Harry Potter and the Path of Fate

Chapter One

Harry Potter stared up at his ceiling in his room at number four privet drive, wondering what he had done wrong in his past life to piss off some higher power. Three weeks ago, Harry's godfather Sirius Black had lost his life to his own cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange. Whose very name made many people feel shivers crawl down their back, but not Harry; Harry, along with a few others felt a blinding rage when they heard those two words uttered.

Harry gave a small growl of anger at the very thought of the monster's name, she had stripped him of his last chance for a family of his own, of his last connection to his parents, hell his last chance to be happy! He was angry at Dumbledore, for keeping him in the dark about his role in the war and the prophecy declaring him to be the only person able to kill the Dark Lord Voldemort, angry at himself for falling for Voldemort's trap, angry at Kreacher the house elf for lying to him about Sirius' whereabouts, and even angry at Sirius for leaving the safety of his own home to come and save Harry.

Harry immediately felt guilt wash over him at that last thought, for the Sirius had done the same exact thing Harry had done, he had come to save his only remaining source of happiness, Except his rescue mission was legitimate, mine was a trap, Harry thought angrily.

Harry brought himself under control, trying to implement Snape's lessons of clearing his mind until he could feel his breathing and heart rate slow. At the end of the school year, two days after the disastrous rescue mission in the Department of Mysteries, Dumbledore had called Harry to his office. Harry had walked into the Headmaster's office with trepidation, wondering if he was going to be in trouble because he had destroyed the headmaster's trinkets. Instead, the headmaster had given him a book on Occlumency and Legilimancy to study over the summer vacation, and that he would be taking over those lessons in the coming year.

Harry had studied hard to become somewhat proficient at the mind arts, and had found that there were a few different types of Occlumency that a wizard or witch could use. The first and most simple, yet time consuming was building mental walls, this involved spending hours in meditation and literally building a wall brick by brick inside your mind to prevent intrusion. The building of this wall had to be brick by brick because then the wizard would be intimately familiar with every stone of the wall and thus be able to identify where an attack was being launched on his mind. The problem with this method was that an attacker would only need time to destroy the wall, then not only would they be able to gather the information you needed, but if the wall had been in your mind long enough for it to root itself to the very structure of your mind, then you could become mentally damaged. Aurors who sometimes had sensitive information but did not have the time to master the mind arts commonly used this method.

The second method was where the subject organizes their mind into different sections, for example, every memory of an experience at the zoo, would go into a room or file cabinet labeled zoo. The problem with this was that every mental attack from a legilimens could result in the memories being uncategorized, plus, you needed to be skilled in legilimens to fend of an attack this way, though those skilled in the mind magicks would be able to think up defenses on the fly, some even creating entire armies inside their mind to protect the information housed there.

The third method was a combination of the two first methods, the wizard or witch would sort their mind into categories and place memories and information into these mental rooms, sensitive material going farther back and useless material, like what you had for lunch today, would go near the front. After categorizing seventy percent of your memories, your mind would begin to automatically categorize memories into their respective "rooms". At this point, you would begin to arm your mind with fortifications and offensive weapons.

Harry had found that most people built small mental palisades as proximity alerts, and inside that was a wall of huge proportions, where inside that would be memories along with traps for those who weren't familiar with the mind. The books had stated that variety in the defenses was key to defending from an attack, a legilimens looks for patterns and uses that to his or her advantage, but if every defense is different from the last, they cannot predict what they will encounter next.

Harry had nearly finished categorizing his mind, in a few days time he would be at the point where his mind would take over and subconsciously sort through experiences, this way he would not have to put every new experience in a room when he encountered something new. A side effect of his studies had presented itself in the form of faster comprehension and mental processing, actually speeding up the process of learning to protect his mind.

Doing the busy work of filing his memories and knowledge had been able to take his mind off the loss of Sirius, and the empty feeling in his chest whenever he thought of the subject. Now that Harry thought about it that was probably part of the reason Dumbledore had given him this book.

Harry sat up on his bed and swung his legs off the bed so they touched the wooden floor. For some reason Harry could not get to sleep tonight, his body felt antsy, like something was about to happen that only his subconscious could sense and was readying itself for it. Harry could feel the familiar feeling of adrenaline pumping into his bloodstream, increasing his reflexes and strength for a short amount of time. Then Harry saw a flash of something green at the crack between the door and the floor and heard a large thump in the hallways. That could only mean one thing.

Harry ran to his drawer and grabbed a pair of pants before lifting the broken floorboard and grabbing his wand out of the small compartment, thanking whatever god was listening that he had snuck it upstairs when he got back from Hogwarts.

Harry heard two more thumps, one very soft and one just as heavy, if not more so as the first one Harry had heard. He was the only one left.

Flipping his bed over so it was a barrier of sorts against the attackers, he rested his wand on top of it pointing at the door. He heard footsteps closing in on the doors, Harry tried to distinguish how many of them there were but he could not truly tell.

Just then, the door was blasted off its hinges with enough force to send it clear across his room and smash through his window, just leaving a few shards of glass sticking from the sides. Harry immediately fired off a blasting curse at the first black robed figure that strode through the door. Not expecting the spell, the Death Eater's arm was blown to a fine red mist, with wood shards and a dragon heartstring flying into the man's face as his wand was destroyed as well.

Not paying attention to the fact that he had just crippled a man for life Harry immediately began to fire other spells into the hallway where the man had just fallen back to; he heard a thump before he heard the footsteps retreat down the steps, this time only one pair of feet.

Harry cautiously stepped out from his cover and strode to the hallway, he peered out of his doorway down the steps, he could not see anybody down there, but he had not heard the door so he knew that one Death Eater was still in the house. He peered the other way, saw his cousin's body lying in the doorway to the bathroom, eyes wide, and yet blank, with a look of horror and disgust on his face.

The two death eaters before him were both out of the fight, the one who had fallen under the barrage of stunning spells was laying with his back against the wall with his mask knocked off; Harry identified the man as Goyle senior, and immediately grabbed him and dragged him into his room. Harry then went about getting his things and throwing them into his trunk which he placed a magical expansion charm on it. Now that he had performed magic, he figured he would not hurt if a few more spells were done, either way, Number Four Privet Drive had been compromised, and he couldn't stay here, regardless of what Albus Dumbledore had said. After throwing all he had into his trunk, he put a feather light charm on both the trunk and Goyle and charmed the trunk to float behind him.

He bent down, picked up the now weightless Goyle, held him as a human shield against spell fire, and walked out into the hallway. Seeing that the hallway was clear, Harry stepped down the stairs cautiously until he reached the bottom where he heard a swish! Harry ducked as he felt a whoosh of air come at him. A red spell flew over his head and hit the wall behind him, which subsequently started to disintegrate until all that was left was a pile of dust on the floor.

Swinging Goyle around so he took the spell fire, Harry unleashed a barrage of curses on the black robed figure standing in the kitchen. Seeing his Aunt's knife set behind the man Harry made a split second decision and cast a levitation charm on them. When the Death Eater turned to see what Harry had charmed, Harry flung them into the man's flesh. The Death Eater intercepted them with a cutting board but it was all the time Harry needed to send a stunner in the man's back and render him unconscious.

Harry dropped Goyle unceremoniously on the floor and rushed to make sure the unidentified Death Eater was truly down for the count. Harry turned the corner and saw his attacker lying face down next to a cutting board with a full set of knives stuck into it. Harry grabbed the attacker's wand and snapped it in half, before throwing it in the rubbish bin. He quickly cast an incarcerous on both this man and Goyle and sat them down next to each other. He took the mask off of the unidentified one and gasped at what he saw, Lucius Malfoy's unconscious face was sunken and under fed, and yet still maintaining an aristocratic air. The true question was why he wasn't in Azkaban. Had Voldemort once again made an assault on the island and freed his most loyal followers? Alternatively, had Lucius Malloy once again paid his way out of jail time?

It was a question for another time as Harry suddenly remembered the first Death Eater he had encountered and rushed upstairs to see a figure on the ground, twitching slightly every few seconds, and a stump of redness laying by his side. The pool of blood had expanded exponentially so that his entire figure was soaked, along with the surrounding floor. The man's remaining hand was deathly pale; if it weren't twitching every so often then Harry would have thought that he was dead.

Seeing the blood and the fleshy stump of an arm, and knowing he was responsible, Harry abruptly let loose the contents of his stomach onto the floor before sliding down the wall into a sitting position, all the while watching the dying Death Eater until his remaining arm didn't twitch any more.

Tears started to drop at the sight of a man who had died at his hand, from a hex they learned in their fifth year! This wasn't what he had wanted, Harry's mind unbidden immediately thought of a family that was waiting for this man to come home, not knowing that he would never be coming back now.

As Harry thought that, his logical side argued that he was only acting in self-defense, if he hadn't taken the measures he had taken, and then he could very well be within Voldemort's clutches right now, suffering a fate far worse than death.

Suddenly the door was smashed open and Aurors came pouring into the house with wands at the ready, running through the downstairs floor to check for enemies, only finding two tied up Death Eaters. They turned their attentions up the stairs, where they could hear unsteady breathing. The Captain, designated by his blue stripes on the shoulder of his red robe customary of the Aurors, signaled for one of his subordinates to take point.

The young woman named Nymphadora Tonks cautiously took a step up the stairs until she could see Harry Potter, leaning against the wall staring at something just out of her view. She looked closer and saw tears running down his face.

"It's clear, no more Death Eaters" Harry said without shifting his gaze, Tonks signaled to her commander that it was clear before moving up the rest of the stairs. When she got to the top, she let out a gasp at the sight before her. Now she saw the subject of Harry's shock. Laying there was man in a puddle of his own blood, even Tonks, an Auror, nearly let her lunch come up, but just managed to hold on at the sight of the man's mangled arm.

"Mr. Potter, are you all right?" the Commander said, "I am Auror Commander Shinks, we need to get out of this place immediately, so if you wouldn't mind, grab your things and let's go."

Harry nodded, almost absentmindedly and stood up to his full height of five foot ten inches. He walked down the stairs without knowing his feet were moving and grabbed his trunk with all of his things with it. Within seconds the Aurors had escorted him out of his home of fourteen years and portkeyed him to the British Ministry of Magic.

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