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Chapter 8: Or Was It Just a Lie?

"It's not funny… I could've been killed!" Sasuke growled defensively. After revealing the terrible and disturbing details of his ordeal and why he was in the state he was in, Sasuke expected to have Sakura and her mother feeling as if he had the worst life in the whole world and to lie sobbing at his chocolate coated feet. Clearly, fate had a grudge against the youngest Uchiha because both mother and daughter were holding their sides and openly laughing at the befuddled genius. Yes, there were tears, but tears of mirth instead of pity or sadness. Sasuke crossed his arms in front of his chest and tapped his chocolate covered foot as he waited for the two women to calm down. Sakura's mother was the first to regain control, shortly followed by Sakura.

"Oh, hah, lighten up, hah, hah, Sasuke," Sakura choked out as she wiped her eyes. Sakura's mother raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow at her daughter.

"Sasuke? I thought this was Naruto," Mrs. Haruno asked confusedly. Sasuke quirked an eyebrow as Sakura stiffened and slowly turned to face her mother.

"No, this is Sasuke…Sasuke Uchiha. You remember Sasuke don't you kaa-san?" Sakura asked through clenched teeth as her eyes darted between the chocolate covered teen and her bewildered mother. Sakura's mother tapped her chin in thought. Suddenly, a light bulb went on over the older woman's mind and she smiled suggestively at Sasuke.

AHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOT ANOTHER COUGAR!!! I DON'T WANT TO GET JUMPED AGAIN!!!!... Whoa… how did that light bulb appear over Mrs. Haruno's head? It's a little weird and outlandish… but interesting… OOOOOOOOOOOO, shiny…

"Ah, yes. Sasuke. I've heard so much about you from Sakura. Since the first day she met you, you're all she's been able to talk about," Mrs. Haruno's voice changed as she imitated her daughter. "Oh, mother! Sasuke-kun talked to me today! Sasuke-kun actually listened to me today!! Sasuke-kun let me put a bandage on his paper cut!!! OH… MY…GOSH, mother! Sasuke-kun touched my hand today!!!! Sasuke-kun let me copy his homework!!!!! Mother! I got to share a drink with Sasuke-kun!!!!!! It's almost like we kis-,"

"MOM!!!!!!" Sakura screeched as she cut her mother off. She reached for the shining light bulb over her mom's head and promptly threw it to the floor. Her face was flaming red and she was glaring daggers at her oblivious mother.

Why does she always embarrass me like this?!?!


Inner me! MANNERS!!!

Gomenasai… BUT, IT'S TRUE…

Sasuke-kun snorted and Sakura shot him her best evil eye.

"Lighten up," Sasuke jested and Sakura rolled her eyes before turning back toward her mother. Mrs. Haruno had a large grin on her face and she kept glancing between the two teens with meaningful glances.

"Well, it's a pleasure to finally be able to meet the famous Sasuke-kun," Sakura's mom wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and Sakura pinched the bridge of her nose in irritation. "If you excuse me, I have some chores that need finishing up. You are welcome to use our shower," Mrs. Haruno added as she took in Sasuke's current state.

"Arigato," Sasuke stated seriously as he bowed. Some chocolate dripped off the ends of his hair and onto the floor. Sakura's mother winced before leaning to whisper into her daughter's ear.

"He's pretty cute Sakura. Good choice." Sakura's blush flared up once again and she snapped at her mom.

"Don't you have chores to finish kaa-san?" Sakura's mother giggled and winked at Sasuke before she turned and walked back into the kitchen. Mrs. Haruno poked her head out of the entranceway to the kitchen.

"I don't want any babies from you two. But if you feel the call of nature, PLEASE use protection. Ok? I'll leave you two alone now," she finished and disappeared into the kitchen.

Sakura was mortified; she couldn't believe her mother had just said what she had just said! And in front of Sasuke of all people!!! She burrowed her face into her hands in embarrassment and Sasuke scratched his head nervously.

"Why does everybody think we are going to have sex?" Sasuke asked bluntly. Sakura shook her head in her hands and looked at Sasuke with a hopeless expression.

"I…don't…know! To adults, all teens are dogs in heat, waiting to hump one another," Sakura stated matter of factly. Sasuke blinked at how crude Sakura's explanation of teenagers and hormones was. Sakura shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and Sasuke smirked.

Sakura sure acts different at her house than she does at school. I kind of like her more this way… she seems more natural and almost human! Well, she is human, but when she's at school she acts like a fan girl and everyone knows fan girls are very close to being rabid dogs…in heat…with makeup…and clothes…and heels that can be used as weapons…

"Hn," was Sasuke's articulate response and Sakura rolled her eyes.

"Talkative as always, ne Sasuke?" Sakura said sarcastically as she turned away from the taller teen and made her way toward the stairs. Sasuke blinked with confusion as the pink-haired girl made her way up the wooden staircase.

Is Sakura just going to leave me standing here with chocolate dripping off of me? It's running into my… well… you guys know! Wait, who am I talking to? There's nobody here but me… right? HOLY *BLEEP*! I'M A SCHIZOPHRENIC!!!! OR I HAVE MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER!!!!!!! OR BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While Sasuke was having a private mental breakdown, Sakura continued to make her way up the steps. When she reached the top, she leaned over the railing on the second floor and cupped her hands around her mouth.

"ARE YOU COMING OR NOT?!?!" she shouted at the top of her lungs.

Sasuke, being so responsive as always, merely twitched before looking up at the obnoxiously loud girl with a confused expression. Out of nowhere, an old fashioned chalk board rolled out behind the pinkette (A/N: Since Sakura isn't as rich as Sasuke, they can't afford an uber-expensive and coolio super-sized plasma screen TV… so… they have a chalkboard instead!). Sakura pulled out a stick from her back pocket and pointed at an image of Sasuke taped to the board.

How the crap did she get a photo of me? Che, stalker…

"This is normally how you look," Sakura began. She ripped the image of him off the board and replaced it with a picture of a bar of chocolate.

"Actually, it was a pool of chocolate," Sasuke cut in. Sakura shrugged her shoulders and replaced the picture with… a picture of a pool of chocolate!

WTF?!?!?!?! How did she get a picture of a pool of chocolate?!?!?!

"This pool of chocolate resulted in you looking like…" Sakura paused dramatically before unveiling a picture of Sasuke covered in chocolate. Sasuke's eyes popped out of his sockets and he almost collapsed onto the plush carpet beneath his feet.

HOLY *BLEEP* ON A BUN!!!!!!! When did she take that picture?!?! Does she have freakin' hidden camera in her house… or my house…?

Sakura put the previous two pictures back onto the old fashioned chalkboard and drew a plus sign between the first two and an equal's sign between the last two.

"You plus pool of chocolate equals a chocolate covered you! Got it?" Sasuke could only nod dumbly. He was still trying to get over the fact that there was a strong possibility that he had never been truly alone…ever… Sakura erased the math symbols and removed the three images except for the chocolate covered Sasuke one. Out of thin air, a picture of a shower appeared in Sakura's hand and she placed it onto the board. She rapped the picture with her pointing stick before turning her attention back to the dumbstruck raven.

"This is an S-H-O-W-E-R," Sakura said smartly as she dragged out the word shower.

"NO… WAY! I thought that was your mom," Sasuke shot back with sarcasm.

"What about me?" Mrs. Haruno asked innocently as she poked her head out from the entrance to the kitchen. Sasuke instantly froze and Sakura's eyes widened. Both teens assumed the innocent-smile-saying-that-they-had-NOT-been-talking-about-her-and-if-they-were-which-they-WEREN'T-then-it-had-certainly-NOT-been-an-insult-in-any-way-shape-form-or-manner position, and kept that same facial expression until the older Haruno was so creeped out that she disappeared back into the kitchen. Sakura narrowed her eyes at the dark-haired teen and Sasuke crossed his arms and blew a piece of chocolate covered hair out of his eye and assumed the what-the-crap-are-you-staring-at-'cause-I-was-totally-not-scared-and-if-I-were-which-I-WASN'T-then-at-least-I-wasn't-as-scared-of-you-so-HAH position and waited impatiently for the other teen to continue her "lesson". Sakura spun back around to face the board and stuck the picture of the shower, a.k.a Sakura's mom, to the board and drew another plus sign between the two images.

"In conclusion, chocolate-covered you plus a SHOWER *insert 16 year old dark-haired teen rolling eyes and smirking* equals…" Sakura paused dramatically and Sasuke shifted his weight to his other foot with a squelch. The youngest Haruno reached behind her ear and produced an image of a somewhat wet Sasuke with a towel wrapped around his waist.

HOLY *BLEEP* TOPPED WITH *BLEEP* ON A BUN!!!!!! How… What… When… Where… you know what? I don't want to know… I prefer not to be mentally scarred for life thank you very much.

"… a clean you!" Sakura exclaimed before proudly sticking the photo next to the image of the shower. She separated the two pics with an equals sign and turned to face the mentally agonized boy.

"Any questions?" she asked smugly.

"So the whole point of that "lesson" was to tell me to take a shower?" Sasuke asked unbelievingly. Sakura smiled prettily and nodded her head. Sasuke fell down anime style and Sakura burst into a fit of giggles. She put one hand on the railing and promptly flipped over the rail and landed on her two feet on the first floor (A/N: DO NOT TRY THAT… EVER! I saw Tamaki Suoh, from Ouran High School Host Club, which is another anime show I LOVE, do that move in one episode and I remembered thinking I should totally add that in to this fanfic… so I did! ^^).

"Stop being so dramatic Sasuke," Sakura stated boredly as he slowly got to his feet.

Oh, so I'm the dramatic one… who's the person who decided to make a lesson out of simply saying take a shower, hmmm? Not me…

"Yea whatever… just tell me where your shower is," Sasuke asked with slight irritation. Who wouldn't be slightly irritated when covered in chocolate for the past hour? Sakura smiled sweetly and another chalk board rolled out and appeared behind the waiting pinkette. She grabbed her stick and pointed to the board.


"Never mind, let's go," Sasuke immediately said. He walked toward Sakura, grabbed her by the collar, and promptly dragged her behind him while she balanced on one foot and wildly flailed her arms around.

"Ne, Sasuke! You're so mean!!!" Sakura whined pitifully as the pair made their way up to the second floor.

"Now who's being dramatic?" Sasuke smirked as Sakura squealed with indignation.

I hate it when he does that…

When the two made it up the stairs, Sasuke never slowed his steady pace and continued down Sakura's hallway with an air of confidence.

"Do you even know where you're going?!" Sakura asked with exasperation.

"Nope," Sasuke replied as he continued to drag the girl behind him.


I have no comment…

"Ok, I'll tell you where MY bathroom is in MY house! Just let me go for Kami's sake!" Sakura shrieked. Sasuke released the struggling pinkette and Sakura grabbed his wrist in a totally unromantic way and pulled him further down the hall. She finally stopped at the 2nd to the last door and released Sasuke's wrist, much to his chagrin.

"This is the bathroom your highness," Sakura stated mockingly as she bowed. Sasuke smirked as he opened the door to his long-awaited destination. He turned in the doorway and took her hand before bowing formally. On the way back up, he paused halfway and smiled before pressing his lips to her hand.

"Arigato, fair maiden," he whispered, his lips still pressed against her hand. Sakura flushed at the feeling and Sasuke released her hand with a smirk as he promptly shut the door in her face. Sakura blinked in surprise before it finally occurred to her what just happened.

"SASUKE UCHIHA!!! YOU BASTARD!" she screeched as she pounded her fists on the closed door. She stamped her foot in frustration when she heard snickering behind the door and stomped back toward her room, muttering about arrogant bastards who do perverted things on purpose and such.

Sakura burst through the door of her room and quickly shut it behind her. She leaned against the door as she tried to catch her breath. She unconsciously rubbed her hand that Sasuke had held and kissed moments before.

Even if it was a joke… Sasuke-kun kissed me willingly!


Sakura smiled ecstatically and she raced over to her bed. She ungracefully landed and searched desperately for her cordless phone. When she finally found it under one of her plushie toys, she frantically dialed Ino's number.


Come on Ino. Pick up the phone!


She usually picks up on the 5th ring… what is she doing?!


I bet she's trying to steal Shikamaru from Temari… again… why doesn't she just tell him how she really feels?

HA! You're one to talk…

Did I say you could comment?



"Ino! Thank God! I thought you died or something… what the heck were you doing?"

"Sakura? Geez, I thought you were some weirdo stalker that was waiting outside my window!"

"Huh? Why would you think that?"

"I watched a movie with Shikamaru called…something…and that's what happened…only it was a killer instead of a molester…"

"Shouldn't you have been working on your project instead of fooling around with Shikamaru?"

"I WAS NOT "FOOLING AROUND" WITH SHIKAMARU! And FYI, we were working on our project! Studies show that parents that spend time together, alone of course, have a stronger bond and help to build a better future for their child then parents who don't do that!"



"I believe you ok? You don't have to get all defensi-"



"Gomen…So, why did you call me anyway?"





"Um, no… I'm not a pervert…"

"Aw, you're no fun Sakura… But why was he covered in chocolate exactly?"

"From what he told me and my mother, his brother decided to turn their whole house into some crazy nightclub and he literally fell through the floor and into a large pool full of chocolate."

"Wow, Sasuke's brother sure knows how to party…"

"Focus Ino! What should I do?"

"I already told you…"

"No not that sicko!"

"What are you talking about Sakura?"

"I have feelings for another boy who is NOT my boyfriend!"



"Ok, billboard brow, just stay calm. Why don't you just break up with Naruto? It's not that big of a deal, people break up all the time…"

"I can't do that!"

"Why not?!"

"Because…it's wrong!"

"Are you happy?"

"I don't follow…"

"Are you happy with Naruto?"

"I don't know…"

"Well, whatever makes you happy is the right choice. But no matter what you choose, I will back you 110%!"

"Arigato… but you know that's not mathematically possible right?"

"You're such a nerd Haruno! I've got to go; me and Shikamaru are making s'mores! Bye!"

"Ja ne!"


Sakura threw the cordless phone to a random location in her room and grabbed a pillow as she fell backwards onto her bed. She closed her eyes and listened to the sound of the running shower water.

I can't believe Sasuke-kun's taking a shower… AT MY HOUSE! Wait, what am I doing? I shouldn't be excited about this… he's not even my boyfriend! This has got to stop! I can't keep thinking such thoughts about him and get excited when he touches me… he's just a friend.


Did I ever tell you that you are no help whatsoever?


Sakura put the pillow in her arms over her head and released a heavy sigh. Why does everything have to be so complicated? Why can't I just be happy with Sasuke being my friend and Naruto being my boyfriend?


This has to be right… Naruto clearly said he loved me. Sasuke has never shown any interest in me…ever. So why is he acting so friendly and sweet all of a sudden?


IT'S BECAUSE OF NARUTO!!! I should've known… Sasuke hates it when Naruto beats him at something so he's trying to break me and Naruto up so that he can… no, that's not right…


Maybe it's because he's trying to prove to himself that he's not gay! He's never had a girlfriend before and there are hundreds of willing girls just waiting to be picked…logical, but not likely.


Perhaps he's really bored so he… THAT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!


"Sakura? If you could be so kind, could you bring me a towel?" All coherent thought stopped and Sakura forgot to breathe for a second. Did Sasuke really ask-

"Sakura? Are you there?" No, Sakura wasn't hallucinating or dreaming. Sasuke was actually calling for her to bring him a towel. She couldn't believe this was happening… it was too good to be true! A glistening, wet, and naked Sasuke wanted her to bring him a towel! Sakura could almost see it now…


"Sasuke? Here's your towel you wanted," Sakura called from outside the bathroom door.

"Come in so that I may dry myself with it," a smooth and extremely sexy voice called from the other side of the door. Sakura gulped before slowly turning the knob to the door. A gush of steam came from the inside of the steamy room and Sakura stepped shyly inside. She gripped the towel in her arms and almost fainted as she drank in the sight in front of her. Sasuke sat casually inside the tub and was looking at her with so much intensity it caused her to blush. He smirked his trademark smirk and stepped slowly out of the tub. Sakura's eyes wandered from his perfect face down past his broad shoulders to his perfectly defined chest, abs, and finally to his-


Sakura shook her head furiously. She had to get rid of such thoughts as quickly as possible. She didn't even think of Naruto in such detail!


"C-Coming! Just give me a second!" she quickly responded. She leaped off her bed and tore downstairs towards the linens closet. She grabbed the first towel that caught her eye and bolted back upstairs and sprinted toward the bathroom. She skidded to a stop right outside her destination and took a moment to calm her breathing and heart rate.

Okay Sakura. Just stay calm. Just give him the towel, WITHOUT looking at him, and walk right back out without a backwards glance.



"Sasuke? Here's your towel you wanted," the pinkette stated nervously.

"Could you bring it in so I can dry myself off with it?" Sasuke responded. Sakura gulped and mentally prepared herself.


She blushed a raging scarlet, shut her eyes as tight as possible, and decided to do a drive by towel drop off. Sasuke decided that Sakura must be mentally slow or something because it was taking her quite a while to bring the towel into him. Sasuke sighed before walking over to the bathroom door; he would just take the towel from her himself. Sakura lunged for the doorknob at the exact same moment that Sasuke turned the knob to open the door. The door swung open and Sakura barreled right into a naked (and very wet) Sasuke, who fell back onto the hard (and very unforgiving) linoleum floor. The back of the raven's head hit the floor with a smack and he temporarily saw stars. Sakura's eyes were still closed tightly but she was confused as to why she felt dampness. Sasuke's head was still spinning but he was confused as to why he felt a warm weight on top of him. At the exact same moment, both Sasuke and Sakura got their bearings and decided to assess the situation. Sasuke lifted his head off the floor and Sakura opened her eyes. Onyx met aqua-green and the two teens looked into the other's eyes with confusion. That is until Sakura looked down to see a naked chest and Sasuke broke eye contact to see Sakura right on top of him. That's when all hell broke loose.














"I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!"

Sakura pushed herself off the naked teen and threw the towel onto his shocked face and bolted out of the room as fast as her legs could possibly carry her. Sasuke peeled the towel off his face and stared at it for a long time before grimacing. It was his only choice right? Sasuke slowly sat back up and held his head with both hands. He now had a massive headache and he was praying that he didn't have a concussion.

Who would've thought Sakura would ever be able to knock me down? I must be getting weaker…and this towel sure isn't going to help…

Sasuke slowly got to his feet and clutched onto the edge of the sink to keep his balance. His vision swam for a few seconds and he closed his eyes tightly and clenched his teeth.

Come on Sasuke… get it together…GREAT! NOW I'M TALKING TO MYSELF IN THIRD PERSON!!!!!!

Sasuke shook his head furiously and leaned back down to grab the towel off the linoleum floor. When his eyes finally refocused, Sasuke began to dry himself. He reached over to grab his underwear off the top of the bathroom counter… only his underwear was not present. Sasuke's fingers continued to rub the counter, trying to find the missing garment. Sasuke cursed softly under his breath when he turned and saw that none of his clothes were where he left them; better yet, they weren't even in the bathroom!

"You've gotta be freakin' kidding me," Sasuke mumbled under his breath.


Sakura sprinted down the hallway and flew into her unoccupied bedroom at the speed of light. She buried herself under all of her pillows and covered her eyes as she rocked back and forth. The poor girl was positively mortified; never in a million years did she think she would see Sasuke naked…and when she did, she nearly killed him!






There's a bright side?


My inner self is a pervert…


"I'm gonna take it that the huge stack of pillows in the middle of Sakura's bed is indeed Sakura who built herself a pillow fort," a smug voice commented outside of Sakura's pillow haven. Sakura clenched her teeth and burst through her pillow "fort" with a wild expression on her face. Being so full of emotions, Sasuke merely blinked as the pink-haired teen leapt off the bed and pointed an accusing finger at him.

"YOU…" she began threateningly.

"Actually, I'm Sasuke Uchiha. If you're looking for a you, I think he…" Sasuke started but was immediately cut off by Sakura stomping her foot on the floor.

"You know damn well who I'm talking to Sasuke!" she screeched at the top of her lungs. Sasuke instantly shut his mouth.


While Sasuke mentally cowered in fear, Sakura advanced slowly toward the pale boy. Said pale boy began to back away as she continued towards him. He swore he saw fire burning around and behind her!

"I don't know why you think everything that I do is stupid or childish, but I'm sick of it! I'm sick of you embarrassing me and making me feel incompetent. Just seeing your face and listening to your voice pisses me off… I CAN'T STAND YOU!!!! You think you're better than everybody else and that compared to the rest of the human population you're the best thing since God himself! You barely talk to anybody and if you do, you either make weird sounds that aren't even words or you say something that makes the other person feel like they're worthless!!! You must be asexual or something, because you've never had a girlfriend or boyfriend in your life and after all these years, you start hitting on me and purposely make me confused and then you have the nerve to kiss me and make me like it-" Sakura covered her mouth in shock over the words that had left her mouth. Even her inner self had nothing to say! For the first time in years, Sasuke actually showed an emotion; surprise. Both of his eyes widened and his mouth formed a perfect o shape. But his surprise quickly turned into another, more dangerous, emotion; anger.

"What the hell are you getting mad at me for? You think that your life is so difficult just because you're confused about how you feel?" Sasuke's voice was low and Sakura blinked with shock when she noticed that he was shaking.

"Have you had to watch as your whole life was ripped apart in front of your eyes? Have you ever felt helpless as you watched the people you love turn into things that you don't even recognize? Do you come home wondering what's waiting for you on the other side of the door? Do you feel so much guilt that you wish that you could've died instead of your parents?! HUH?!?!?!?! YOU DON'T KNOW ME SAKURA! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH; WHAT I GO THROUGH EVERY DAY OF MY EXISTENCE!" Sakura's eyes filled up with tears as Sasuke locked eyes with her. She saw so many emotions in his wavering onyx eyes that it took her breath away. Sasuke clenched his fists by his side and broke eye contact with the teary eyed girl.

"I thought you had changed Sakura… I guess I was wrong about that to…" Sasuke whispered softly before he turned and walked away. Sakura's knees buckled and she covered her face in her hands. She broke down and sobbed as the weight of Sasuke's words crashed down upon her.

What have I done?


"Not now kaa-san…" Sakura choked out. Mrs. Haruno hesitated in her daughter's doorway. Clearly, something had gone terribly wrong between her only child and Sasuke. When she had handed him his clothes; washed, dried, and perfectly folded, he merely nodded in thanks and walked right out the front door…with a Hello Kitty towel wrapped around his waist.

The older Haruno walked cautiously over to her only daughter and sat down beside her sobbing child and held her as Sakura continued to cry. Sakura instantly leaned into her mother's warmth and she fisted her hands in her mother's apron. She wasn't crying because Sasuke had yelled at her; he had done that once or twice before. No; the real reason she was crying was because of the cold, hard truth behind his words. She really hadn't changed in his eyes; to him, she was still an immature, annoying, self-obsessed fangirl that only cared about looks, feelings, and boys. She couldn't begin to understand how much pain the dark-haired teen went through every day of his life because he wouldn't allow anyone to see past his walls. Just when Sakura had thought she had finally cracked his ice cold shell, she had shut herself out by bringing up something as trivial as a kiss.

Of course Mrs. Haruno didn't know what was going through her daughter's head. She thought that maybe he had tried to make a move on her and she had denied him access. Or perhaps he had admitted that he was in love with another girl… or boy… Mrs. Haruno didn't even know if Sasuke was straight after seeing him walk out her front door with a pink towel and a huge white kitten with a pink bow on its head. She patted her sobbing daughter's head gently and began to rock Sakura back and forth while whispering words of comfort.

When Sakura's sobs were reduced to sniffles, Mrs. Haruno released her daughter and slowly got to her feet.

"There are plenty of fish in the sea, dear. Besides, I don't think that boy was straight anyway… He probably plays for the other team," the older woman said softly. Sakura wiped her eyes and nose and gave her mother a look of utter confusion.

What is she talking about?


That's not at all awkward…

Sakura opened her mouth to object but was cut off by her mother's next words.

"Anyway, the reason I came up here was to tell you that the weather forecaster has predicted a strong thunderstorm tonight…" Sakura instantly jumped up from the floor and dashed around her room, looking for what she needed.



Sasuke slammed his fist into the nearest brick wall and instantly regretted doing so as he heard one of his knuckles crack. He cursed under his breath as he held his now injured hand. He really had to do something about that anger of his; it would be the death of him someday.

"HEY GOOD LOOKING! Christmas must've come early, 'cause Santa's got a package just for you!"

Unless that ridiculous Hello Kitty towel didn't kill him first. Sasuke promptly gave the man in the red sports car a particularly rude hand gesture and made his way down the deserted street. The man snickered before racing off down the street to go home to his wife.

Great, now I'm getting hit on by gay guys. Could my life be any worse?

No sooner did that thought cross the Uchiha's mind did the sky split open and pour down buckets of rain. Sasuke shouted a string of curses at the sky as he shook his fist at the unrelenting rain. The sky responded with a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder. And just to make things even better, Sasuke's towel decided to fall down right as a group of wannabe frat boys came roaring down the street. The dark-haired boy flushed a brilliant shade of red and he instantly retreated into the closest alley. He swore when he stepped into a particularly filthy puddle of god-knows-what and cursed when he saw that the clothes Mrs. Haruno had taken the time to clean and dry were soaking wet.

I hate my life…

With a grimace, Sasuke slipped on the dripping wet clothing and clenched his jaw when he realized he left his shoes at Sakura's house. But that was the least of his worries; without warning, his head was covered with a cloth bag and his hands were wrenched behind his back. He could feel his wrists being tied together and he instantly began struggling. No way in hell was Sasuke Uchiha going down without a fight. Whoever had decided to jump the poor Uchiha was not alone because the minute he landed a hard kick into the crotch of whoever had been tying him up, he received a punch to his stomach that caused him to gasp with pain. As if by some signal, he was suddenly barraged with kicks and punches to all parts of his body. One particularly nasty blow hit him right in his baby makers and Sasuke was officially down for the count.

"Alright boys, lay off him a second. Let the boss take care of him," an unrecognizable voice said mockingly as Sasuke lay gasping on the ground. Sasuke blinked with confusion when all attacks ceased.

What the hell is going on?!

Sasuke's heart skipped a beat when he heard the sound of a pair of hands clapping. Even though he couldn't see anything through the bag over his head, he lifted his head to try and make out the figure that was walking towards him. Sasuke's eyes widened when he heard the clang of metal hit the side of the alley wall. This guy was about to beat him with a metal bat!

"Who are you?" Sasuke hissed, hoping that he hid the rising terror that he was feeling. Sasuke had never been jumped before; well, except by a bunch of fan girls, so he really didn't know what to expect. Someone in the gang snickered as the figure crouched down in front of Sasuke's bag-covered head.

"Just a messenger with a message; leave Sakura Haruno alone…or else…" Sasuke cried out as the bat came down hard on his right leg with a sickening crunch. Suddenly, Sasuke was receiving punishing kicks to his unprotected ribs and Sasuke could taste blood in his mouth. The swinger of the bat was slamming the bat down as hard as he could at Sasuke's weakest points, and one swing connected squarely with his bag covered face. Even though he mentally kicked himself, Sasuke screamed when he felt one of his attackers break one of his restrained arms with a snap. These people were going to kill him! Sasuke's vision began to swim and he felt himself slipping under as his anonymous attackers continued to mercilessly beat the crap out of him. Sasuke knew he was done for; his body couldn't handle anymore abuse.

"GET AWAY FROM SASUKE, UN!" Sasuke almost cried with relief; never had he been so happy to hear Deidara's voice as he was right now.

"NOBODY MESSES WIT MY LIL' BRO AND GETS AWAY WIT IT! ITA-SHEE IS ABOUT TO PUT A HURTIN' ON Y'ALL THAT EVEN YO MAMAS AIN'T EVER DONE BEFO'!" With that declaration, Itachi and Deidara sprinted toward Sasuke's attackers. Deidara smirked as one of the attacker's came rushing at him with a fist ready to punch him square in the face. The artist yawned and moved out of the way at the last second. The teen looked around with confusion and finally thought to look down. As the teen looked down, Deidara's foot connected with his shocked face and sent the boy flying to the end of the alleyway. Three more of Sasuke's attackers circled around Itachi. Itachi merely blinked before smiling evilly. He closed his eyes and when he reopened them, they were a blood-red color. One of the boys surrounding Itachi instantly ran away in fear but was stopped by a roundhouse kick to the face by Deidara. The other two decided to jump at Itachi anyway…bad idea. Itachi merely flicked both his wrists as the two teens came within reaching distance and they were out cold at his feet. Deidara ducked as two more of Sasuke's attackers came running at him from both sides. They had no time to stop and both of the attackers were knocked out by the other's head connecting with their own. By this point, there was only one person left standing; the rest of the gang had either been destroyed by Itachi and Deidara, or had run away in fear.

"You must be da leader of Konoha's OutKasts. Dat's pretty bitchin' of you to attack someone who can't defend demselves," Itachi said severely. Deidara nodded in agreement. The leader of Konoha's OutKasts snickered as he stepped away from the nearly unconscious Uchiha. He slowly backed away toward the entrance of the alleyway. Itachi and Deidara couldn't see the features of the cowardly leader, but they could make out the outline of the teen. He looked to be a little taller and a little more built than Sasuke, but that's all the two members of Akatsuki could see, besides his eerily glowing blood-red eyes.

"You'll regret this…both of you," and with a flash of lightning, he was gone. Itachi darted toward where the leader of his rival gang once stood, but Deidara stopped him. Itachi looked ready to go off on the shorter man, but a low moan of pain stopped both of them in their tracks.

"SASUKE!" Deidara screeched as Itachi ran to his otouto's side. Sasuke was trying to pick himself up but a sharp stab of pain stopped his master plan.

"Nah, Sasuke. Don't move now, you's gonna injure yo'self even mo' than you already is," Itachi scolded as he untied his younger brother's wrists. He yanked the bag off of Sasuke's head and Deidara gasped as another flash of lightning revealed the damage that had been done to Sasuke's face. His nose and mouth had steady streams of blood dripping out and his whole face was covered with bruises and cuts. One of his eyes was swollen shut and it looked as if someone had busted his lip. Sasuke cried out as he tried to get on his hands and knees and he fell back onto the hard, wet ground. He heard Deidara sniffle and he knew that the overdramatic artist was crying. Sasuke winced with regret; he hated making people cry, it made him feel like more of an ass than he really was. And he really didn't want any pity right now. The younger Uchiha tried to lift his head up, but his head started spinning and his vision blurred. Itachi clenched his fists; he had never felt as angry as he felt at that moment. If he had been maybe two minutes earlier… Itachi's thoughts were cut off as he heard Deidara's wails.

"Deidara! Go call 911! HURRY!" Itachi yelled with authority. Deidara instantly whipped out a cell phone from his back pocket and made the call. Itachi turned his attention back to his injured younger brother. He gently rolled Sasuke over onto his back, and winced as he heard Sasuke cry out in pain.

"It's aight 'Suke… jus' lemme take care of you's," Itachi said gently. He put one arm under Sasuke's knees and the other under Sasuke's neck and lifted the injured raven bridal style. Itachi saw red the minute he heard Sasuke's pitiful whimper at being moved. Deidara rushed over to the two brothers.

"They said that they can't send an ambulance out; the storm is too bad!" Itachi narrowed his eyes.

"Da hell dese people in da medical business fo' then?! It ain't always gon' be sunshine wit rainbows when people get hurt!" Itachi said angrily. Sasuke blinked as he felt Itachi begin to walk out of the alleyway.

"It's alright Itachi… I'm okay," Sasuke breathed weakly. Itachi stopped and looked down at his injured brother with disbelief.

"Boy, you gots a broken leg and arm, yo' face is all messed up, it looks like some of yo' ribs is broke, and you over here sayin' you's okay?!" Even though it caused Sasuke a lot of pain, he couldn't help but smile at Itachi. Itachi smiled back before shaking his head with disbelief.

"They musta done sumthin' to yo brain to, cuz yo neva smile," Itachi said jokingly. Sasuke opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off as he began to cough violently. Deidara's eyes widened as he saw Sasuke cough up blood. Sasuke saw flashes of white and his whole body felt like it was being crushed by a wrecking ball over and over again. Itachi's smile instantly faded and he could only watch as Sasuke coughed blood on his clothes and his whole body was wracked with violent shivers. When Sasuke finally stopped, he felt himself slipping under. He still managed to smile at Itachi as he felt his eyes begin to close.

"Sasuke? Sasuke?!" Itachi's voice was wild with panic and Deidara instantly rushed to his friend's side.

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH SASUKE UN?!?!" Deidara shrieked as he watched the youngest Uchiha slowly close his eyes.

"So… tired…" Sasuke whispered as his eyes closed halfway.

"SASUKE!!! DON'T DIE SASUKE!!!!" Deidara screamed.

"Sasuke?! Sasuke!" Itachi yelled with desperation. Sasuke's senses were numbing and the sounds and images around him faded in and out. Itachi began to run at a frantic pace and Deidara did his best to keep up with him.

"Sasuke! Don't you dare die on me Sasuke! YOU HEAR ME?! Don't you leave me here alone!" Itachi cried desperately.

In his mind he said to both Itachi and Deidara, "Hn, overdramatic bastards".

But in real life he whispered softly, "I love you nii-san". With those final words, despite Itachi and Deidara's protests, Sasuke closed his eyes.

A few months later…

"I just can't believe he's gone," Sakura whispered sadly as she tried to stop the tears from rolling down her face.

"How do you's think I feel? He died in my arms…" Itachi responded bitterly. Sakura and Itachi locked eyes before they both burst out in tears and held onto each other for dear life.

What did I do to deserve this?

"Geez, you guys make me wish I really did die," Sasuke mumbled as he sat propped up on his bed. Sakura wiped her eyes and Itachi had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face.

"Did we ask for your input, sir Gripes A Lot?" Sakura snapped. Sasuke smirked as he repeated the words she had said earlier.

"Oh Sasuke! You big, strong, hunk of a man. Please critique me and your older brother, who could never be as wise and intelligent as you, as we perform this skit for my drama class."

"Ok, I did not say half of the stuff that just came out of your mouth!" Sakura said indignantly. Sasuke ignored Sakura's input and continued on with his version of events.

"Yea Sasuke. You sexy, sexy, man. We need yo' amazin' genius, cuz my retardness is preventin' me from understandin' Shakespeare, and all I can do is talk wit dis even stupider mix of gangsta and New York Brooklyn accent," Sasuke finished with a smug look on his face.

"WHAT DA HELL MAN?!?!" Itachi yelled with disbelief. Sasuke stiffly shrugged his shoulders.

"That's what I heard," he replied simply.

Both Itachi and Sakura sweatdropped before they went off on the dark-haired teen. Sasuke rolled his eyes; as if he hadn't been through enough torture. When Sasuke had woken up in the hospital several hours after he fainted, he found out that he had in fact broken his left arm, his right leg, several of his ribs, and he had suffered a punctured lung. He had stayed in the hospital for several days while they ran tests to make sure he was breathing properly and that his injuries weren't worse than they seemed to be. Sasuke had to suffer through a giggly nurse constantly coming to change him (which he hated) and draw his blood. The nurse claimed it was because they kept losing his blood in the lab, but Sasuke thought it was because she just wanted to see him some more. With all the blood they kept drawing from him, Sasuke was surprised that he didn't die from that! As if that wasn't bad enough, he had to deal with his fan girls coming to sob and faint in his presence and with the nauseating scent of hundreds of flowers by his bedside. To make matters worse, Itachi thought it would be hilarious if all the girls personally fed him boxes of chocolate. Sasuke swore he would kill his older brother when he finally got out of that hellhole they called Konoha General Hospital.

Of course, there were some perks to, as Itachi put it, getting his ass handed to him. Sakura came to visit him every day and she actually acted like a normal human being and didn't annoy the crap out of him. She bought him all his missed assignments, and they continued to work on their project for Orochimaru's class. Not only that, the two teens grew closer than they ever had been after they apologized for everything they had said the night Sasuke had gotten jumped. But besides being able to see Sakura every day, the best part was that he didn't have to see Naruto…at all! Yes, Sasuke was in a mix of heaven and hell at Konoha General Hospital. But of course, all good-bad things must come to an end. Sasuke was allowed to go home, but not allowed to attend school, where he suffered at the hands of an over attentive Deidara and a mocking Kisame, while Itachi went through several phases including: rocker (ITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACHI), emo (I-bring darkness and destruction into everyone's pathetic lives while the souls of the damned scream in my head-tachi), British prick (Sir Itachimous), female (Itachimi), and several others that left Sasuke mentally scarred for life. Itachi's current phase was a mix of gangster with a New York Style twist (his name is still Ita-Shee). And as if Sasuke hadn't gone through enough hell, he had to see Itachi and Sakura act out a scene from an upcoming school play that Sakura had gotten the lead in. He didn't even know what the name of the play was… he just knew he hated it with a passion.

"Did you hear a word I just said?!" Sakura said with exasperation. Sasuke merely blinked which caused Sakura and Itachi to fall anime style out of their seats. Sasuke rolled his eyes at their reaction and couldn't help wincing as he shifted into a more comfortable position. His broken right leg was hanging in a sling over the bed while a sling crossed over his neck and held his broken arm in place. He had a bandage around his forehead due to the fact that he had to get stitches for the huge gash that had opened when he had first hit the ground face first.

"DAYUM BRA! How you's jus' gonna ignore me and yo' girlfr-" "Ita-Shee never got to finish that thought for Sakura promptly knocked the gangster wannabe into the opposite wall. An evil aura developed around the pink-haired girl and she cracked her knuckles in each fist before stalking over to the quivering Uchiha heir. Sasuke smirked at the scene playing in front of his eyes. Sasuke couldn't believe he was saying this, but he was actually… happy. Not like I'm-gonna-smile-like-a-freaking-idiot-that-just-ate-some-crap-cuz-I-was-so-happy-happy, he just felt content with how things were going in his life at the moment. He hadn't felt like this since…before.

And the possibility of watching his older brother finally be killed in his front of his eyes only added to his glee. Apparently, it wasn't Itachi's time to go for just as Sakura was about to crush his face with her fist of fury, her cell phone signaled she had a new text message. Sasuke inwardly pouted, but on the outside he just settled back into his oversized pillows. Sakura groaned in annoyance and Itachi took the momentary distraction as a chance to escape. He slinked past Sakura while she fumbled in her pocket to pull out the hated technological device. When she flipped open her phone to reveal the thing that had stopped her from ending Itachi's eccentric life, Sasuke noted that she visibly stiffened and her eyes grew large with fear. Itachi and Sasuke watched in confusion as Sakura dashed around the room to pick up her things that had somehow been scattered all over the place.

"Um, is you's ok shawty?" Itachi asked uncertainly. Sakura whipped around so fast that both Itachi and Sasuke flinched with surprise.

"Yea, of course I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be fine?!?! Don't I look fine to you?!?!?!" Sakura said frantically as her voice rose in volume and pitch.

"Hn," was all Sasuke "said" and Sakura spun wildly toward him while pointing her finger at him.

"Don't forget your journal entry on the baby's sleeping habits," she said quickly with a hint of warning in her tone. Sasuke merely nodded and glanced at the "baby" that was sitting on a chair to his left. Even though Sasuke would never admit it, the sight of that thing freaked him out. While he was sleeping, that creature was sitting there...every night…staring at him…with no change of facial expression whatsoever!

Sakura flashed a quick smile before rushing over to give Itachi a quick hug that was only a little tighter than it should've been. She whirled around toward where Sasuke lay to her right, leaned over, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before she dashed toward the door and waved goodbye to the two stunned brothers.

Sakura blindly sprinted down the darkening hallway and tried her best to control her breathing.

If I don't make it home before I'm supposed to…

Sakura's panicked train of thought was promptly cut off by a flash of yellow that was her only warning before she barreled into the object at full speed. The two people rolled in a speeding ball of flailing limbs past the staircase and farther down the long hallway.

"Kuso!" Sakura hissed as her back slammed into a wall. Her head spun around in slow circles with chibi Sasuke's dancing around her head and she shook her head quickly to get her bearings. A low groan signaled to her that she was not alone. She was about to send the random person flying back down the hall with a kick to the chin, but stopped herself when she saw that it was just Deidara.

"Un, gomenasai Sakura-san! I really can't do anything right…" Deidara said apologetically as Sakura rubbed the back of her head. Sakura sighed before flashing the artist a soft smile.

"No need to apologize Deidara. I wasn't watching where I was going, because as you can see, I'm kind of in a hurry," Sakura said reassuringly. Sakura quickly rose to her feet and got ready to run down the ridiculously long hallway, again, but immediately froze when she heard a sniffle. She turned and gasped when she saw in the low light that Deidara's face was streamed with tears. The pinkette felt her heart clench when she noticed that by how red the blond-haired man's eyes were, he had been crying for a while. Her own problems temporarily forgotten, Sakura got down on her knees in front of the crying man and dug in her bag for a tissue.

"What's wrong, Deidara?" she asked worriedly as she handed the sniveling artist a tissue. Deidara smiled gratefully before gingerly taking the tissue from her outstretched hand and blowing his nose. He wiped his eyes with a fist and tried his best to look as if he didn't have a care in the world.

"I have no idea what you're talking about… I'm fi-"

"What did Sasori do?" Sakura asked gently. Deidara jerked with surprise and looked at her incredously. Even though many people didn't think so, Sakura was a really perceptive person and she had a knack for honing in on when something was wrong and what caused the problem. Judging by the way Deidara was so torn up and desolate, it definitely had something to do with Sasori.

"Wha-What are you talking about?! Sa-Saso-Sasor, I, he," Deidara stammered nervously as Sakura continued to steadily stare him down. Finally cracking under the pressure, Deidara shut his swollen eyes as tight as possible before yelling the horrifying truth.


"I tell myself that we could never be, but the more I try to pull away from him, the closer I get. And no matter how many times he insults me or my artwork, I feel myself clinging on tighter to him, almost as if he's my drive, my inspiration to keep going. To prove to myself and to him that I'm worth it, that I can do anything… but he just looks at me like I'm a waste of space and his time. No matter what I do, I can't get him out of my head, but I want him gone, because I can't feel this way! I can't be in love with h-" Deidara gasped when Sakura suddenly reached out and pulled the young man into a hug. The artist instantly stiffened and the teen girl rubbed soothing circles on his back as she whispered in his ear.

"It's okay to cry Deidara. You can cry. I won't tell anyone I promise. Just let it all out," she whispered gently. Deidara's face scrunched up and he tried his hardest to fight the next wave of sadness that washed over him, but he just couldn't do it. He clung tightly onto the teen and broke down into tears. As the young man trembled and sobbed in her arms, Sakura tried to tell herself to be strong, but she couldn't stop a tear from rolling down her cheek. She had never seen such a heart wrenching scene in her life. Deidara continued to make incoherent noises and words and Sakura continued to whisper soothing words and make calming sounds.

"It's ok Deidara," Sakura said softly. Deidara took a shuddering breath before he gently pulled away from the girl. He furiously scrubbed his eyes and took deep breaths as he tried to calm himself back down.

"I'm sorry you had to see that Sakura," he said so quietly that Sakura almost didn't catch what he had said. Sakura instantly grinned before patting the blond man on the head.

"Now don't you worry about that. Everyone needs to have a good cry at least once in their life. Besides, it's perfectly fine and there's nothing wrong with how you feel or what you just did," Sakura said determinedly. Deidara blinked in surprise before looking down at his hands.

"You don't think that… you don't think that I'm… evil? You aren't afraid that you might turn gay if you get near me?" Deidara asked sadly. Sakura snorted and Deidara looked at her sharply.

"I'm disappointed in you Deidara! What kind of girl do you think I am?" Sakura asked good-naturedly. Deidara opened his mouth to say something, but Sakura cut him off with a raised hand.

"Don't answer that. The point is love is love. No matter if it's with a guy or a girl, if the other person returns your feelings, which I believe he does, then it's obviously meant to be. If there's one thing that I've learned in life, it's that you can't fight true love. Denying yourself the person you love is like depriving yourself of food and water; you can't live without it and if you try to, you'll eventually rot away. You must tell that person how much you love them, no matter what the costs or what obstacles stand in your way, for tomorrow is not promised and you'll only destroy yourself and cause yourself more pain if you never say what you need to say," Sakura finished passionately before winking and flashing the distraught young adult the V for Victory Sign. Deidara rapidly blinked before he looked down to quickly brush away a stray tear. When he looked back up at Sakura, she was relieved to see that his smile reached his eyes as well. He suddenly grabbed Sakura up by the hand and leaped to his feet.

"You're right Sakura-san! I can't keep moping around like Van Gogh! That's so not artistic… well, I guess it could be artistic if Van Gogh did it, but it's not my definition of artistic," Deidara said thoughtfully. Sakura grinned and Deidara held both of her hands in his own.

"Arigato, Sakura. You don't realize how much those words have helped me… I might even go as far as to say they saved my life," Deidara said happily. Sakura blinked with surprise and Deidara instantly released her hands and punched one fist in the air.

"YOSH! I'M READY TO PARTAY!!! Deidara is back baby!" he shouted excitedly before dashing down the dark hall and leaving Sakura spinning wildly in a circle.

Now if only she would follow her own advice, un!


"Did she just…?"


"But she…"

"I said don't!" Sasuke said sharply. He hated the fact that his heart had sped up when her lips had touched his cheek… what was he, in love? Sasuke quickly shook his head. The mere thought of being in love with her was… wrong. She had a boyfriend for Pete's sake!

I've already come to terms with the fact that I may have had a small crush on her a few months ago, but it wasn't anything serious. It was just a weird side effect from all the changes happening around me… nothing more!

Sasuke clenched his teeth and growled threateningly as he saw the expression on his nii-san's face. He knew that Itachi was about to push it too far and the thoughts that he was having was only fueling the anger inside of him. What Itachi said next finally made him snap.

"Man, if I was you, I would've been hi-"

"But you're not me. Hell, you aren't even yourself," Sasuke said lowly. If Itachi was smart, he would've listened to Sasuke's words and immediately shut his mouth; clearly, he was not. Itachi quirked an eyebrow before he responded; which was a huge mistake.

"Excuse me? I ain't sho' if I hearin' you's correctly. Did you's jus' say I wasn't myself? Yo' mus' be takin' some mad crack or sumthin' cuz I knows for a fact dat I'ms Ita-She-"

"No," Sasuke said dangerously. His bangs hid his facial expression but Itachi noticed that his hand was fisted in the sheet. A confused expression formed on the older Uchiha's face and he blinked before he crossed his arms smugly.

"What you's sayin' no fo'? I think dat I would know's who I am," Itachi said smartly. Sasuke's head snapped up and he sharply turned toward his oblivious brother. He couldn't take it anymore; it was too much for him. Everything that he had kept bottled inside for all those years finally erupted.

"DAMN IT! NO, YOU DON'T KNOW WHO YOU FUCKIN' ARE!" Sasuke yelled angrily. Itachi's face changed from one of surprise to one of warning.

"Ay man… what did I say 'bout cussin' up in dis house? You's will show respect fo' m-"

"For who? ITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACHI? Sir Itachimous? Itachimi? Ita-shee? Or is it Ita-Shee now?" Sasuke angrily said with a sneer. "Ita-Shee" frowned as he took in his brother's reaction.

"What's da matter wit' you's?" Itachi walked over to his quivering brother and put his hand to Sasuke's bandaged forehead. "Do you got's a fever or sumthin'?" Sasuke lashed out and smacked Itachi's hand off of his forehead, hard. He pulled his leg out of the overhead sling with a hiss so that he could fully turn to his older "brother".

"What's wrong with me?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?!?! I'LL TELL YOU WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME! YOU'RE WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME! Or better yet, who you aren't is what's wrong with me!" Sasuke yelled. Itachi blinked with shock when he saw the first tears develop in Sasuke's wavering onyx eyes.

I haven't seen Sasuke cry since he was five years old.

Sasuke cursed when he saw his vision was blurred by tears. What was he, a little kid? But he found that he suddenly didn't care anymore.

"I HAVEN'T HAD A FREAKIN' BROTHER SINCE I WAS FIVE YEARS OLD!!!! I don't know if he temporarily checked out or something, but I HATE him!" Sasuke hollered. Itachi opened his mouth to retort but Sasuke's next words took the breath right out of him.

"I WANT HIM TO DIE! I WANT TO KILL MY OWN BROTHER AND ALL HIS FREAKY LITTLE PERSONALITIES WITH MY BARE HANDS! I HATE HIM SO MUCH!" Itachi's eyes widened as he saw the first tear roll down Sasuke's cheek. Sasuke felt the first tear fall, but he didn't stop; neither did his tears.

"He left me when I needed him the most! When everything had fallen apart, he just up and left me alone! I can't even have a proper relationship with anyone because I'm afraid that they'll leave me alone like he did! It was obvious that he never really cared, let alone loved me, because if he did, he wouldn't have disappeared 11 YEARS AGO!!!!" Sasuke's tears were falling at a steady rate and he hurriedly wiped his eyes before looking back up at his dumbstruck brother. He continued on in a quieter voice that held so many more emotions.

"11 years. 11 years I've had to come home to a stranger living in what used to be my home. 11 years of uncertainty, loneliness, sadness. 11 years. Do you know how long that is? Do you know how much time that gives the heart to build an emotion as strong as hate? These feelings have been festering inside of me, and I'm positive that I hate, and always will hate, my older brother and what he's become. But a small voice cries in the darkest depths of my soul. It cries for him; it misses him. It misses him so much. That voice, me, I miss my nii-san," Sasuke's voice cracked and his next words came out in choked sobs.

"I miss my nii-san so much. Not Itachi Uchiha, my nii-san. The one who used to comfort me when I was scared. The one who would make me laugh when I wanted to cry. The one who would protect me when anything threatened to harm me. The one who would scold me one minute, then hold me the next. The one who-" Sasuke abruptly stopped and buried his face in his hands. He was horrified by the fact that he was crying like a little girl, but he didn't realize how horrible the past 11 years of his life had been until he had expressed them in words. He didn't realize how much he missed the Itachi from his younger days until he voiced the little things that had been missing from his young life. His next words were muffled on account of the fact that he was talking behind his hand, but Itachi could hear them clearly and his eyes widened.

"The one who died in the fire along with mother and father." And with that final sentence, Sasuke finally broke down and surrendered to his feelings of sadness. Itachi felt his chest tighten when he saw how broken Sasuke looked. He hung his head in shame and listened to the sobs of his only brother; the one he had betrayed for the past 11 years. Sasuke wrapped his one good arm around himself and began to rock himself back and forth. The hole that had begun to tear his heart all those months ago had violently ripped open and all of Sasuke's emotions ran together. Anger, sadness, fear, jealousy, love, hate, confusion, embarrassment, shame. When Itachi saw Sasuke hold himself, he felt the sudden urge to go over and hold his brother; just like the old Itachi would've. But just as the thought crossed his mind, the overwhelming sadness in the air was instantly broken.

"AY BAY-BAY! I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to partay!" Deidara yelled excitedly as he burst into the room. Itachi turned sharply to the oblivious blond-haired artist who blinked when he felt the overwhelming atmosphere in the air. Itachi frowned before turning back toward Sasuke…and felt his heart stop. Sasuke was staring at both Itachi and Deidara with a blank expression on his face. His complexion looked completely normal, and his eyes were his usual color; he looked as if he hadn't cried a single tear. Itachi felt the breath rush out of him when he came to the horrible conclusion: Sasuke had been doing this for 11 years. He had been practicing handling his emotions so perfectly, that he had the ability to hide the fact that he had been hysterically crying in less than a second.

So he has been crying. All this time…for our parents…for me. But he never showed it…until now. How could he do that? Be able to shut off such powerful emotions in less than a second and continue on as if nothing is wrong. He must be trying to be strong…that must be it. His eyes…they don't even look sad…they look normal. No. His eyes aren't normal…he's not normal. He hasn't been normal since mother and father died…since I changed. No, that's wrong as well. He's only normal when he's around Sakura…there's something inside of her that makes Sasuke human. When she walks in the room, his eyes instantly soften and there's a faint gleam there…it's small but nevertheless, it's present. Without her, I don't think Sasuke would be alive today. He needs Sakura. Like a heart needs a beat, Sasuke needs her; just like she needs him. They need each other.

"Sasu-" Itachi began uncertainly.

"Just go. Have fun at that wild "partay"," Sasuke said as he reached behind him for his crutches. Deidara looked between the two brothers with confusion. Had he interrupted something important? Sasuke looked completely fine but Itachi…looked troubled. Sasuke slowly balanced on his crutches and made his way past the two young men. Itachi finally remembered how to use his voice and he called out to his otouto right before Sasuke exited the doorway.

"Ay Sasuke! Where ya goin'?" Sasuke sighed impatiently before turning to face his brother.

"Just for a walk. Don't worry about me; I'll be fine. I'll be in the house the whole time. Now hurry up and go before you guys miss the party of the year…" Sasuke said with his normal hint of sarcasm. Deidara smiled brightly before grabbing a stupefied Itachi by the arm and dragging him down the hall.

"See ya later Sasuke, un!" Deidara shouted back as he pulled Itachi down the winding staircase. Itachi merely turned around to glance back at Sasuke, who rolled his eyes and waved his hand dismissively. With that, Itachi was out the door.

Sasuke breathed a sigh of relief before looking down the darkening hallway. A determined look crossed his face and he slowly made his way down the long hall. He was so focused on the door at the very end that he barely heard the rumble of thunder outside. The only thing in Sasuke Uchiha's world was himself and that door that was just out of his reach. Outside, a storm was raging wildly. Inside of Sasuke, an even more powerful storm was happening. His mouth suddenly felt dry and he could feel his heart rate pickup. As he passed his brother's room, he felt a cold rush of fear develop in his stomach. He hadn't been passed Itachi's room since that horrible night. He paused briefly and considered going back to the safety of his room.

No. I have to do this… it's been 11 years for Kami's sake! I can do this…I just have to move.

Sasuke mentally pushed himself as he felt his good leg slowly move forward.


Sasuke steadily picked up his pace and he shut his eyes tightly. If he dared to open them now, he was positive that he would turn back around. It was time for him to face his fear…it was time to move on. With that final thought, Sasuke was practically running on crutches and before he knew it he felt his head smack into the door. He gasped with pain and slowly opened his eyes as he rubbed his bruised forehead. He blinked owlishly before slowly looking down at the doorknob. The door that hadn't been opened since he was five…since the fire. He clenched his teeth and at the exact same moment his hand touched the door handle, a bolt of lightning split open the sky outside one of the hallway windows. Sasuke jerked with surprise when he felt the door knob turn swiftly in his hand. He didn't even hear the violent aftershock of that brilliant bolt of lightning. All he could focus on was the small crack between the door and the inside of that room. Sasuke yelped when the memories suddenly came rushing back. The handle of the door suddenly felt white hot and he could feel fire dance behind his tightly shut eyes. His lungs seemed to close as if he was suffocating from the overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by smoke, and Sasuke blindly "dashed" into the untouched room. He whirled around and knocked the door shut with one crutch. As the door clicked back into place, another bolt of lightning lit up the sky and was immediately followed by a frightfully loud rumble of thunder that shook the floor beneath Sasuke's feet.

Sasuke was panting with fear and he had the strongest urge to turn and hobble back the way he had come. But a small voice told him that he needed to do this; that he had to do this. He took deep breaths and began to calm his racing heartbeat and tried his best to soothe his panicked thoughts. He slowly counted to three before opening his eyes. He looked around the unfamiliar, yet familiar room and couldn't help but smile. So many things had happened here in his old room. Little by little, he moved away from the closed door and began to glance around the empty room, save for the large bureau right next to the old fireplace. It was the only piece of furniture that had been salvaged. Sasuke ran his hands along the soot covered walls and breathed in the scent of the musty room. He still felt overwhelming sadness and fear, but he also felt a little at peace. He sighed and began to cross the room toward the open window. The wind was blowing raindrops into the open space and Sasuke suddenly felt the need to shut the window; he needed to protect this room. As he walked past the bureau, another bolt of lightning split through the night sky, which was instantly followed by the loudest roar of thunder Sasuke had ever heard. Suddenly, the bureau shook violently and Sasuke squeaked before immediately backing away. Sure that had been one heck of a lightning strike, but not enough to cause an inanimate object to shake as violently as it just did! Sasuke's eyes widened in fear when he heard a muffled sound come from inside the piece of furniture. Someone was INSIDE the bureau!

Sasuke's instincts told him to screw this and run back to his room as fast as his one good leg could carry him. But something else told him to check it out. He decided to go against his instincts and cautiously made his way over to the solitary furniture.

If a man with an ax comes jumping out of that thing and I live to see tomorrow, I will personally strangle this inner voice that has decided to pop out of nowhere…

Sasuke now stood directly in front of the chest and resisted the feel of throwing up; he was so scared. Who knew what was behind these doors? Before he lost what little bravery he had, he reached out and flung open the bureau doors. His eyes widened in shock when he met the teary-eyed ones of Sakura Haruno. Sakura was curled in a ball with her knees to her chest and her hands were covering her ears. She was shaking uncontrollably and when she saw Sasuke looking down at her with shock on his face, she suddenly popped up and pulled the doors shut. Sasuke blinked in surprise before extending his hands for the handles to the doors again. He sighed with annoyance when he realized that they were locked.

"Sakura? Is that you?" Sasuke asked uncertainly. For all he knew, he could've been seeing a hallucination.

"Sasuke-kun?" the shaky voice replied. Sasuke smirked as he heard Sakura's voice. There was no mistake, she had somehow managed to find her way here…to hide in his old bureau?

WTF?! Who comes to a part of a house that hasn't been used in a while just to hide in an old piece of furniture? Che, girls…


"It's fine Sasuke-kun. You can leave now. I can do this by myself…" Sakura said softly. Sasuke looked at the closed doors with confusion as he mulled over Sakura's words in his mind.

Do what by herself?

Sasuke's thought process was cut off by another streak of lightning. His eyes widened when he heard Sakura whimper inside the locked bureau. Sasuke wanted to hit himself over the head with a metal bat, again, when he finally understood what Sakura had said. When the thunder finally died down, he grabbed the handles and began shaking them to try and open the doors.

"Are you afraid of storms Sakura?" Sasuke asked gently. He could hear a sniffle come from inside before he heard her small voice respond.

"Y-Yea, but it's fine. This is how I get through it every time." Sasuke paused and he looked at the furniture with disbelief.

Every time?

"Alone?" Sasuke said with shock. He could hear his petrified friend make a muffled sound that he assumed was a yes.

"It's always b-been this way. E-Ever since I was a little g-girl…I'm u-used to it," Sakura responded. Sasuke couldn't believe his ears.

What kind of parents does she have? Don't they care enough to comfort her when she's afraid? No one could deal with something like this alone…

Sasuke resisted the urge to cry out with excitement when he finally unlocked the bureau from the outside. He reopened the doors and looked down at the frightened girl. A steady stream of tears was running down her face and her body was trembling so violently, Sasuke thought that her head might fall off. He watched as another lightning bolt lit up the sky. Sakura froze and then her shaking and tears seemed to intensify. Sasuke felt his heart tighten and he clenched his jaw with determination.

"Sakura," he said softly. Sakura blinked before looking up at Sasuke with shock.

"Y-You're still here? I-I'm fi-"

"You don't need to be alone anymore." Sakura jerked with surprise and she looked at Sasuke with a mix of disbelief and a faint trace of hope. Sasuke gently smiled at the fear-ridden girl and slowly extended one hand toward her. She glanced at it uncertainly, but right as another streak of lightning went off outside she suddenly leaped into his arms. Surprisingly, Sasuke kept his balance and placed one hand on the top of her head and his broken arm on her back. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close. He put his lips to her hair and began whispering words to her.

"From now on, I'll be here for you. Whenever you're frightened or feel as if you can't make it, come to me. I will make you feel better; I'll protect you. All you have to do is say the word and I will be there for you. I promise." At first, Sasuke thought that she hadn't heard what he said, but he smiled when he felt her hands fist in the back of his shirt. She had heard his words, and she had never felt more grateful, more happy, than she did right now.


Sakura currently had a blindfold around her eyes and Sasuke gently placed a pair of earmuffs over her ears before resting his hands on her shoulders. Sakura reached up to feel the fuzzy material and Sasuke smirked.

"See? Now you don't have to see the lightning or hear the thunder," he said smartly. Sakura's face instantly brightened and she bobbed her head with understanding.

"Ah, you're right Sasuke-kun! This works perfectly!" Sakura responded happily. Sasuke couldn't resist smiling at how ecstatic Sakura was at not having to deal with her worst fear.

"SASUKE!" a muffled voice called from way down the hall. Sasuke turned toward the door with confusion.

Who could be visiting now? Everyone should be at that party…

"SASUKE!!!" the voice called frantically. Sakura continued to smile idiotically as she hummed happily to herself. Sasuke shrugged his shoulders before turning his full attention to his very happy best friend.

They can just leave a note if it's soooo important… Sasuke thought sarcastically. He reached out to take the earmuffs off of the pink-haired girl's ears but his hand halted immediately.

"SASUKE, UN!!!!!!"

Deidara? I thought he was with Itachi… why is he here?

Just as that thought crossed the confused boy's mind, the door was suddenly slammed open and both Sasuke and Sakura jumped with surprise. Deidara was panting and soaked to the bone. He looked at the scene in front of him with confusion: Sasuke had his hands on Sakura's shoulders…who was blindfolded and wearing earmuffs. He blinked crazily and Sasuke squinted at his silhouette. He hadn't realized that he had been sitting in the dark for so long. Sakura saw a hint of light and she reached up to take off the earmuffs and untie the blindfold from around her head. She shielded her ears as the light from the doorway hit her dark-adjusted eyes. The two teens looked at the frantic artist with confusion, who stared back at them with shock and panic.

"Deidara? What's goi-"

"There's been an accident!"


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