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Chapter Nineteen

"We lost contact suddenly with Master Mundi's rescue team an hour ago, a few minutes after they entered the Kamino system" said one of the Jedi Masters who had just sat down in the circle of the High council.

The Jedi High Council was situated in the highest spire of the Temple, and was responsible for the most important decisions of the temple, mainly those that involved large armed conflicts or the possibility of said conflicts.

Outside of the windows of the council chambers, the setting Coruscanti sun was setting in the distance while airborne highways filled the sky, light glaring off the windshields of the speeders into the eyes of those high enough to see it.

"Not much, can we do." Yoda said sorrowfully, "Rely on their training they must, by the time we would get there, whatever happens, already would have."

"We should at the very least send a transport, what if their ship was damaged?" asked Shaak Ti earnestly.

"We can't just send a team of jedi into what we know to be a warzone, especially when three skilled ones have been subdued." One of the masters said, stress showing on his face.

"Maybe the temple cannot sanction such a mission, but perhaps a personal vacation is in order for a few of us?" One of the Jedi Masters who had been silent thus far said, the corner of his lips twitching upwards.

"I could use a small amount of time off" One of the younger human masters said.

"Well then, Master Sifo-Dias, you may take a week off of your council and jedi duties, perhaps you may want to bring someone along with you?" Mace Windu said, his lips twitching.

"I will bring Master Dooku with me, we won't be gone long" Sifo-Dias said in his soft voice.

"Then adjourned, this council meeting is, may the force be with all of you." Yoda said clearly from his seat.

On his cue, the entire Jedi high council collectively stood up and walked out of the chamber, meeting up with colleagues and chatting about happenings in and around the galaxy that they had heard of.

Master Sifo-Dias moved quickly through the corridors of the Jedi Temple towards his old mentor's room. He had known Master Dooku since he had been inducted into the order, and even though he had not been his master, Dooku had given much of his time to not only train, but also raise Sifo-Dias. He had wanted a chance to reconnect with his old mentor but chances had been few and far between for the past while. There were even talks of Dooku considering leaving the order and becoming a hermit somewhere on the outer rim. Sifo-Dias scoffed at these rumors, Dooku was too driven to accomplish the goals of the council (which were never ending) to even think about retiring to a cave in the middle of nowhere.

Coming to Dooku's door, Sifo-Dias raised his hand to knock and quickly rapped sharply on the door. He was answered by the metallic door sliding quickly open with a light hiss to reveal Dooku sitting on his sofa reading a small datapad.

"Master Dooku" Sifo-Dias said respectfully in greeting.

"Ah, Master Sifo-Dias, a pleasure to see you, though I sense that you are not here to exchange greetings alone."

"No, we must go to Kamino, we have lost contact with the rescue crew sent to rescue Padawan Potter." Sifo-Dias said, getting straight to business as he knew Dooku would wish.

"Could it not be just a small malfunction with the ship?" Dooku asked seemingly uncaring, but Sifo-Dias knew him well enough to know that his interest was peaked, and had already made his decision to go with him.

"It may, and probably is, but for something a situation as delicate as the one on Kamino right now, we need to make sure that it is just a minor problem."

"Well then," Dooku said with a sigh as he stood from his seated position, "We should begin our journey immediately then, should we not?"

With a smile, Sifo-Dias responded, "After you Master."

"Wake up kid" Hugo's voice said grumpily, sharply cutting into Harry's less-than-restful sleep, though sleep nonetheless.

"Wha's goin on?" Harry asked groggily, slightly peeved at being so rudely awoken.

"There's a situation with the Jedi." Hugo said shortly before turning around.

That was all Harry needed to wake up completely and jump out of bed. Walking briskly behind Hugo, Harry followed the bounty hunter towards the medical bay, where they had placed the three injured Jedi to be tended to by the medical droid they had discovered.

As the two entered the grey walled room Harry took in his surroundings, for he had not had much time to appreciate it before this moment. The walls were tinted a dark grey and made up of a material that looked much like concrete, though the shine reflecting off the walls betrayed the metallic material used in the creation of the ship. There were four lines of ceiling lights that ran down the room lengthwise, providing a bright, clinical feel to the room. There were a variety of medical machines, all blinking or displaying some form of readout, all of which meant absolutely nothing to Harry, though apparently it did to the medical droid. The beds were laid with clean white linen and flat pillows; though the furnishings of the room held his attention as he walked in, his focus was quickly stolen by the three people situated in the beds before him.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were sitting in bed with their backs to the wall and looking much better than they had been when they came onto the ship. The other figure in the other bed, his Master, was still lying down with a bandage around his head, a slight red mark showing through the bandage near his elongated temple.

At the foot of Ki-Adi's bed stood Benny talking to the medical droid, Harry could barely make out some of the words in the conversation.

"Fragile skull… fragments and… possible brain damage…" were the only words Harry needed to here from the medical droid.

"What?" Exclaimed Harry from his position in the doorway, fear evident in his voice. "Did you just say brain damage?"

Both Benny and the medical droid turned to face the two newcomers to the room, the two healthy Jedi opening their eyes as well to see Harry and Hugo.

The medical droid spoke up in a metallic voice, "Yes, Master Mundi's species is one that is very susceptible to brain damage, where this crash may have caused a concussion in a human, as we see in Master Jinn and Padawan Kenobi, but because the Cereans are so developed in their central nervous system, their brains literally needed more room, which caused a thinning and warping of the skull that is so clear today in their cranial structures.

"Because of this thinning and warping, the skull, while still able to withstand normal shocks of everday happenings, and even some abuse, it was not meant to be flown into a building made of durasteel and come out intact."

Harry was staring at the medical droid with hard eyes, "What does that mean? Can't you just fix him?"

"The brain of Master Mundi was complex to begin with, but the fact that he is also a force user, I alone could never operate successfully on him, his access to the force would either destroy both of us in an attempt to protect himself, or I would err in my surgical attempts, as the shrapnel is buried deep within the brain, and it would take much skill to pull such pieces out."

"Then what can we do? Can't we just bring him back to Coruscant and have the Jedi healers work on him?" Harry asked, some desperation in his voice now.

"I am afraid not," The metallic voice answered, "Because of the position of the shrapnel and bruising, the blood is having difficulties getting to specific parts of the brain necessary for long term survival, which means he has less than a few days to live, if that much."

Harry was becoming infuriated by the lack of emotion expressed by the droid, even though he knew it was pieces of metal put together and was physically incapable of showing emotion, anger and frustration still flooded through him at the droid's words.

"So you're saying that nothing can be done? That we just have to sit and watch him die?" Harry hissed at the robot, his anger awaking the two other Jedi from their trance.

"Harry! Calm yourself!" Qui-Gon said sharply, but his words mattered little to Harry right now.

"Of course not sir!" The robot cut in, "If you were able to supply a team of doctors and medical droids and a well stocked operating room, then we would be able to remove the shrapnel, but until we have all of that, there is nothing we can do."

Just then, before Harry could snap back at the robot, Hugo cut in, "We could go visit the Doc"

Benny looked up, a hopeful expression on his face, "The Nar Shadaa sector is only half a day's journey from here, which would give us time to find him."

"Who's the Doc?" Harry asked, curious, forgetting his frustrations for the moment.

"The Doc is a witch doctor on Nar Shadaa, who treats the injured there, but for a price." Hugo said, though there was a hint of caution in his voice, "He uses the force in ways that most Jedi cannot to heal others, the problem would be finding him, that way only trained bounty hunters and mercenaries can find him, the ones that can actually pay him for his services."

"Harry, there is no guarantee that we can find him at all, it is partly luck in finding him at all. Even if we do find him, we don't have the money to pay him for his services, and just because he uses his force powers for healing doesn't mean he won't use them for more… violent acts." Benny interjected.

"Are you suggesting we just let him die?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Absolutely not, but I am saying be prepared for the worst when we find him."

"Harry" The voice of Qui-Gon rang out strongly from his bed, "This doctor is strong in the force, but he uses the dark side to do his bidding. He is a dangerous person who uses his powers for his own benefit, which means he is more willing to use his powers for evil than Jedi would be."

Harry turned to Qui-Gon with a face of determination, nothing could change his mind now, "He's our only choice, I'll keep what you have said in mind, but I must at the very least try to save my Master's life. This is his only chance, unless anybody else knows of a doctor capable of this feat that is just as close?"

Looking around, Harry was answered with silence, "Then we'll go to Nar Shadaa, and find Doc."

Benny glanced up from the floor at Hugo before moving his eyes to Harry, "I'll go adjust the navigation coordinates, we'll be there in eleven hours."

Nodding to the rest of them, Harry walked out of the room, not entirely sure where he was going or what he was going to do once he got there, but he knew he needed space, he needed to be alone.

Master Sifo-Dias put the ship down on the landing pad, slick with the rain that was blasting down upon the metallic surface. The ship bucked as he lowered it down against the wind, which was blasting across the ship at speeds that could lift and toss a child into the turbulent waters below.

With a thump, the ship settled onto the landing pad and Sifo-Dias powered down the ship, which let out a hisses and moans as it depressurized and allowed generators and thrusters to die out. The only sound that Sifo-Dias could hear was the pounding rain on the windshield as he sat in his seat preparing himself for the worst.

Footsteps on cold metal broke through the sound of the rain's trance-like song in Sifo-Dias' ears. Dooku stepped into the cockpit of the light freighter and leaned onto the back of the pilot's chair.

"Well then, we best be getting inside and seeing what has happened. Shall we?"

Sifo-Dias nodded absently, unbuckling his cross-lap and shoulder seatbelts before standing up and exiting the cockpit behind Dooku.

The plan, if you could call it that, was to walk straight to the Prime Minister underneath the identity of foreign dignitaries that were in need of an army for personal protection. They had set up a meeting on the way over with the Prime Minister himself, who also happened to be the owner of the planet's cloning system.

When they arrived, they were to use any means necessary, though hopefully subtle, to find out if the missing Jedi and mercenaries were still on Kamino. If they couldn't do that without revealing their true identities, then it would be a long and brutal fight back to the aircraft.

"I sense your nervousness Sifo-Dias" Dooku said, his deep calm voice seeming to boom even over the onslaught of rain they were walking through to get to the door.

"This plan is about as flawed as they can get Master Dooku, there are so many variables and so many things that can go wrong and probably will go wrong."

"Ah, but there is one variable that you have failed to add to your equation." Sifo-Dias looked to his side at Dooku curiously, "You've got me here." He finished with a smile.

Smiling back, Sifo-Dias couldn't help but feel even more anxious with those words at the meeting they were about to attend.

"Even so, I am uneasy about this place"

Nodding, Dooku stepped forward and opened the door to reveal a long necked Kaminoan standing in front of them.

"Please, come in, I will take you to our Prime Minister." The odd-looking creature said in a calm and polite voice.

"Thank you" Dooku said in his calm voice.

With a deep breath, the two Jedi stepped into the white halls of the Kamino, searching for any clues to the whereabouts of the missing Jedi.

The freighter lurched as it was pulled out of hyperspace, the metal that held it all together moaning slightly against the forces working against it. The passengers on board that were able to stand out of bed watched as the swirling blue faded to individual stars and a black and gold planet that loomed in front of them. Small and large ships zoomed through the skies, searching for their designated landing spots that they would be allowed to port in.

The planet looked something like a darker version of Coruscant, both in an aesthetic quality, but also the feel of the place, Harry could feel anguish roaring out from the planet.

"Welcome to Nar Shadaa everyone, the home of the homeless and the hopeless." Benny said softly, joking to himself.

A voice came over the radio, crackling every few words and gave them coordinates for a landing zone. In response, Benny navigated the ship through the others and smoothly piloted the spacecraft through the atmosphere to their designated landing point. Only a few minutes later, their craft settled on a concrete-esque landing pad where an alien with two antennae on its head and a small snouth below the eyes, which were like a fly's.

Harry, Benny, Hugo, and Qui-Gon made there way to the exit of the aircraft; Obi-Wan was still in a daze and had some slight memory loss, and even though he felt fine, they had decided it was safer to leave him on the aircraft, even if only to protect it.

The Rodian watched stoicly, with his hand on his blaster tucked into his belt, as the foursome walked down the ramp towards him. The odd green creature started to talk in a throaty tongue that Harry couldn't understand.

Thankfully, it appeared that the rest of his companions could, because Hugo reached into his pocket and pulled out a sum of credits before handing them to the Rodian. The alien nodded in acceptance and stepped aside to let them through into the city.

"Now all we have to do is find the Doc in a city of millions, and get him back to the ship in two days" Benny said, walking forward.

They all tried to keep their eyes from meeting others, their hoods up over their heads and hiding their faces.

It seemed as though they wandered aimlessly around the massive city for hours, though Harry perceived that each other member of the group was taking turns leading the group, each one trying to locate the Doc.

All of a sudden, Qui-Gon stopped short and turned around to face a shack made of what looked like sheet metal with a hole cut in the wall to serve as a door. Instead of an actual door, there were beads hanging down on strings that were pinned at the top of the door.

"In there" He said softly.

Harry stepped forward only to be interrupted by Hugo's outstretched hand holding him back. Instead Hugo stepped forward through the beads in front of Harry, putting himself in front of any danger that could be in there.

As Harry entered the shack, he noticed that familiar herbs were hanging from walls, along with vials of what looked like potions. The walls were covered in corkboard, which is what allowed everything to be pinned up. There was one light in the room, coming from a lamp that was sitting on the desk on the opposite side of the room.

Sitting at that desk was a cloaked figure that had an air of darkness around him. The figure was humanoid, and had a full head of blonde hair, if the back of which was anything to go by. The Doc was writing something down on the desk in front of him and seemed to be lost in thought.

Suddenly, almost giving Harry a start, the Doc turned around to reveal a youthful face with bangs of blonde hanging down to the corner of his eyes. Scars adorned his face, telling stories of battles that resulted in injuries to the man in front of him. Sharp blue eyes stared out under a heavy brow; if he was from Earth, Harry may have said he was of Russian or Nordic descent. Something about the man though, seemed familiar to Harry, almost like a sense of déjà vu.

"Doc, we need some help" Hugo said bluntly.

"Ah, of course, that would make sense" The Doc said in a heavy accent that Harry couldn't quite place, "You being you Hugo, I would not be surprised if any person coming on a trip with you needed to see me. Of course, despite our history together, I work for credits, and nothing else, and I sense you don't have the money required for a procedure, especially one on such short notice."

"Please," Harry pleaded, "You need to help him, I'll do anything!"

"Little boy," The Doc sneered, seemingly annoyed now, "What could you possibly do that I could not?"

Harry opened his mouth but closed it quickly, if he revealed that he could do whatever he wanted with his magic, then all his hiding so far would be worthless and magic could be exposed. The Doc took his hesitation and silence for another reason.

"That's what I thought" He said, "If you are able to come up with the money in time, then I'll be glad to do whatever you need me to do. But until then, please show yourselves out." Doc held his hand out to the doorway.

Qui-Gon spoke up at this point, "It's a Jedi"

This peaked the Doc's interest, as he turned back to Qui-Gon with interested eyes.

"A Cerean Jedi"

Doc's eyes widened even more as he took in these facts, before his face took on a curious expression.

"There are skull fragments embedded in his brain and he has two days to live, we need to get him treatment now." Qui-Gon continued stoicly.

It seemed as though Doc's curiousity was peaked however, as he said, "If I treat this Cerean, perhaps there is something you can do for me." The Doc was obviously thinking as he said this while looking into space somewhere around Harry's shins.

"Anything" Harry foolishly agreed.

"Bring him here today, and we can get started, and you four can get started on my task once you get back with the Jedi." Doc said, looking up into each of their eyes.

"Thank you!" Harry said, relief flooding his voice.

While Harry's face was one of relief, the other's faces were ones of anxiety.

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