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Pairings: Naruto x Sakura, a hint of Itachi x Sakura, eventually Sasuke x Sakura

Warnings: Language, some suggestive themes, and some OOCness.

Summary: What happens when the girl that's always been chasing you finally moves on to someone else? And what happens if that someone else happens to be your best friend? Will Sasuke win back Sakura's heart, or are the days of chase and be chased over forever?

Authors Note: This takes place in a private school located in Tokyo, Japan. The name of the school is Konoha Private Academy (go figure!). O yea, everybody is 16 years old and Itachi is actually not evil (at least not yet… tehe). All thoughts are like this: Hi people. Regular conversation and narration is like this: Hi people. Me talking is like this: Wats up? Sasuto's thoughts and talking are like this: I hate the world. And inner Sakura's thoughts are like this: O yea! Got it? Good! Seriously, on with the story!

Learning to Fall

By: aimini-chan

Chapter 1: Today is the day


Damn. Can't I get one moment of peace without having to hear…



Sasuke sat at his desk in his normal Sasuke Uchiha pose. His head was on top of his hands that were folded underneath his chin. Sasuke closed his eyes and tried to block out a certain pink haired girl.


Now, if Sasuke were a normal guy he would've jumped at the sound of a fist slamming down at his desk. But this is THE Sasuke Uchiha we are talking about. Sasuke sighed his trademark sigh and looked up at the girl in front of him. Well, more like glared at the girl in front of him.

Who's this girl you ask?

Why none other than Sakura Haruno who was glaring at Sasuke with the same intensity. Her bright green eyes flashed dangerously at the onyx eyes that glared back nonchalantly.

"Didn't you hear me calling you Sasuke-kun?"


"Don't you hn me!"


Sakura sighed.

Why doesn't Sasuke-kun ever notice me?

Maybe because you aren't aggressive enough like Ino.

Sakura shook her head sadly.

While Sakura was busy having a conversation with her inner self, Sasuke was busy thinking about more important things.

Why is this girl my best friend? She's annoying, arrogant, violent…well, I kind of like the violence, especially when it's at the dobe. She's always calling me Sasuke-kun. I hate that…I hate her… I hate my brother…hmmmm… I seem to hate a lot of things. But she is definitely at the top of my list…along with Itachi.

"Sasuke?" Sakura asked hesitantly.

You see, while Sasuke was having his private monologue, his expression had changed from neutral to violent and on the verge of psychotic.

Sasuke sighed and resumed his neutral expression.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?"

"Do you care where I have to be Sasuke-kkkkuuuunnnn?" Sakura giggled and batted her eyes. She knew how much Sasuke hated being called that, so she purposely dragged out the –kun.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and broke eye contact with Sakura.

Sakura smiled and hummed to herself as she took her seat right next to Sasuke. Sasuke rolled his eyes and decided to glare at the board instead. Sasuke knew that the worst was yet to come…

"Oi!!!! Teme!"

Sasuke growled. Of all things, why did the dobe have to show up to school today?

"Oi! Why are you glaring at the board? You're always in such a bad mood. That's not good, you're gonna get wrinkles and… other old people stuff if you keep doing that! Teme? I'm talking to you!"

"What do you want dobe?!" Sasuke asked irritably. He already had a massive headache, and it was only, Sasuke glanced at the clock, 7:35 a.m.

"DON'T CALL ME DOBE!!!!!" Naruto yelled.

"Ok then, dead last."

Naruto screeched and would've jumped the table if he hadn't noticed Sakura staring at him. Naruto instantly switched from kill Sasuke mode to woo Sakura mode.

"Hey Sakura-chan," Naruto said in a smooth voice.

Sakura just giggled and blushed. "Hi Naruto."

"You're looking mighty fine today. Yes, mighty fine indeed."

Sakura blushed even more, and placed her hand over her mouth shyly. Naruto gave her a foxy grin and winked at her before sitting down on the opposite side of Sasuke.

Sasuke glanced briefly at Naruto before glancing over to look at Sakura. She still had her hand over her mouth, but Sasuke could see that she had a huge smile.

What is up with Sakura lately? It seems that everything the dobe says to her makes her smile or blush. Could it be… no, that's not possible. Sakura has always hated Naruto. There's no doubt about it. Uchiha's are never wrong about…anything. But what if she did… no way. Besides, I'm sure Sakura would tell me if she liked… Sasuke almost choked as he thought, Naruto. And if she didn't, I'm sure her blabbermouth friend Ino would. Yes, Ino would tell me anything…she would probably have sex with me to. Sasuke smirked. I have nothing to worry about… Sakura tells me everything. Sasuke quickly looked away as Sakura turned to look at him. Or was she looking at Naruto?

But, why am I so worried about this anyway? It's not like I actually like Sakura or anything. Maybe it's just the thought of her liking Naruto. Besides, she's just another fan girl to me. An annoying fan girl who somehow became my closest friend. No, I could care less if she liked someone else. It would actually be better for both of us. I wouldn't have to deal with her pining after me and Sakura could finally be happy… Wait, I care about her being happy? That damn Itachi must've slipped something in my breakfast… or maybe I'm sick or something. I have more important things to worry about than who Sakura does and doesn't like… like,… well, nothing that comes to mind as of right now, but I'm sure there's something. Sasuke sighed. All this thinking about Sakura was causing his massive headache to intensify.

"SASUKE!" Naruto bellowed in his ear.

And the dobe sure wasn't helping.

Sasuke turned toward Naruto and glared at him. "What do you want usurantonkachi?"

Naruto huffed and gave Sasuke a deadly glare. "Can I copy your homework?"

"Don't you ever do your own homework dobe? Is it such a hard concept for you to pick up a pencil and write your own damn answers?"

Naruto's face turned deep red and for a second his eyes flashed bright red before returning back to sky blue. "Damn Sasuke! Who the f- - - shoved a stick up your ass last night?! All I requested was a chance to copy the genius Sasuke Uchiha's work, and you have to go and make it so difficult! I'm sure if I asked your useful brother Itachi for help, I guarantee he would help me," Naruto smirked as he said that last remark. He knew he had pushed Sasuke trigger and that Sasuke's homework would soon be his.

Sasuke growled and had his hands around Naruto's neck before Naruto could even yelp. "Don't you EVER compare me to my brother! I am nothing like him, and I will never be him! You got that Naruto?" The once loud and bustling classroom fell into a hushed silence. No one had ever seen Sasuke lose his cool before. That just wasn't how things happened with Sasuke.

Sakura gasped. "Sasuke stop! You're going to hurt Naruto!"

Normally, Sasuke wouldn't have paid attention to Sakura, but for some reason his hands unclenched from around Naruto's neck and he turned to look at Sakura with surprise. The look on her face had Sasuke bewildered. Sakura's face was ghostly white and her eyes were filled with fear and disgust. Fear and disgust for him, Sasuke Uchiha. Of course, his facial expression showed not a hint of emotion, but his mind was whirling.

What the hell? Why is Sakura looking at me like this? Normally, she would be cheering me on and helping me kick Naruto's ass. What is wrong with her? She's never looked at me like this before. Something's not right here…

Sasuke had no time to think before a hand was on his shoulder and he was whirled back around to look at Naruto.

"What the hell teme?!?! You nearly killed me just now!!! What is wrong with you?!"


"Don't ignore me you son of a bit…"

"Naruto you can look at my homework," Sakura said shyly. This was too much for Sasuke. He turned his back on Naruto and looked down at Sakura. He asked her one question.

"Since when?" What Sakura did next made Sasuke lose his mind.

She ignored him! Sakura Haruno ignored Sasuke Uchiha's question! Instead of looking up at him, she bent over her desk to find last night's homework. The class could only stare in surprise and amazement. Sakura's friend Ino even looked at her like she was crazy.

Sakura couldn't help but smile as she went around Sasuke and handed an even more confused Naruto her homework.

Ha! This ought to teach Sasuke to ignore me.

Hell Yea!

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