designed with mural of the heavens'. Baby angles fluttered around clouds with their naked bottoms. In the center of the ceiling the outline was an odd, hypnotizing golden color that drew his eyes to the center, which was oddly blank.

No matter how hard Axel tried he couldn't tear his eyes away the center. It was almost has something was going to appear and take him to another world.

"You've finally have awaken, young one" said a voice that nearly made Axel jump out of his skin. An old nun was hovering over Axel. Unlike the other nuns Axel had seen this one was far skinner, too skinny. Her face was wrinkled like a fingers after spending too long in the water.

Axel reaction to her involved him flipping over the bed he was in and falling face flat onto the floor. "Get away from you crazy bitch!" Axel swore as the Nun tisked.

"Please do avoid cussing in our church." The old nun said as she made her way over to Axel to help him up, but he jumped before she could get near him.

Axel tried to summon his charkarums or any of fire abilities but he was still too drained of energy. "Don't come any closer; I've seen what you people can do and I'll kill each everyone one if you try anything!" He threatened backing up as far as he could. Where he stood he could see that he was actually in a church.

Unlike the rest of the hospital it didn't look as eerie. It was acutely a quite nice, normal, well lit church. There was aalter, benches, and everything that could be in a normal church. The bed he had been lying on was off to the side. One thing he didn't see was Demyx or any of the other Organizations members.

"Child there is no need to fear," She assured. "Unlike the other nuns and nurses back in the hospital, we here in the church use different methods of healing." Axel was unsure whether this was a good or bad thing, but he calmed himself. What could one old Nun do?

Seeing that Axel was no longer acting like scared dog in a corner she directed him to follow her. "Now, your friend Demyx has been waiting for you. It would terribly rude to keep him waiting any longer." Slightly wary Axel followed the old nun who led him into another which was also nice.

It was small room that made of beds with white sheets. There was a stain glass window that lit the room with its beautiful colors, giving the room a warming vibe. Also in the room was Demyx who smiling, hydrated, and looking slightly better.

Flabbergasted by the sight Axel jaw dropped to the floor. "Dem-dem--" He was unable to finish his sentence.

Demyx hopped down from his bed and made his way over to Axel. "Axel you're awake!" The Nocturne cheered as Axel stood shocked. "The nuns told me, you and I came flying through a portal a few hours ago. They let us rest here and gave me water!"

Perhaps these nuns were different from the nurses and the nuns back in the hospital, but Axel still didn't trust them. Demyx may have let his guard down but something was fishy about their kindness.

Then again there was no harm in taking advantage of their odd kindness. "Listen since you nun-people-ladies are so nice can you bring me to our friend Roxas? You know: Blond, little blue eyes, obsession with black and white checkered patterns?" Axel asked.

The nun thought for a moment, giving Axel false hope till she shook her head. "Young Roxas is currently in nursery and since I only have authority in the church I cannot interfere with bringing you to Roxas, or bringing Roxas to you; sorry." She apologized unethusacaly.

That at least explained why Roxas was wearing that ugly hospital gown in Axel dream/vision he had with his young friend. But, what was he doing in a nursery? Things were getting creepier and more suspicious.

Axel and Demyx exchanged questioning looks to each other, "Nursery?" They said in unison and the Nun nodded. "Why is Roxy in a nursery-"

"-What was that?!" Not far from where the three were a loud yell was heard and fighting could be heard.

The nun did her best to keep her calm composer as the yelling and fighting continued. But, the longer she pretended as though the commotion wasn't happening the louder it got. "Its-Its nothing--Roxas needs and situation is not of my knowledge since

he hasn't needed the help of the church." Both Axel and Demyx saw her frustration grow. She raised her finger to give her a moment as she unlocked a nearby door and went through to take care of the situation.

Eight and Nine waited awkwardly as the heard the tiny nun yell at the offender.

"AS IF!!!" Was yelled suddenly and Demyx eyes light up.

"Xigbar!" Demyx cheered and before the flamer could stop him the nocturne ran through the door to see the sharp shooter. With little choice Axel followed and was shocked by the sight.

The room he entered was much darker, almost grey looking and not as warm as the last room. In the room were a single a bathtub and about five old nuns trying to get Xigbar head into that tub.

Poor Demyx was watching in pure horror, his blue little were near tears as he saw Nuns trying to drown Xigbar. "Xigbar..." He said feeling completely helpless.

As if the sharp shooter was switch he turned on all his strength and sent the nuns flying, and then within the blink of an eye he was standing next to Demyx. "You okay little dude?"

"What the fuck is going on here?!" Axel yelled unable to handle the amount of insanity. Everyone, even the nuns stared at Axel's outburst. "Please don't curse in the purification room" One of the nun scolded.

"Purification?" Demyx asked as Xigbar placed a protective arm him and backed up to where Axel stood.

"Yeah, these chicks have been trying to drown me in that tub for three days now; purification my ass!" He yelled. "Okay you two stay close to me cause I'm gunna get us out of here." He whispered to eight and nine.

Axel got closer to Xigbar and whispered back, "you can teleport?" He asked.

Xigbar laughed as he continued to slowly back away from the Nuns. "I wish kiddo. I figured since their was three of us now we'd be harder catch." Axel knew they were dead but when Xigbar grabbed his and Demyx hands and started booking it, there was little too do but continue to dig their own grave.

They ran into the room where Axel woke up and dashed down the isle to a large door. Xigbar grabbed hold of the handles

and pulled at hard as he could. "It's no good it's locked!" He growled.

"Maybe it's a pully door? Demyx suggested, but seeing how that was unlikely the sharp shooter grabbed the Nocturne and ran with the flamer to the nearest door. The good thing was that it wasn't locked; the unfortunate thing was when they opened the door it revealed a long hall way with matching doors on each side.

The three stood at the entrance dumbstruck but when they heard the stampede of little nun feet they snapped out confusion and choice a random door. Once on the other side they held their weight against door and waited in silence.

They heard them enter the hallway and open the first few doors. "It will take forever too go through all the rooms" said one of the nuns.

"They can't hide forever and we don't even know if they went this way. They could have gone into the morgue, lets look there first." Another nun suggested as the three heard them leave.

Once they were sure they were safe they all let out a sigh of relief. "Looks like were safe for now, Dudes" Xigbar said messing with his hair that was not it's normally ponytail.

"Well I'm not waiting for them those crazy nuns to come and find us. I say we found a way to escape this place now!" Axel said restlessly. "At least the nuns in the hospital didn't try to drown us."

Xigbar rolled his eyes--or eye at Axel "What do you mean us, I didn't see them trying to get your head under water. I just saw you standing there with you mouth hanging wide open." He flicked the Flamers forehead who slapped his hand away.

"Well excuse me if I didn't act right away to save your ass! I've been running around this god damn hell trying to find Roxas but I keep running into you guys and get stuck helping you--" Axel stopped his ranting when he heard Demyx gasp. "What the hell Demyx?"

"Mu-MUMMY!!!" Demyx cried pointing to figure that did look quite like a mummy.

In the room they were in, they were not alone. A person--er or thing was strapped to a metal chair and it's whole body was covered in bandages.

His eyes were covered in multiple layers of bandages as well as his mouth, but they looked to have been torn by sharp teeth. The rest of the bandages were covering wounds. Little skin was exposed.

Both Axel and Xigbar covered Demyx mouth to silence him. Axel let go of Demyx and slowly approached the being in the chair but he caught sight of something that gave him a terrible fright. The person had long blue hair coming out the bandages. The person in the chair before was Saix!


Everything was white too Zexion, the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. That is where he found himself but what he didn't find was Luxord or anybody else. The first thing that popped into his head was that he had died and was in nothingness.

"Great I have died and become something even less than nobody" Zexion grumbled but this situation was at least a little better than being trapped in the dreadful hospital.

A distant laugh made his none-existence heart skip a beat. It was same laugh he had heard before and he was a little tired of it by now. "Show yourself!" He demanded and young boy appeared out of nowhere.

The boy looked to be eleven years old and wore the same hospital gown that Zexion wore. Zexion guess that this boy was another victim of the doctor but who was his and what was going on?

Zexion though defenseless stood his ground "who are you?" He asked with little kindness in his voice.

The boy laughed into his hand and stepped closer to Zexion. "It's okay Zexion I'm a friend and I wish to help you." He offered but the schemer glared at him with little trust.

The boy didn't look offended as he continued to smile at Zexion kindly. "My name is Ian and I can assure you that you are not dead. You are sleeping at the moment and were talking through this dream." He explained.

Zexion believed him for he felt his mind energy being used. The boy was also giving off an odd type of energy that he couldn't put his finger on. "Alright, Ian, why do you wish to help me?" He asked.

"I'm glad you asked." He said and suddenly the whiteness disappeared and they were in the hospital--no the hospital looked different. It looked cleaner, warmer, and oddly nice. "Follow me and I'll make everything clear." Ian said, leaving Zexion little choice but to follow.

"I've taken you into a memory of mine Zexion. You see I was once a resident of this hospital; back when it was nice and a safe place." Ian led Zexion down a flight of stairs. "But thing have changed since then, many things. A terrible thing happened and the doctor went crazy." Zexion stopped, refusing to go further.

"What is this terrible thing that happened and what do you mean you 'once' a resident here?" He asked with suspicion.

"Also you must be very powerful to be able to take us both into a memory of yours. If you wish to help me than return my powers and take other organization members and me back to our castle." Zexion ordered.

Ian smiled sadly, understand Zexion frustration. "I wish too do that, truly, but it's not that easy. Please listen to my tale and trust me. I know what your going through and plus I wish to show you something." Whether or not he knew that Zexion was going to follow he continued down the stairs.

Everything in Zexion logical mind told him not to follow the boy and force himself to wake up but something in him made continue to follow Ian.

"You see Zexion you and your friends remind the doctor of the children he used to take care of here. When the terrible thing happened the doctor felt like he failed and wanted to start over, that's when he found you and your friends." Ian had led Zexion down to a basement. In the basement was a large door with a single window.

A horrible vibe was coming from that door. The vibe was making Zexion feel worse and almost sick. "W-what happened in there?" He was almost afraid to ask.

Ian placed his hand on the door, no longer facing Zexion. "You're about to wake up so there no time to tell you more, but listen to for one last moment." He entrusted, Zexion listen closely. "You must come back down here when you're awake. That will help--oh don't let them give you any medicine!" The boy pushed.

Zexion was almost about to quote Xigbar and say duh, but he didn't. "Why, what does this have to do with what the doctor injected me with?" He asked.

Everything was becoming hazy but he could see Ian nod..

"It's going to take little time but you mustn't take any medicine. It will only make you worse!" And just like that the boy was and the memory of the hospital was gone.

The next thing Zexion saw was Vexen's green eyes looking down on him. "V-Vexen?" A groggy Zexion mumbled. So Luxord was able to win the game after all.

"He's waking up Luxord--Ah, I thought you were going to fade on us Zexion. It's a good thing Luxord brought you too me." He told the schemer.

Zexion tried to sit up but the pain in his stomach protested and so did the IVs that were sticking out in his arm. Ian words echoed in his head. 'Don't take any kind of medicine; it will only make you worse!"

Luxord came over, with a large nurse behind him. "Zexion your okay!" Luxord said with relief as he stroked Zexion steel hair.

"Ah, yes the boy looks to be getting better." A very large man-like nurse said. Neither Vexen noir Luxord looked happy to have her there but Zexion guessed she was there to keep an eye on them.

Zexion looked at Vexen, who was still wearing his Organization coat and looking well and then to Luxord who still looked a little out of it. Then he looked at the large nurse who was just a little taller than Vexen but even wider than Lex. She was a mixture of fat and muscle and very fierce looking.

After looking at the three who oddly staring at him back he looked at his arms and in a sudden jolt he began to rip the needles out his skin. The three acted quickly in trying to hold Zexion and prevent from ripping out the IVs.

"Zexion, Zexion stop it now!" Vexen ordered as Luxord and the Nurse fought with Zexion.

"No, no, no!!" Zexion yelled at the top of his lungs as he fought with all his might. "The medicine will only make me worse, so please just listen to me!" He cried.

Out of the three Vexen knew Zexion better then Luxord and of course the nurse. Zexion would never act in such a manner or raise his voice like that in less something was severely bothering him. So, he merged his way through Luxord and the nurse and stood in front of Zexion, cutting the two off. "Stop for a moment!" Vexen panted.

"Zexion is obviously trying to tell us something." He said looking to Zexion who taking the moment of peace to catch his breath.

Six nodded his thanks to Four as he backed up on his bed just in case they wanted to hold him down again. "The medicine is only going to make me worse." He said and before he could get another word in the nurse laughed loudly.

"The child is crazy." She said in a Swedish accent. "It must be the fever talking. I'll hold him down and you can put the IVs back in." She offered but Zexion yelled no at the top of his lungs again.

"No, no more medicine. This boy, Ian told me that it will only make me worse!" Zexion urged.

Luxord and Vexen exchanged worried glances, thinking that the young schemer was loosing it. Vexen placed both his hands togather and tapped his chin as he tried to figure this out. "Number Six who is this Ian?" He asked.

Zexion opened his mouth to explain but telling them that a little boy in his dream told him not to take medicine even sounded stupid to him. "It's kind of hard to explain but--Arg!" Zexion cried as the doctor (who came out of nowhere) took out the needled he had just stabbed into Zexion shoulder.

"That should calm him down." Dr. White said as he tossed the needle aside. "Dr. Vexen it's not wise to let your patients boss you around. I'll have you fired if you can't be a good doctor." He said causing Vexen to pull at his long blond hair.

"I am not a doctor I am a scientist and for the last time I do not work for you!" Vexen yelled loosing his patients. He looked over to Zexion who was starting to look groggy.

The doctor only chuckled at Vexen rant and went to place his hand on Zexion but before he could Luxord slapped his hand away and stood defensly in front of the small nobody. "Stay away from him. You've done enough damage!" He snapped at the doctor.

The doctor removed his small spectacles and sighed. "I only wish to help. You see young Zexion is slowly becoming insane as you can see, but you have no idea how to handle it. I can heal his body and mind if you would only allow me--" Vexen interrupted by slamming his fist on a near by counter.

"Get out." Vexen hissed "Get out now." He order and the doctor smiled oddly.

"Fine, fine I will go. Nurse Helga please keep an eye on them." He told and left them.

Zexion looked to be dead-asleep when Vexen checked him to make sure that the doctor only gave him a sedative.

"Is Zexion okay?" Luxord asked as Vexen checked over the boy. The academic nodded and stomped over to a door that lead to another room. He could have sworn he heard the older man curse under his breath with the mention of the doctor.

The nurse stepped in between Luxord and Vexen, grabbing both of there collars. "The patient is sleeping, let us leave him be." She said dragging them both into the other room.

"But, I need to exam Zex-!!" Vexen said for he was pulled into the room and the door was slammed.

The slamming of the door made Zexion's eyes snap open. "Ouch, damn my body not going to be able all these injections." He said as pulled out the IVs again. He could Luxord, Vexen, and the nurse in the other room and knew that Vexen noir Luxord was going to listen him.

The schemer banged his small fist on the bed he was resting on. He had to get out of here and to safe place where he could rest, but there was no such place. Only if someone would listen to him!

He scofted at the thought "the only person who ever listens to me is Lex-..." His eyes widened at the idea. He sniffed the air for Lex's scent and found it not to be too far. He would have sneak out of the room and hopefully not to get caught by any nurses or the doctor himself. Very slowly and very carefully he rolled out of bed. When both of his feet hit the cold hospital floor and that's when the real pain hit him.

The pain in his stomach traveled to his head and down to his legs. Each step to the door felt like a jolt of lighting was running through his body-far worse than being attacked by Larxen.

It was only the start of his challenges but he made out of the room without anyone noticing.

A fast walked turned into a slow walk, then to a limp, now Zexion found himself almost crawling on the floor.

Beads of sweat and what could have been tears fell from face and body due to the fever and pain. "A little further.." Zexion said to keep himself going.

It wasn't before long Vexen, Luxord, and the nurse returned to the room to see a vacant bed and a missing Zexion.

"What did you do?!" Vexen automatically excused. "You had another nurse take him away somewhere when we were gone, didn't you?!" He pointed at the large nurse who grabbed the finger and bent it backwards cause the academic to pull away and nurse his injured finger.

Helga sent Luxord a warning glare not to try as well as she examined the room for Zexion. "It seems we have a run-away" She chuckled. "I go look for him, poor boy must be frightened." She sighed and the giant woman left to find Zexion.

Lexause scent was filling his nostrils the closer get got. The Hero had never smelt so good to him. "I'm almost there-arg." He groaned falling to the floor, clutching his chest. "I can make it, I can make it, I don't fail." He encouraged himself.

He kept himself going to till he heard an low voice in the distance, "Come out, come out wherever you are." A voice sang. He sniffed the air to identify the voice. Helga was close by.

What Zexion recognized as fear and found the strength to get up on both his feet to somehow out run the large woman. She becoming closer and close by the seconded.

"I can hear a little one breathing very deeply. He must be close." She was right around the corner, taunting if he were some small child playing hide and seek.

Zexion fell again, tripping over himself. He clawed onto the ground and began dragging himself with what little strength he had left. "Arg-ah!" He cried as pain was surging through his body.

Humming from behind him came; it was Helga taunting him more. "Hush little baby, don't say a word…" She began to sing.

Zexion ignored the song as he saw the room where Leaxuase scent was coming from. Just as he crawled to the very edge door he the presence of something very large behind him.

"Mama gunna by you a mocking bird." Helga smiled, flashing her yellowed teeth.

Zexion stared at her in fear with his back against the door.


What will Xigbar, Demyx, and Axel do about Saix? Poor Zexion…so close will he make it to Lex? And what Helga surely she won't let Zexion get away with running away. Next will journey to Larxene who is in quite the situation in maternity ward…pick one of the other organization members, why you ask? Hahaha that is for me know and you to find out. Till next time.